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Former Disney CEO privately complained to DeSantis about 'pressure' from woke left amid Florida fight: book

Former Disney CEO privately complained to DeSantis about 'pressure' from woke left amid Florida fight: book

Former Disney CEO privately complained to DeSantis about 'pressure' from woke left amid Florida fight: book  As the standoff between Florida's council and The Walt Disney Organization warmed up over a training charge that liberal activists mistakenly named the "Don't say the gay bill," Disney's then-Chief called Gov. Ron DeSantis and grumbled about the "pressure" he confronted. Former Disney

Former Disney CEO privately complained to DeSantis about 'pressure' from woke left amid Florida fight: book

DeSantis describes the discussion in a part of his new diary, "The Boldness to be Free: Florida's Plan for American Restoration," which will be delivered Tuesday by distributer HarperCollins. The section, shared only with Fox News Advanced, uncovers what Weave Chapek, who was Disney's President at that point, told DeSantis as the battle about Florida's schooling regulation warmed up in the spring of 2022.

Our Americans understand the plan. Our rights come from God, not from the government. Turns out we don't have it.

The wheel of God-given rights empowers the government under the Constitution to protect those rights, and I think what we've seen in more modern society is that we've seen a nunnery of those constitutional foundations. Yes, we have an administrative state that is completely outside.

Controlling the violation of people's liberties has really been weaponized against those factions in the country that the ruling class does not like and if we need to analyze this government but what we are facing now I think does not have

Which was the goal of the founders. How is this government playing out these principles in this book my question to you is that you went to you if you went to Harvard law you grew up under a modest mean baseball player but all this special yale And how you maintained your belief in God's conservative principles in the face of your principal through Harvard.

Was it like talking about the book about your parents I grew up in a town called Dunedin Florida? Tampa St. My parents are from the Petersburg area my dad is from western Pennsylvania my mom is from northeast Ohio so she's like the steel country blue-collar salt of the earth.

And if you know Mark Florida's very eclectic people come from all over we have a culture. Even though I grew up in that culture, it was like these rust belt values that raised me that got me to Yale. I didn't know what I was getting into. I didn't even know the colleges were liberal. Was like 18 years old.

Old man, I show up my first day in Florida we wear things like jean shorts flip flops, and a t-shirt so I show up my first day wearing that and you got kids from Andover and Groton and I was a fish out of the water and it was a There was a big culture shock. I wasn't a better conservative in terms of politics because I was mostly into sports and things like that.

But you start sitting in some of these classrooms and even though one of Yale's mottos is God for Country. to sit in a yale classroom attack ng religion attack on god attack on America I am sitting in class and they are saying that America was responsible for the cold war, not joseph stalin said it is very deep and I have Didn't experience that

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Because I grew up in Dunedin. I don't know if people were Republican or Democratic. I heard you had both, but everyone believed in basic American principles, so that was my exposure to the left and I think about what that did for me.

He was very different from her. I thought it was fair that I wasn't influenced by that in the sense that I was pulling in that direction. If I am running for Congress, I will. I tell the story in this book that I was green

Before you know it I'm faced with an impressive resume in which I served in Iraq and there were some things that conservative primary voters would like to know. You look at Yale and Harvard. It is as people say. beral Lolita stuff and so the question was how do I prove and what it really means

That when I say and I hear how many people you know who go to Washington say they're going to work in the swamp. In the end, principals don't fall in vain. Look at me. I went through Yale and Harvard and came out more conservative than when I went into the swamp.

So there was nothing on it and they appreciated it and so all these things that were in these universities at the time were very much left. It was said that none of this would fly in the real world because you'd get out there and it's all just pie-in-the-sky stuff.

I think the joke was actually on me though because I think that what we see with a lot of the awakening ideology and all these institutions and society reflects what these universities have produced in the last generation and So we are reaping its harvest. A lot was done in these classrooms. ms 10 15 20 25 years ago Former Disney CEO privately complained to DeSantis about 'pressure' from woke left amid Florida fight: book



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