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Nuclear deal over: Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine? Russia's threat

The nuclear agreement ended: Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine did no

The nuclear agreement ended: Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine did not like Russia, Russia threatened America The two men in charge of the world's largest nuclear arsenal in the process of attacking Ukraine today sparred with invitations and rhetoric in front of an angry crowd in Warsaw.

Nuclear deal over: Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine? Russia's threat

And in Moscow, Russian President Putin, again in front of an organized audience of his lieutenants and supporters with the support of Pulitzer Center Nick Shifrin, reports from Ukraine Hello Poland that he has waged the biggest war in the Eastern European capital's neighbor in 80 years. He spoke in the language of cultural conflict

The principle at stake is the eternal choice between chaos and stability. The destruction between hope and fear in a democracy elevates the human spirit and the cruel hand of a dictator crushes it.

But they clearly targeted a person who was not Western. The plot to attack Russia has never been a tragedy. d War with the word Poland was among the first Eastern Bloc countries

Those who joined NATO today are committed to democracy. Tomatoes who gather fences will overcome dictatorship. Land and lust for power will defeat a new crate. And the love of the people for their country will overcome democracy tomorrow. Forever 1100 Mi 8 hours ago President Putin charged his audience

The war in Ukraine, mostly on the western border, is entirely dependent on Western elites and, of course, the current regime in Kyiv, to which the Ukrainian people are essentially strangers. The final is a bilateral arms control agreement.

Long-Range City applies to the destruction of nuclear weapons and Russia and the United States have begun to limit the deployment of nuclear weapons and include extensive verification measures. Allegedly and tonight the Russian Foreign Ministry said

That he would actually respect her. You start the demands, but in his hundred-minute-long speech today, Putin also said d he put in a nuclear system, and what he called combat duty flush is a flush in you which is the main thing that Russia and our relations have deteriorated. The responsibility rests entirely on the United States

which initiated a revision of the arrangements after the end of World War II. As for the Soviet Union, I started making the world the American way with only one master and lord. By decision, you have started carrying weapons.

The control architecture has been dismantled and Russia has been called on today to reconsider its decision to suspend its participation in the new nuclear deal, but what is clear is that Putin is not reconsidering the war in Ukraine today. Today, a Russian rocket landed in the middle of one of Ukraine's largest cities.

At least six were killed in southern Ukraine in a battle that Putin today called Putin's choice and a necessity in response to his presidency. President Biden's speech will have to wait until the morning, but a spokesman for Putin said earlier today that he could not even watch Biden's speech, relying instead on a summary that his staff would provide. A friend of K had developed it again in Ukraine.

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