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fox nation now:Biden makes the unproven claim that he was a

fox nation now: Biden makes the unproven claim that he was a civil rights activist during Selma's speech:

fox nation now: Biden makes the unproven claim that he was a civil rights activist during Selma's speech I was a student in the north in the civil rights movement. I remember how guilty I was. I couldn't hear how we could all be there and look at what you were going through. Can and still pose with soldiers. Eat their sticks and sticks and whips.

fox nation now:Biden makes the unproven claim that he was a

fox nation now: Rihanna's subject job in America took a while to come and help me with my program Keisha Lance Bootms is going home to Sandra Stanley because she has some kids until she promised that you would stay as long as he did but we have to let them go. Coming anyway

Thank you so much and everyone you know. The last time I was here, my daughter Ashley Biden, a social worker, was with me. She couldn't be with me today. She wanted to because she was working on a project for oppressed women. is doing In Delaware and I don't know.

That at this stage the children of God began a journey saying that the word was not spoken beaten here in the gas in the fridge what help was given to redeem the soul of America the last time I was here I was. With John Lewis, they were his words

Perkins, Cemetery Sewell Members of Congress You are all here modeling Charles Selma's foot soldiers You were among the last words of our dear friend John Lewis as he stood on the bridge. Over Troubled Waters 3 years ago I had the privilege of standing with him saying words that give meaning to the past and purpose to the future.

fox nation special: President Joe Biden visits Selma to commemorate Bloody Sunday:

fox nation special:  I mean, why are you making a screen o? An attempt was made to go to Montgomery to demand the Americans.

Today voting rights President Joe Biden and hundreds gathered to commemorate this pivotal moment in civil rights history abc3340. Aaron this bridge crossing is actually still a work in progress there are some people who have made their way over and they are coming back.

And some are crossing right now. You can see that hundreds if not thousands of people have come out here behind me. Part of it was that it was a huge crowd and many of them wanted to be part of the commemoration but also to hear what the president had to say and invited the press and told them that history would not be erased. can

and the fight for voting rights. Black Americans Matter Now President Reverend Al Sharpton Reverend Jesse Jackson and some real foot soldiers along with a throng of marchers first crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge then back and forth they sang and chanted along the way Now it's Biden's third Is. A visit during the Jubilee but his first as president, President Biden said

That they will continue to urge Congress to take additional steps to ensure access to the ballot box while ignoring John Lewis' voting rights. Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act I made it clear that I would not allow a filibuster to get in the way of the sacred right to vote before the words of Dr. King said 

fox nation special:

that we ballot two judges to taste full justice on the bench I also spoke to a woman who is not here and she said she was eight years old when she walked across the bridge on Bloody Sunday and He said he comes here every year to be a part of it, it is important for me and others to come here every year to remember the history of these people.

who at that time resorted to the city and recommitting themselves, especially at such a time. Make a special re-commitment this year to voting rights and they will surely know now that they are still working to recover from the January storm and that the president has helped them recover. Also talked about promising to continue.fox nation now: Biden makes the unproven claim that he was a.

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