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TUCKER CARLSON: Food, water, energy and infrastructure are being degraded


TUCKER CARLSON: Food, water, energy, and infrastructure are being degraded

TUCKER CARLSON: Food, water, energy, and infrastructure are being degraded Shooting lots of things from the sky, you know it's not your imagination.

TUCKER CARLSON: Food, water, energy and infrastructure are being degraded

Our entire country was tracked, but the White House on Friday did not announce that fighter jets shot it down with two knobs the size of a car over Alaska. Shut the thing down then on Sunday an F-16 flew out with the pilot

TUCKER CARLSON > And said that at 20,000 feet it looks like a flying octagon. The same thing at the Pentagon, apparently over Lake Huron, was dismissed as a radar anomaly the night before because it wasn't believed by Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale, he said.

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that it seemed very real to him and apparently he was right but what it was until yesterday these three things actually were no one knew to listen to NORAD Air Force Commander General Glenn van Hurk clearly stated that the US government government has not.

TUCKER CARLSON  > The extraterrestrial possibilities we're shooting out of the sky begs the question of whether you've ruled out aliens or extraterrestrials and, if so, why that's what everyone is asking us right now. Thanks for the question,

I will allow it. The intel community and the counterintelligence community have assessed that I have not ruled anything out at this time.

Water in a changing world: the United Nations world water


To hear that you have three unknown objects in 3 days if these objects are aliens that we are seeing is an alien invasion which means that maybe at some point our leader will be asked to be taken. And what are we going to save that it's Kamala Harris?

TUCKER CARLSON > Which is what Montel Williams said, but now she's running our government. country because his boss is old pretty embarrassing actually doesn't seem like it's going to happen privately the US government doesn't believe these things came from another planet were they ever floating along the air currents

This means they are lighter than air and therefore would not be able to enter our atmosphere without burning up. that's weird. That is, no one in charge will say the B word out loud

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Black John Kirby refuses to explain Octagon flying over Michigan Can you tell us more about explaining something I've seen press reports about? What will it look like?

I think we all need to be humbled here in the sense that our ability is positively recognized by fighter jets flying past a stationary object at 700 miles per hour.

It wasn't very big so we don't know what it looks like and we're still not exactly sure what its purpose was or who owned it. You've got a necktie.

TUCKER CARLSON > And he's standing in front of a podium, but is that normal? They're working. We shot these things, but we don't know what they were. We don't know where they came from. What were they doing here? It's saying what they all are saying, maybe it's true, second hand

The same administration that sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline is the single largest active industrial terrorist act in history and continues to lie about it so it probably isn't true, nor does it say that the US had its radar filters down. , and suddenly we're seeing all these objects.

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The sky we didn't know where they were flying at high altitudes is a clear threat to commercial aircraft and you have to take it seriously, but if you have to move around then at least one of these things. A National Weather Service balloon was unconfirmed but if it is correct it would mean this

TUCKER CARLSON > That the B administration needs fighter jets to shoot down its balloons and that we really are becoming a fatter man nation is not true. . get is that America's domestic airspace is such a mess

That's never happened before so there are not a lot of signs up on the ground. It was 10 days ago, for example, that a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, which is about 50 minutes from Pittsburgh. There was a kind of mechanical feeling.

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