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Why the right has already won the House speakership election


Why the right has already won the House speakership election

Why the right has already won the House speakership election His power is in the hands of 5 people McCarthy will put his head in a guillotine and give a string to the people who hate him the most I mean it makes the Speakership almost useless will be done

Because you know you're going to. Having some people who don't like him and then run to the floor and vacate the chair and really make his life miserable on a daily or weekly basis so that the people who support McCarthy the most makes me I don't think so

That they want. He should do it because you're basically saying that even though 85% of the people in the conference want McCarthy to be Speaker, and we're going to put all the power in the hands of one, two, three, four, or five people to run a Speaker, it's them. Seems like an impractical thing for people

Those of you out there saying he's committed to the McCarthy speakership so it's a real conundrum for him because he doesn't have the votes he wants to get but the way to get them. Is. Can get votes ultimately speaking the truth.

Why the right has already won

It's that he feels himself and then reminds people that the vote is on Tuesday, it's Friday and we have the weekend off, the numbers aren't here that will come on Tuesday, so it's It is difficult to predict where people are. But we know that Scott is among the five hardliners who are voting against him in the bloc.

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And they'll either go yes or everyone knows and it's all about the fact that you and I are having it too. The conversation is close to that and we're talking about potentially lowering the threshold for what it means that let's say McCarthy makes it that he becomes House Speaker.

This makes him very weak from the start yes if you want it to be. Lowering the threshold and putting that power in the hands of a few would put it on a constant goodnight I mean.

That's basically going to leave no room for maneuver and you can tell almost everyone in the Republican conference to do what they want to do, but if you only have a couple of people who don't want to do it.

Why the right has already won the House speakership election

So he could risk his entire Speakership with the majority rule view that the House is still a type of majority body. The party with the most seats determines the speaker, and 85+ percent of Republicans voted to make McCarthy a speaker at the conference session.

So McCarthy wants under the jury of Republicans, but what the people standing here are saying, is we think the entire 435-body chamber should be in the hands of your five people, which is what the house usually serves. It is against the method.

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