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Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown of 'object'

Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown of 'object' over Alaskan Arctic?

Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown of 'object' over Alaskan Arctic The moment is now. We are now. We are down here on the mountain near the Canadian border on the northeast side of the continent, Alaska, and what media and politics columnist we were bringing.

Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown of 'object'

And if I'll tell Joe the reporter what you think about that, basically, it's not handled because hey, we have breaking news. caught

Yet John Kirby, not relying on the former Pentagon spokesman, picked up the paper and said. Oh well yes we want to confirm that we shot such a thing

What we don't know is that the thing wasn't at a particular time in the night because we were worried that we were stuck to a particular time in the morning. Concerned about our traffic that your thoughts in this objection were shot a few hours ago

Fox News on Twitter: "Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing


And the White House decided not to say anything about it and then added that you just told John Kirby that you could step up to that podium and that SHO would be your first announcement and that you would be mobilized. Should and should give that information to the press

And one shouldn't wait for a reporter to ask a question and conditions to uncover it so it's interesting now that we were told last week that it was a five-balloon. One who had flown across the country could not be shot down

Because it was close to our airspace in Alaska or over Alaska or Montana or other rural areas it couldn't be shot because there was a danger to civilians on the ground but now with this latest thing the president's order for northern Alaska.

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To shoot it down without hesitation there are so many questions and answers there's no question right now and just to kind of give it a timeline here that's just we're clear and then you've made a great point. The point is, if the question hadn't been asked during the White House briefing

Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown


So would this topic be brought up, I mean it's an important thing that you don't miss if you have information going into the news conference. No one asked this question

And we don't know what tip that person got to ask the question if the subject would have come up and the second we found out during this news conference that the president found out about it last night.

Did Kirby 'bury the lead' in revealing shootdown of 'object'

So they waited. At least the better part of ten 11 maybe 12 hours before they decided to shoot it down they had fighter jets that went up there that they were so close to the thing that they got a balloon or something so close. He should know that.

Without a pilot they got close enough to see that there was no one inside the thing but apparently not close enough to understand exactly what the thing was or what it was and it was still as clear as mud.

So what kind of thing was this drone? It was some kind of unmanned aircraft. It was a balloon. It's just amazing that John Kirby just ran off the podium instead of Jean-Pierre and I'm sure.

Now suspicious object seen in Alaska airspace, fighter jet shot


That she will not be able to answer the questions but overall it will be the same. A maju our sovereignty has been violated once again and who sent this plane around these things

But we don't know much about your point yet.I have a feeling that if that reporter hadn't asked Mr. Kirby when he did? They seem to have moved on with other things if you want to bring in Joe and Lucas Tomlinson

The only reason the American public knows about the balloon in the first place is because some guys in Montana saw it and it knocked Mike out.

And it doesn't become a spectacle and an embarrassment to the White House. Should you have shot him or allowed him to continue on his way, you are asking me to speculate.

So Mike I pushed back a bit on the claim there so first of all what was the difference in the length of that balloon? That was on the continental United States, but we track activity around the world on a daily basis, some of which will continue to be classified.

The U.S. shoots down a 'high-altitude object' over Alaska


Because we understand that we don't want to reveal the means and methods in this particular case, I can tell you that efforts are underway to get this Montana reporter to report publicly, but to say, Look, there are times like this.

When an activity is happening that we are monitoring we are not going to. ublic especially if it doesn't present a specific or significant threat to the American public, but then when we monitored the balloon, there was an ongoing effort to make sure that people understood that specifically It's what it looks like and I'll do it. Just hang in there thanks

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