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Here are the 20 House Republicans: who voted against


Here are the 20 House Republicans: who voted against

Here are the 20 House Republicans: who voted against Peterson see no end as the drag-on could continue for some time until tomorrow, perhaps even longer, because both sides are simply McCarthy allies who say they will stay until then.

As long as they want to continue this fight for many people. As far as McCarthy wants to go and they're not getting as far as Kevin McCarthy is, they're not going anywhere, they intend to grind it out, but on the other hand, the conservative opposition is actually growing. Gone

8 to 20 on the second ballot voting for Jim Jordan who actually supports Kevin McCarthy for the first speaker and I actually talked to Congressman Jim Jordan.

And I asked him about pressure from these conservatives against him being elected speaker, and he told me that he doesn't. want a job but is there any chance of you becoming speaker of the house no big speech maker I want I want

That I want to charge when you guys know I like takes me out to eat. I love the ability to cross-examine witnesses and get the stick of truth for the country that I'm focusing on and I don't know if we're going to work on it.

Here are the 20 House Republicans

But I had to go back to the office but there is really no way, not I'm not sure what that way is to replace the boat he said they both need to be replaced but no one knows how It will happen because the conservatives are opposing McCarthy

One of them is dead set against. I'm told we're done with Kevin McCarthy and another McGattis told me there's no change from tonight to tomorrow that will get these Republicans on their way and others are suggesting there might be a And can be a candidate 

Who really is another candidate who talks about a merger in that Steve expands the number of Republicans and finally emerges here but scalarizes itself supports McCarthy and takes McCarthy into space. Moments to go and as long as McCarthy is running here

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This means that there will be no one to get sick and reach the 218 bone. As long as these conservatives don't suddenly break ranks and move in Jeff's direction, a lot of uncertainty hangs over how long a chaotic new Congress will last in the most balanced way for the first time in 100 years. One's guess

Who voted against Kevin McCarthy? Here's the full list

Kevin McCarthy said moments ago when he went to the meeting where of course he was trying to sell himself again so that he could get enough votes to become a speaker and fight his personal battle. Check out the nearest Publix supermarket.

It's going to run 3C to show no difference about your personal grievances and Mathura is going to end for us on Capitol Hill in July McCarthy is apparently raising his voice in a fiery speech one more you here. Right now yes we are listening 

That things are getting too hot. behind closed doors. McCarthy is basically. He's going to be empowered but he's gone so far and he refuses to get a yes he's raising his voice detailing everything you've done he said,

I've learned this job. Now he's getting some pushback from the Capitol Hill team here, Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Bobert said in response to Kevin McCarthy. Going if he doesn't get 218 votes on that first ballad this afternoon

So they are going to grind. He said he's going to counter that by moving forward with one of his allies who doesn't bark about our line-up until he said when it comes to that vote on the floor of the house. So they will be more stubborn.

Very clearly looking for discredit on the numbers today I should have ended it because you are not in your opinion more important than everyone else is watching and you will threaten to tear the team apart for it. . The benefit of the demo is that they are enemies only because of your sense of self-importance

He has made it clear that he prefers Democrats and Republicans. Now that conservative hardliners are going nowhere, they say they have the votes to deny McCarthy the speakership. We're not backing down from him and the answer we've been told behind closed doors is that his life is in danger Can you find me? Here are the 20 House Republicans who voted against

Deadlocked lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives adjourned tonight after three failed attempts to elect a new House speaker but failed to reach an agreement with their new House Republican majority for the first time since 1923.

that more than one vote is required to elect a ballot speaker and no bill can be passed or debated until the speakers have elected UNCG protocol science professor Tom Little. Democrats believe it will be a real challenge for them to govern with the current numbers

The hell they're disorganized right now, the Republican caucus looks like I can imagine it won't be that hard to pick five of them, how the Republicans come back from this and reunify.

That it's a really tall mountain to climb if they can find somebody and frankly at this point I don't know who it would be and you know we know that the speaker's legislation the member of the house. Not necessarily is there a mention of a former member, Fred Upton

When I heard that there was a hold on it where it was being talked about and winning the election it seemed like it was going to happen. It's a big game for the Republicans with Trump holding all the cards.

But there is nothing in the rules and regulations. The House of the Constitution says that the Presiding Officer should be from home so that he can have this conversation with some colleagues this afternoon. And try to pick things back up again tomorrow.

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