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German chancellor doubles down, warns of 'consequences' if

German chancellor doubles down, warns of 'consequences' if China sends arms to Russia

German chancellor doubles down, warns of 'consequences' if China sends arms to Russia arbitration with hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides of the story of

German chancellor doubles down, warns of 'consequences' if

the worst Sakte inflicted upon Ukraine to live with her getting civilian neighborhoods and hostels in literary work and I think the story is that it is the big winner in this world right now a weekend which is been added in being used prices and shifter manufactured goods to WhatsApp per Chinese.

happening right now within Russia Visa at the head of the group and equation publicly announced others ministry of defense and it specifically Minister of Defence showing any Army Chief of staff for characterization of providing an atom initially publicly posted pictures of soldiers so the Prisoners contacts on the battlefield and seeing that in the United States and the way we could speed of Ukraine Ukraine

which is are you in the United States to give you crying with and didn't do it faster believe on the ki stories over the past year that we can slowly give Ukraine everything then surely we do it but it's just too late and would sing a right now they would probably never arrive in time and the decision by the United States and other providers at 16 aircraft making this.

we have at this point not seen an acceptable providing weapons to Russia for purposes of the word Ukraine we haven't taken it off the table and we are sending a message as you analyzed with this would be a mistake because those weapons would be used to bombard cities include civilians and China should one do that.

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