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Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murder of their wife and so

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murder of their wife and so

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murder of their wife and so 5891 Lenora and honestly,   everyone started running to the harbor rumor in shock at the reaction here we heard that after only three hours of deliberation the verdict was reached there were five women out of seven men on this jury I elk Martinez was telling the decision. read

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the murder of their wife and so

And he had virtually no reaction. He looked down at the ground a little bit. There was one case that the prosecution reiterated, and again, that Alec Murdaugh is a liar. He lied about whether

Whether or not he was near the crime scene just before the murders and then he said as long as he lied for a decade about the financial crimes and he lied about his opiate addiction. The prosecution also created a timeline of the day of the murder from friends and family using cellphone evidence, and you can see

That he was present at the scene of the murder within minutes of the murder. His wife Maggie has rs and is 22 years old Nora calls Nicky the most beat thank you very much but Spring and CBS News legal analyst Jets only Jessica Levinson who is following this child and Jessica is So nice to have you call. It's a lot closer than I thought but to my understanding, there was no murder weapon, no witnesses

So they tried for the defense to create reasonable doubt about his testimony which absolutely hurt him and I think the defense knew they were losing to throw a hail mary and me. Something that Nicky just zeroed in on just didn't believe him for 20 months that he wasn't at the scene of the murder he had to admit that only after the testimony when we found him at the scene of the murder. Before the murder, I think

That it was just for him because all the credibility in front of the jury also remembers that it's about his alleged financial crimes they already saw him as a bad actor Mickey Booties I mean it's such a case In which you know we already have streaming exclusives

This is why the family's importance in South Carolina and some other mysterious murders aren't the only crimes he's been accused of that haven't been solved by Alex Murdoch. He was charged with a few financial crimes but he is facing about ninety-nine more charges in various crimes one incident I want to tell you about is that in 2018 the keeper of the murder house accidentally fell.

And he died on the occasion of his burial. Her son says they sued her because she fell at his house they paid a million-dollar settlement to alex morales insurance company alec Murdaugh I took every penny of that kind of financial An example of the fraud he has committed in the past decade.

And I want to add that regardless of his verdict now that we know he's guilty he faces 30 years to life in prison or the judge is expected to sentence him soon but he's on me right now. He will also be prosecuted for financial crimes if he has been convicted of some of the crimes he has already admitted to you.

And he can't face an additional life sentence for them. Nora Nikki Batiste Thank you for your excellent coverage of this whole trial and so Alec Murdaugh was found guilty of all four counts of murder in 2021 again. Alec Murdaugh will now face 30 years to life in prison for the 22-year-old son and his fifty-two-year-old wife which will continue to be covered on CBS. News is streaming your local news and we'll have more tonight on TV Baby Doll Bombiya.

Court Decision for Right Full Article:

with the back not with the sexy you tell again with back baby songs docket number 2022 GS 1500 59 IN THE COURT OF THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF COLLEGE OF GENERAL JULY 2020 State v. Richard Alexander Murdoch Defendant Indicted for Murder

SD CODE 16-3-20 1010c DR CODE p0116 JUDGMENT OF GUILTY SIGNED BY FOUR WOMEN 3223 DOCKET NUMBER 2022 DODGE 1500 593 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF COLLETON IN THE COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS JULY 102 1002 vs. RICHARD ALEXANDER MURDOCK Defendant Indictment for murder SC code 16-3 that 0010 TDR code p0116 on judgment signed by poor woman J. 3

23 Docket No. 2022 GL1500 595 STATE OF SOUTH CARO COLTON COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS LENA COUNTY July 2020 STATE vs. RICHARD ALEXANDER MURDOCK Defendant charged with Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Felony Code Dash 16-20 3-0 490c Dr. Code 05498 Signed by Offender

JURY DATE 223 DOCKET NUMBER 2022 FOUR PEOPLE Gs 15 + 0 0 0 0 0 5 9 FOR THE STATE IN SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF COLLETON COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS JULY 2020 STATE v. RICHARD ALEXANDER MURDOCK Defendant charged with possession of a weapon. Is. SD Code 16-23 0490 DDR Code 05496 Signed by four members of guilty jury 3223 during the commission of a violent crime.

Gone are Leyte and the war for the members of the jury if it is the decision of every single Jew or please let it be. It is known to raise your right hand to thank you for any individual poll requested at 11:30 or an individual who needs jewelry according to jewelry store number one.

While it's Super Tuesday, the verdict is breaking news that Alec Murdaugh out of South Carolina was found guilty on all four counts of murdering his son and Palmer. who is 22 years old and his wife Maggie who is 52 years old Nicky Batiste has been covering the case from the beginning and that is knowing Nicky at the courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina. It didn't take long to find a load.

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