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US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states

US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states General Jack Cain is a former Army Vice Chief of Staff, Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War, and Senior Strategic Analyst at Fox News.

US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states

That the US will be at war with China by 2025 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says no in your case, General, you don't think it's about time as much as having an effective military deterrent that we have right now. Not fair that's right.US government monitoring a suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states

Race I mean at first this chatter was talking about a blunt straight line to his subordinates and what we do in peacetime and all the services prepare for war and hopefully more. By doing that with Turing and that's what he was doing. He was making sure his troops understood that war might be imminent

US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states

And we've all said the same thing to our troops at different levels of command during our tenure, but what I think is really happening is that it just came. Outside of the Pacific, he's very aware of the fact that we've lost our military deterrence because of the 9/11 fighters and budgets that don't meet the needs and he sees that.

Chinese balloon over us

And knows. That China has a military advantage right now, more ships, more planes, and certainly more missiles, and he doesn't suddenly want them to take advantage of that, but it's possible that he doesn't know what's going on in prison, that's mine. Whether it is one year from now or two years from now or 5 years from now but what is known is this

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That our military deterrence is not what it should be and I'm sure that's where the general is coming from because he knows we're weak and we have to fix that so what. Cure and that's all General What's the cure to be strong in the Pacific region if it's needed here

high altitude surveillance balloons

And how long will it take? Is it a money issue? It's something else. It's partly the money. If they have it painful

And the backlog is years that Congress has got to step in and roll up its sleeves and fix the alien. military sales system with a sense of urgency and sell them we have to train with Taiwan as Jennifer is just messing with South Korea.

We don't do much of that with Taiwan. We sell theaters ourselves because we don't. The other thing is to provoke the Chinese that we have to move more of our forces into the region. Yes, more planes, more ships, and more. We have to deploy the missiles and ensure that

Chinese balloon Montana

That China believes there is an effective deterrent is the only way. It's going to happen that those generals will look at this and say well, the cost is too high for us to go to war with the US against Taiwan because we don't know what the outcome will be.

This is the answer we want. I want to put this on the screen in 15 seconds, this is about the upcoming visit to McCarthy by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, he says.

where is the Chinese spy balloon

If China opposes any kind of official interaction between its Taiwan region and countries that have diplomatic relations with China, we as legislators will support you. What do you think about the One China principle?

That is a similar thing sent with Nancy Pelosi we should visit Taiwan and support their moral support political support that would provide a political leader but Secretary of Defense Hugo they do.

Chinese spy balloon location

We're briefing the press before we come, saying they're now tracking a suspected Chinese spy balloon that's hovering over our northern part, it was seen in Montana and other northern states in Montana, of course, several sensitive nuclear sites. We are told about

That it is a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon. It's the size of three buses with technology-based bottom suspension and has made a ground stop at Billings Airport for a time at Montana Air Traffic Control in the last 24 hours. Circle where the balloon was seen to the southwest of the city tonight.

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A senior defense official said president Biden was short but he asked for military options so what's the threat to the Mets heat this evening here abc change is leading us all from the white house tonight. A senior defense official said tonight's

Chinese spy balloon picture

that authorities are tracking a large Chinese spy balloon that has been hovering over our northern part for several days. It's after this guy and I don't know what it is that the United States government has found and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon.

Which is currently over the continental United States, the size of three buses with a technology bay underneath. President Biden asked for military options but decided to follow the recommendation of senior military leaders not to shoot down the balloon, the official said.

Because of the safety hazard to people on the ground, the balloon was spotted over Montana and a temporary ground stop was made at the airport in Billings on Wednesday. Ground stops within a 50-mile radius excluding any flights including commercial air traffic

Chinese spy balloon tracker

We are allowed to land or take off for at least an hour Montana has several sensitive nuclear weapons sites that are quickly moved to protect them after a US spy balloon attack.

The government took immediate action to protect against the collection of sensitive information. WHITE HOUSE TONIGHT TERRY WE KNOW BEFORE THE CORRESPONDENTS BRIEFING THE PENTAGON PRESS TONIGHT

 Chinese spy balloon pictures

So what are they saying here about a possible threat that there is no threat to civilians and that the US has contacted China on Friday and the Pentagon has said that they are tracking this baloney that there is no threat from this for the first time. do not have

I've seen balloons like this several times over the years from previous administrations who say they don't think it's a threat and an intelligence threat.

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