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waived extradition meaning: Idaho killings suspect waives


waived extradition meaning: Idaho killings suspect waives

 waived extradition meaning: Idaho killings suspect waives extradition from Pennsylvania You were sitting right behind his family in the courtroom. I understand what their reaction was. They were v, very emotional. They were stunned. They walked over to his mother and she was upset. She was sitting there when he walked in. He looked at his family but he looked directly at his father

And he acknowledged it solemnly but his head was acknowledging him as he sat down with his public defender, the chief public defender looked back a second time as his father looked at him and then a third time as he saw

And looking back he scanned his family just kind of a very slow smile started the proceedings then the presiding judge actually started questioning him was it voluntary was it forced on you did he really do it? Wanted to make sure it was free and voluntary

Because he has rights in Pennsylvania and he's going to start them but he said it was and he said then you're going to be extradited back to Idaho to face murder charges for the murder of his mother.

And then it will be put on his daughter's shoulder. She couldn't hear it but she was crying that the court took Kleenex because the whole family is so emotional right now and the whole family is taking Kleenex then she signed the extradition papers and then it was almost official.

 waived extradition meaning

But one thing that the defense attorney 12 put on the very interesting record was that the chief public defender of a county in Idaho filed a motion under seal in Idaho that the 4th and 6th amendments should be preserved, It should not.

He was not to be searched there to be interrogated so as not to be seized for his safety and he was informing the court specifically for the trip back from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Idaho. tak that I need to see her like this heartbreak I mean you know that. I'll tell you what I want to hear from you.

Idaho killings suspect waives extradition from Pennsylvania

Uber in Pittsburgh was watching it on TV and his little brother was with us when he saw his brother fall like that and I tell you I've never seen him crash the screen like that. saw

Like we were trying to calm him down well you know he's hoping you get back in the game you know what to do with the next thing you know 10 minutes later that chest is under pressure

Half an hour later they're still not playing what am I going to do what's going on what happened to my nephew and then like when I look at you like now we were all crying in the room man we're all crying

And I'm not one to cry but I've never cried so hard in my life man just know my nephew basically came alive on a new person I mean it's heartbreaking and It was really a gut punch to see all the grown men crying and all the emotional man

And I would have cried. No matter who my nephews were before they had a crazy influence on me. And I'm glad you're both still alive and able to fight and try to get better and try to recover, you explain.

That his heart had gone out so they had to resuscitate him twice when he was choking on the field before they got him to the hospital and then when he got to the hospital they resuscitated him a second time so I just I want to thank the medical staff who were on hand because if it wasn't for them, my nephew might not even be here.

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