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Bill Maher urges DeSantis to 'wait' until Trump is 'dead.

Bill Maher urges DeSantis to 'wait' until Trump is 'dead...politically' to run for president


Bill Maher urges DeSantis to 'wait' until Trump is 'dead...politically' to run for president If you were one of the 7,000 people who got a notice from Bob Iger because he's running busy because 7,000 people are short on the payroll he's trying to save the company.

Bill Maher urges DeSantis to 'wait' until Trump is 'dead...politically' to run for president

There are a lot of companies out there in these tough economic times that he's trying to save. 5 billion and so what they're doing going forward is they're going to split the business into three separate segments that are going to be an entertainment segment.

Which is TV and streaming, that's where you'll see the Disney parks and the product that are going to be one. The second and then sports-focused ESPN and Bob Iger did not announce

He was interested. Many people have talked about him not rotating the CEO of ESPN, and Ron DeSantis only attracted the attention of the governor of Florida and boss 3D Crack. I would vote for the board they are working on legislation in Tallahassee right now

To try to capture Reedy Creek and charge Ron DeSantis, the town's new sheriff said, many people drove down the road last spring. The media was saying, oh my gosh, Disney is actually going to pay less tax

And Floridians are going to pay more taxes they were saying and I'm going from the state of Florida Lawrence you know it's a very interesting family because I usually get involved in private business dealings with the government. No, but they wanted a tax break

And that was right when they were able to do what they wanted to do and still pay fewer taxes than the average American and now Florida said hey we don't actually do that like some of the things that are going on do you govt. Sources live through the government

I think there are a lot of Americans who are saying you know what we're struggling paycheck to paycheck we're going to the store we're going to pay for.

Adding to the eggs and basic household goods they should get a tax break with, are we getting our tax bracket and Disney Fastpass Charmaine Melissa Lee?

Maher accuses Biden of 'tragedy porn' for having a family of Tyre Nichols at State of the Union: 'Exploitative'

All this money we union workers are spending to hire union workers. Economy This morning's report shows that we have strengthened the economy. We added more than half a million jobs this past month.

And last month's calibration was another half million since he took office we created 12 million 12 million jobs which are the strongest 2 years. Progress in history and by a long shot I want to thank the members of Congress here who have supported my initiatives and made this possible.

Bill Maher admits Biden was 'very shady' with documents, but says his scandal is 'different' than Trump's

Bill Maher urges DeSantis to 'wait' until Trump is 'dead...politically' to run for president

Critical of the scandal involving his mishandling of classified documents is his insistence that there is no real story and that he has done nothing wrong except that the president is questioning his claim. That they take such matters very seriously

White House correspondent Jackie Heinrich has the details. Tonight's Life in the North injected the White House into Rehoboth for the weekend and chose not to go to Wilmington, where the documents were found.

But he just went on to back President Biden through a press secretary he doesn't eat. In the seriousness of a classified document, I'm not going to go beyond what his administration has largely refused to discuss about other statements after it pondered the findings of the investigation.

That he takes classification rules seriously I do that back in 1977 when President Jimmy Carter's nominee for CIA director shopped with a senator on the Intelligence Committee and sided with Republicans. The nomination button was dug up to kill Ted Sorenson

And David did a biography of JFK by showing Sorenson falsely classified documents and asking the confirmation hearing if he respects and understands the principles under which he will present Yes I'm not sure whether or not r.

Sorenson could be indicted under the Espionage Act or fired from his White House job if that were the issue. The same questions that Biden is now being asked by the House Intelligence Committee, your Discovery of confidential Vicodon documents would put President Biden in potential violation.

Laws protecting national security, including the Espionage Act and the Presidential Records Act, are still being ignored 10 days after the committee's request for an estimate of the damage to national security, although the ministry declined to comment officially. Despite trying to pin it on Biden's AIDS since he was vice president.

The Washington Post reported that Kathy Chung, a longtime executive assistant to Bidemaybe be buying it to connect with him because he is concerned that he may have inadvertently transmitted or stored classified material on Center Post sites. Involved in a person briefed on Shawn's account

In which it was stated that someone within the government is making a gesture. Point fingers at Chuck and it's a sin. The king gave some more news in the obvious sense of everything you've seen in your bread Today he invited Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

In which he called for a small talk to discuss the national debt, McCarthy tweeted that he would accept the president's approval. Invited this evening and looking forward to a discussion on how to responsibly raise the debt ceiling,

Jac,kie the gifts are spending a lot of the weekend in Wilmington Delaware this weekend he's going to Rehoboth Beach, well Terry today if these documents had anything to do with him maybe he doesn't want to go to Wilmington these documents It was found that she did not want to answer the question and once again referred us to the White House counsel.

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