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Another shock of inflation was given to Pakistanis

Another shock of inflation was given to Pakistanis

Another shock of inflation was given to Pakistanis Islamabad Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday explained a Supplementary Bill 2023 in both houses of Parliament to raise an additional Rs 170 billion over the next four-and-a-half months to fulfill previous measures agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund. doing of

Another shock of inflation was given to Pakistanis

Another shock >Tax measures were outlined. As a religious figure, the IMF talked about a $1.2 billion tranche to raise the federal excise duty on cigarettes and scale up the general sales tax GST rate from 17 percent to 18 pc 13, the federal said. The Board of Revenue FBR expects

Another shock >That the Federal Board of Revenue FBR will be implemented immediately through statutory regulatory orders. 115 billion from these two measures Finance Bill commonly known as Mini Budget proposes to increase GSD from 17pc to 225pc

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Another shock >860 33 categories of time-bound goods including high-end mobile phones imported food decoration items and other luxury items However this increase will be notified through another notification through payment of finance bill excise duty.

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Another shock > on cement has been increased from Rs 1 to 50 percent to Rs 2 per kg, which is estimated to generate an additional Rs 6 billion, and excise duty on carbonated/aerated drinks has been increased from 13 percent to 20 pc. has been done so that an additional 10 billion rupees can be collected for the government.

Another shock >  A new excise tax of 10pc on non-specified beverages such as juice, mango, orange, etc. has been proposed, which will raise an additional tax of Rs 4 billion. An additional deposit of Rs.

Another shock > A tax rate of 20pc or Rs.50,000 whichever is higher has been proposed on the price of their tickets. The government has also proposed a withholding tax of 10pc on marriage functions and gatherings.

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Another shock > Fiber expects to raise Rs 1 billion to Rs 2 billion from this tax under the Income Tax Bill, which proposes a 10 percent withholding tax on off-market sales and purchases.

Another shock > Using shares to document unseen transactions I fully import mobile phones Sales tax rate increased from 17pc to 18pc Mobile phones are priced between $200 to $500 approx. 25 pc sales tax will be charged on the mobile set with $500.

Another shock > increasing the sales tax on luxury items from 17pc to 25pc will result in an additional revenue collection of Rs 4 billion. Frozen fish sauce is ketchup fruit and dried fruit preserves

Another shock > Corn Flakes Frozen Meat Juices Graded Water Ice Cream and Chocolate Crackers Personal Weapons and Ammunition Shoes Chandelier Lighting Plus Energy Saver Headphones and Loudspeakers Door and Window Frames Travel Bags and Luggage Except for tissue paper furniture from Afghanistan

Another shock > Shampoo Automobile Luxury Mattress and Sleeping Bag Issue We are Toiletry Maker Sunglasses Kitchen Cigarette Shaving Good Luxury Leather Garments Musical Instruments and Decorations / Entering Mental Barriers in Finance Bill Apart from the initial steps agreed with the IMF. are

Another shock > These include increasing electricity and gas rights and allowing free exchange rates. The government has proposed to have a million package of the budget that some of the best welfare schemes are proposed to be increased from Rs 360 billion to a total of Rs 400 billion, the bill will be presented in the House on Friday. Another shock of inflation was given to Pakistanis

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