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Chicago man with prior arrest charged with police officer's murder

Chicago man with prior arrest charged with police officer's murder

An 18-year-old Illinois man has been officially charged in the passing of a Chicago cop who was shot and killed during a pursuit Wednesday.

Steven Montano, a Chicago occupant, has to deal with a few penalties, including first-degree murder, the irritated release of a gun, and slowing down detailing abusive behavior at home in the passing of Official Andres Vasquez-Tether.

Vasquez-Tether, 32, was answering around 4:45 p.m. as Montano was pursuing a lady across the road from a primary school on the city's South Side, specialists said.

The official was shot a few times and Montano was shot in the head during a gunfire trade. Vasquez-Tether was hurried to the Mount Sinai Clinical Center, where he kicked the bucket. Montano remains hospitalized.

The shooting happened as youngsters were playing at a school, witnesses said. Maria Davila told FOX Chicago she was at home watching a film on her telephone when the shooting occurred. She went to her window and saw a man down in a parking garage close to the jungle gym holding his chest and yelling.

Vasquez-Tether was likewise on the ground and not moving, she said.

"Shoot me, shoot me," Davila said the man on the ground hollered at a second official who was remaining among him and Vasquez-Tether.

 Chicago man with prior arrest charged with police officer's murder trial

Specialists have not delivered many insights concerning Montano, but rather FOX Chicago revealed he has one earlier capture when he was arrested last year subsequent to running from a taken vehicle that was needed in a shooting.

A Chicago police officer is dead this morning after being shot on duty, we just learned his identity and Rosen is the reason why it's only right in the last 30 minutes that he has the fallen officer. has been identified as 32-year-old Andres Vasquez Lasso.

For five years only, the Chicago Police Department has flown the morning flag outside the District 8 Police Department building on 63rd Street in honor of the fallen officer. .

It was just before 5pm yesterday in response to a domestic incident. A man who was reported to have been chasing a woman with a gun saw her and gave chase when police say a shootout ensued, in which the suspect was shot in the head and critically injured. Wounded but Officer Vasquez Laso was shot multiple times

And later died at Mount Sinai Hospital last night Duty Superintendent David Brownstead Vasquez Lasso A procession was held to pay respects to the young officer who had a bright future killed in the line of duty and Mayor Lightfoot. Both reacted to this tragic loss

 Chicago man with prior arrest charged with police officer's murder case

That leasing is a big family. For those who know that at some point they may be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice but you never thought with our hope that it actually happened and tonight there are some broken hearts from this tragedy, I remember the people. I want to make

That officers on every shift are a threat to our safety every single day. If you see an officer tonight or the next day or the day after that, thank them for their service and again this doubt CT is still in the hospital. is as far as we know still in critical condition and with a first offense according to the police at the age of 18 now out of district history here officers are arriving this morning they are all grieving south west today roz Antius Fox 32 Chicago


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