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Six countries join Russia in opposing UN's resolution for pe

Six countries join Russia in opposing the UN's resolution for peace in Ukraine

Six countries join Russia in opposing the UN's resolution for peace in Ukraine Find the wrong aid for former Russian national security adviser Robert O'Brien Nice to meet you America. Ambassador to the United Nations We must also make it clear that if the Chinese and others provide lethal assistance to the Russians

Six countries join Russia in opposing UN's resolution for pe

And if there is any thought and effort about their barbaric attack against Ukraine, which is again unacceptable, that would be a red line. I apologize for this but I use the word or the red line that connects the Obama administration and Isis and you think

What happened then, is this language still necessary is it a proper city you know we never use this word. The red line in the Trump administration is so people know where we stand and we don't react if they violate our principles.

And we work so hard so I'm not sure it's useful to set a red line but I'm happy. To see that there is now some spine coming out of the administration on China because we just blew up a Chinese spy across the length and breadth of the United States.

These 6 countries sided with Russia in the UN vote on the Ukraine war

Which are the leader of our nuclear sites, Montana, or nuclear-capable missile silos in submarines. It was very serious and China's Wang Yi and I and I can set up in Beijing what results were the only result of the meeting place so they show me here by Ford.

That farmland is still being bought. Our air base has been of no consequence to the Chinese so it's no wonder they don't think they can send lethal aid to Russia without a healthy one. want a Big plus point but it feels like it

As all these events are coming together and all the players I should say our coming together Dan and I read this letter from the Lindsey group that goes out every morning I want to read the last sentence of the letter. Today it says that the inevitable testosterone surge in any fight is often blinding

This defines the long-term consequences of even the most obvious consequences, so how dangerous is it for you that we've reached this point now, we're at a dangerous point for that. s time, especially with China and Russia, it's a limited partner I mean we have a job to do.

In UN Vote on Ukraine Invasion Anniversary, Russia Loses

That we have to stand with our Ukrainian friends, and I asked President Biden to go to Ukraine, that this is the ultimate US-first piece of this weird situation because the Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom, they said they are neighbors. Fighting against Victory

Just trying to subdue them because they can because they are big and not asking for your troops not asking us not to lie but we are also sending a message. Told China you can't do that to Taiwan which is coming

And then we have to make sure that we work together with Ukraine to prevent China from attacking Taiwan, so it's a very dangerous situation but an important situation. We cannot give up our peace through the principles of force and we cannot be blackmailed by these dictators.

We have to be ready to stand with our allies and our friends and then rise up for freedom in the world. It will not be handed over to China and its bowling training complex, and it is possibly spiraling out of control.

Six countries join Russia in opposing the UN's resolution for

We are some countries that should immediately stop fanning the flames and stop blaming China and stop putting Ukraine on Taiwan tomorrow, but what do you think about the administration? Do what the Chinese are saying since you haven't paid

He's been elected to a third term because basically being a dictator for the life I now know he's going to take over Taiwan. To reunite with our own democratic allies that are as American to the American people as it is to Cork in the Pacific.

That we'll run wild from California to the Aleutians to Hawaii to our allies in Australia. Which is fine, it depends on him trying to be able to. Working very well with my former boss for my staff to control the Pacific and control the supply of chips I don't think that will happen.

Last question on that, when you consider all of this, what do you think the Biden team is doing? I think he's been good. I think it's going to be a plus for Ukraine and I think

That Jack Sullivan and the beautiful Haka Shan in Ukraine and China, but I think other big vehicles and some other people in the ministry who want to go back to business as usual.

These 6 countries sided with Russia in the UN vote on the Ukraine war

We turned a blind eye to their intellectual property theft and rampant human rights abuses. I think it's a problem so we need to go back to peace through strength. Ronald Reagan has that right. We need to show commitment.

That they will do it by your measures are the words he was ready to stand by his friends and allies who are rebuilding our army rebuilding our navy. Robert O'Brien Thank you for joining us this morning and helping to bring some clarity to the hypersonic deployment and showing the Chinese that I can stand up to the weather. We appreciate it. Ate it.

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