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Iran's military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama

Iran's military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama  America's enemies are willing to stick with Western rivals such as A Ron, going so far as to carry out assassination attacks on his critics, even on our soil with the Department of Justice plotting to kill a Ron activist. More related charges have been announced.

Iran's military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama

  Masih Alinejad is here in New York City for speaking out against Iran's oppression of women journalists and activists. We have talked and we know what your situation is.

  Just a moment ago I was told that you were living in a safe house in a safe house. Do you keep explaining the reason? In the United States of America I have to exercise my freedom of speech

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Because Iranians are facing guns and bullets right now, they have no voice, they have no media, right now I'm talking to you about what women are facing. g Many women in prison are being raped by being shot in the eye


Iran's military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama

  And blind men and women together are dying just because they are peacefully demanding freedom and dignified democracy so I can't just say ok now I mean safe haven then I I will not talk about it. The ones that are meant for you


  He escaped in 2009, after you wrote an op-ed in the New York Times about what drove you to flee your homeland, and that's when these growing threats came to light, and now we know that Where three men are listed to kill you speak for the fugitives


  So that they can speak up, I mean, the details of the search for these individuals in these indictments, I mean, these are the new unsealed documents that came out in Manhattan just last week, and I know that the FBI gave you the indictments. Informed by

Fox News on Twitter: "'Warning sign': Iran's military reportedly

On Friday one of the other two Macy's men was living in Yonkers, he was charged with murder, money laundering conspiracy accounts, I still want to see his face and I can take this man to my house. It makes me laugh. This has happened twice

READ MORE: Iran's military reportedly sending warships to Brazil, Panama


  That a foreign country has hired members of a criminal organization from Eastern Europe to assassinate me on American soil means that the Iranian government is willing to challenge American authorities. Trying to make that person clear on the screen.


  He was a 24-year-old man who was arrested in July. He was found outside your house with a loaded AK-47-style rifle. Actually told me he was born.


  This is an Eastern European crime syndicate and two other people have been arrested this week. Now three men are in jail in New York. is the problem of

'Warning sign': Iran's military reportedly sending 

  And imagine how many of my neighbors in Brooklyn would have been shot my step children you know so it's not about me I'm not afraid for my life because you've known me for years I won't give up . What's scarier is that it doesn't mean you're probably on the receiving end of a bounty trying to kill an American citizen you're trying to contact the White House about.


  On this you received a letter from President Biden there is a crack in it. Where is this going now because I know you are demanding now well that was good but now you want them to meet you exactly I mean I have been the victim of a flood of assassinations and kidnappings twice. I am

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  And I deserve to meet. President of the United City te of America But will you say it because it is all so heartbreaking that my own country where I was born is trying to kill me my adopted country America is trying to protect me. doing


But I think the US government can. Before I was in jail until then according to Iran's policy, the next day they are leaving, they want to negotiate with the same killer, but with the same children, so I want to get President Biden out.

'Warning sign': Iran's military reportedly sending 

  Because when the US government put the Guards on the terrorist list, the government can take the lead and pressure the European Union to designate European countries that are US allies as terrorist organizations, otherwise none of us are safe. will remain because it is not M public is a threat to Israel two people are crying for the people of the region because it is a republic

Otherwise none of us will be safe because it's a threat to the people of the region Israel is two people crying because you're sending drones to pretend to kill innocent Ukrainians so America is a democracy. About whether they have to be tough against Islam or keep us. Posted on Where does this go I know you sent back to the White House and we would love to follow up if you get that meeting.

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