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Is President Biden lacking confidence as he weighs a 2024 bid?

Is President Biden lacking confidence as he weighs a 2024 bid?

Is President Biden lacking confidence as he weighs a 2024 bid? Despite strong indications that President Biden will run for re-election, some top Democrats have been quietly preparing a Plan B over there. 


Is President Biden lacking confidence as he weighs a 2024 bid?

know spencer when I hear things like that whenever you're ready as soon as a candidate is really ready to throw his name out there I always feel like there's some lingering doubt I think that's a fair assessment I think there's certainly doubt here and it's because of how many times in the last six months we've heard about President Biden.

That he went to Delaware and Camp David to visit his family to decide if he should run for re-election and never returned. One of those trips saying ok I'm running or I'm not running is just a sign that he's not confident.

Perhaps his family may not trust what his advisors are saying as we have seen in this politics. I have a report that it may not have always noticed someone that Alka was political this thing reads part of the reference here.

While the political quote may not play out and top Dems are quietly poised, the belief among nearly everyone in Biden's orbit is that he will eventually make it clear that his indecision has resulted in a strangely deep rift in the party. A freeze has been created and donors are included in this deep freeze

And as we picture other potential political candidates who might want to run if I don't seem like all of this amazing talk is happening here because the Democrats have the top hat in terms of civil ratings in 2024? At 5:30 Hubbard is in the low 40s at the time of disaster for electoral success

69% order crossing is skyrocketing their offense. Through the balloon that is fluid to the right of the entire United States. The real issues are either Joe Biden or someone else. Three weeks ago 3 weeks ago But still relevant This AP says who should lead the Democratic Party and remember

That it's only the Democrats and you'll see there who leads the president at 12% I don't want 1. % no answer 31% spencer that's really bad news if you're joe biden more reasons for the democrats in the next two years he's left before I get worse because it's just me and You know the border is not going away.

To get any better title 42 people are going to get Hannah me one thing they're bragging about is their unemployment and what's going on with inflation and interest rate hikes. According to experts watching, it will probably increase.

Worse internationally you have China and Russia and Ron and everyone there is pretty much the new axis of evil. Nothing is getting better at home or abroad and a lot of people are looking for someone other than Biden. Going to vote for Heartbeat Real.

Did you say he's able to do that I think most primary people like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis show more than 20 points with President Biden's 46 to 41 matchups with ABC pulling strongly that We previously saw heavy and Joe Biden by three points?

There will also be plenty of chatter and some Democrats Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, an 81-year-old socialist who has lost twice to a judge, is another candidate who can't handle any crisis supply chain or Ohio. In train accidents, they grew up

It looks like the problems going into this are getting more dangerous especially if China actually gives out lethal weapons to rush yes it just happened to me today as I was making my way back from Poland to China. The top diplomat was meeting leaders in Russia

And if you have this happening. But you have this deal that's been made between the Iranians and the Russians so that I tried to use the American supply Darnell in the car there. Fight Russia and so far it's not working and it's scary I mean the whole thing is it's getting really close and it's really scary because Spencer Garrett thank you both that we Appreciate it.

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