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US leads the rest of the world with $196 billion given to

 The US leads the rest of the world with $196 billion given to Ukraine amid the war with Russia

US leads the rest of the world with $196 billion given to Ukraine amid the war with Russia The US keeps on driving the world in commitments to Ukraine with almost $200 billion in guaranteed or sent help, as the U.S. partner proceeds with its battle against Russia.

US leads the rest of the world with $196 billion given to

As per the Ukrainian government, the U.S. drives all nations with $196 billion in absolute military, monetary and compassionate guide to Ukraine between Jan. 24,,2022 through Nov. 20, 2022. Germany has sent the second-most assets, with $172 billion sent in that range.

In that equivalent range, the remainder of the world has offered under $75 billion of the complete guide, with the majority of that total coming from the Unified Realm ($28.2 billion), Poland ($24.3 billion), and Estonia ($5.48 billion).

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These figures exclude advances shipped off Ukraine or extra commitments endorsed by their separate state-run administrations between Dec. 2022 and Feb. 2023. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has visited every one of these top contributing nations except Estonia.

The developing figures come as the Ukraine-Russia war approaches its one-year point. Russia initially attacked on Feb. 24, 2022.

US leads the remainder of the world with $196 billion given to 

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