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Donald Trump News,Trump's Favorite Newspaper Warns GOP

Donald Trump News,Trump's Favorite Newspaper Warns GOP

Donald Trump News, Trump's Favorite Newspaper Warns GOP on Verge of 'Massive' Self-Sabotage Former President Donald Trump's own newspaper issued a scathing indictment for the GOP on Friday, saying the party is headed for a "massive" impeachment. Coffee published by The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation

enjoy me now Former Republican congressman Red Rebel of Wisconsin was part of a bipartisan group of former lawmakers who have called on the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate sitting members who on Jan. 6 and He played a role in all the events that followed.

By January 5th and clean up the attached capital So your response to these criminal references from the Republicans is saying it's a political ploy Do you think it's for the Department of Justice to get these thousands and thousands of pages? Opens the door

Maybe millions of pages. The documentary evidence that the committee has obtained over the last 2 years is very important and now they're going to have access to all that information. As was the president. Only seek advice from a lawyer

Donald Trump News

And it's not criminal to take advice from Tourney, but we still have other lawyers. It will be interesting to see if this results in members thinking about their roles on January 6 now that the media has referred it to the ethics committee. I am surprised

What do you make of that decision, do you think it was the right one or do you think maybe it's the wrong one because of course, wrap me up here soon and there's nothing that's going to happen. Because Congress is about to end so soon it is only part of the document to be put into the Congressional Record

And yet they all refused to come to the other side of the story until they could have come before the committee and given whatever side of the story they could and they chose not to, and so I believe. The reference must be  important

That happened but we are not. It's not naive to understand that it's not like they've had anything happen as a result of just not having the time and talking about the time because the Republicans are of course and I'm taking control of the house in January as I have mentioned 15.

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6 Republicans We're Going to Serve in Congress Have Cast Doubts or Denied All Together 2020 Election I wonder if you'll meet me or don't think this could be the end of accountability.

Trump's Favorite Newspaper Or what happens next you have a lot of legislators coming. The office or office-bearers who questioned the outcome of the election vote if that's what the voters want to hear, but none of those people actually believe it.

Trump's Favorite Newspaper Warns GOP

Imitating him saying what he needed to tell the voters to get them to vote because that's what the voters wanted to hear but yet none of these people actually believed him because they were on the same ballot. were

And so the reality is that the issue is that they're saying whatever they have to say to get elected, but they don't really believe it, and Donald Trump didn't let on. I don't believe he knows that that election. have lost and many members of Congress know it

That election fears that Joe Biden was elected president in 2020 and that's why the midterm elections didn't turn out the way Republicans saw it because they looked back rather than not talking about this administration. live

What they are talking about. Investigations and it's not going to start again for chicken with independent voters do you think former president trump is now the party when you think about the fact that there are republicans who have been more vocal in criticizing are

After the mid-term losses, all the nonsense that went on for years under President Trump with insulting your Gold Star families and insulting POWs and Cetera that he had to lose that the Republicans will not tolerate and President Trump lost his Many of his candidates lost statewide and the Secretary of State candidate lost

And Republicans don't cater to losing and I think President Trump is getting weaker and weaker by the day as we talked about Republicans promising to do things that they don't. What you just talked about was focused on the kitchen table

And had focused on policy and said he was talking about how he would have his own investigation into how wrong it was when he couldn't control Congress. Is that a mistake at all or do you think that's the right direction and so I think they need to work on the executive branch oversight that they do?

But if that's all they talk about, they don't talk about inflation or they don't talk about Jackson, they don't talk, they don't try to do anything about these things.

It will just be old news and at some point, the American people just tune it out and turn it around. brushed it off and said they need to be forward-thinking and do whatever investigations are going to be done but then go ahead with governance ex congressman red rebel thank you

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