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Rep Matt Gaetz introduces PENCIL resolution barring Adam

 Rep Matt Gaetz introduces PENCIL resolution barring Adam The whole saga is part of an internal hit-and-run aimed at stopping Biden and his primary and 2024 aspirations even before his campaign begins to explain why Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congressman is giving

Rep Matt Gaetz introduces PENCIL resolution barring Adam

That no decision will come from Biden until they stop Biden. Delivers the State of the Union So Lee What do you ultimately expect will not benefit from the decision in Washington that he thinks it was Joe Biden's Democrat personal attorney.

Joe rummages through his belongings to find evidence of a crime that a SEPTA genie client committed nine years ago and then warns the Democrat staff in the White House that the worst thing he could do is Does what he can possibly do Rep Matt Gaetz

They sat on the information they should have disseminated to TruckMeter and then inoculated themselves in the process. Then the moment it was leaked to CBS you have Democrat Biden appointed special counsel by the Justice Department and now even Joe Biden.

Rep Matt Gaetz introduces PENCIL resolution barring Adam

Key congressional allies such as Senator Coons are saying they approve of appointing a special counsel to criminally investigate the president, perhaps because the Deep State and many of those Democrats thought he was with Gavin Newsom. Then will roll with Joe Biden.

Republicans didn't even have to help Democrats dig out their trash before President Biden answered that question on Classified Docs today.

That he took away the watch, you know I'm very clearly bugged that we've got a serious problem here that we're talking about. About what's going on

And the American people don't understand why you don't ask me questions about this spiel congress and first of all Gavin Newsom is standing right behind them which is kind of scary but it seems

That they are cracking up at it. In front of our eyes, President Biden has his briefing paper taped to his hat and appears to be out of it after making a few remarks.

He still seems lost on stage that Biden's crazy and should have his own Justice Department now criminally investigating him.

Congressman Matt Gaetz Introduces

And his own lawyer had been searching our paperwork for evidence of guilt for nearly a decade so I knew why. Joe Biden is bad and you can see Gavin Newsom's thought bubble in the background

Actually measuring the curtains inside the Oval Office right now, but remember that just because a permanent bureaucratic state chooses Biden over Donald Trump in 2020 doesn't necessarily mean it will choose Joe Biden again in 2024. They may realize that they are going to choose

That they're connected and they're divisive and that they care about the power of the left, don't forget that this isn't about Joe Biden, it's about the political left maintaining power and that thinking. Maybe that's a bad thing

Now moving forward this moment the Congressman from CNN gives credence to your Theory Watch laptop data as well as other public content that Joe Biden did in a wrap. While serving as vice president with some of his son's colleagues is unclear though

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What are the congressmen talking about quickly if CNN is turning around I mean what's going on here I'm old enough to remember when CNN told us the laptop was Russian disinformation and now suddenly they're weaponizing the truth against Joe Biden?

He's looking more and more worried as a candidate going forward and I don't think it's a coincidence that Joe Biden's decision to assemble a political team and prepare for the upcoming primaries is on CBS News this week. The cement around is starting to harden so the blood is in the water I think the Democrats are circling the corpse.

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