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Iowa senator accuses China of 'intentionally poisoning' Americans with fentanyl


Iowa senator accuses China of 'intentionally poisoning' Americans with fentanyl

Iowa senator accuses China of 'intentionally poisoning' Americans with fentanyl let's start a major surgery to stop fentanyl production sales and trafficking with more drug-detection machine inspections cargo stop pills and how to save a Mormon president biden gets attention from lawmakers

Iowa senator accuses China of 'intentionally poisoning' Americans with fentanyl

When he spoke about the fentanyl crisis last night, there was frustration, but the tragic number of seventeen-year-olds who have been addicted to this deadly drug have not lost their lives or lost their lives in 2020. Mother Laura participated in the State of the Union address at Lord of Florida Deer Join us now Thank you

  You'll definitely see her out there representing her son so beautifully to be with us today at 4am and that pin was made to buy another mom who lost her son so I guess I shall be well in the chamber tomorrow night.

It was an incredible honor to be there last night and I am very grateful to our Congressman Kevin Kelly who served as my Assemblyman when he was left behind and has been a staunch supporter of raising this issue. For and they will pursue this matter further. I was really grateful to be at 7 now in Congress to do that

  Instead of all the experience that numbers are just a voice, call for the number one hero here. Overdose deaths in 2021 were 80,411 and going back to 2018 it was only forty-six thousand so it's been increasing and it's taken it to the point where now you have it in the state of the union address do you think You are making progress. When it comes to awareness

  So I see progress with awareness. When I lost 2 years ago there wasn't much awareness. It was very difficult for me to even educate myself on what killed my son because luckily I wasn't there much. Knowing a non-profit on Charlie's old song that is doing incredible work to raise awareness and I associated myself with that mission.

  And that's where I think I can make the most impact because I was a senior in high school when he was killed. Since the beginning of the school year, Ty and Jason have spoken to nearly 40,000+ middle school and high school kids in my county from Sacramento County, but you know the story of which youth you've seen Courtney's Tragedy. Heard the story and dad who was recognized last night

  And in addition to these tragedies, there are tragedies like my son, you know, where there was no history of substance use disorder and the experience or self-medication situation can lead to tragedy so quickly and it's important to relay all the different types. These deaths are happening what's your level of concern about the amount of fentanyl that's getting into the country well I'm very concerned so you know obviously it's

  As we all should be I am very much concerned with what I think here already for the youth as I say that is where I have really focused my attention and focus that the awareness part is very important. Is and just to let them know how dangerous it is to know if you know he's done some research. With young people, however, still don't have to admit it

That Sentinel has word now but there's still a lot of work to be done in terms of being able to predict how dangerous it is. What do you expect? Come out of the state of the union because that's the next step and if possible there's something in the legislation that you're looking for Congressman Kyle I know.

What will you do a few moments after the interview when he is going to give me a speech? Hopefully what you think can actually make a big difference I think there's a lot more that needs to be done, it's a big effort

  And I'll defer to the legislators, who I'll be sure to talk to. Regarding Congressman Kelly's views that he has, I know he's expressed to me, you know, that he really wants to work in a bipartisan way, I think that's what we need right now. Killing young people is killing Americans from all sides of the aisle.

You know all aspects of this in our country and so we really need to join together to fight it and I'm always ready to do that when I can see that My part is ranking other places. Net Hello are you one? look at 

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