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Israel launched a ground attack and Hamad retaliated👈👈👈

👉👉👉Israel launched a ground attack and Hamad retaliated

the biggest shock Israel has ever received is that on the one hand, there were talks that they were going to enter Gaza, and now the Israeli forces are going to enter Gaza. They tried and failed miserably Israel launched a ground attack and Hamad retaliated.

  Hummus destroyed their tank and the Israeli forces left their tanks and ran away for the first time such a case happened two Israeli bulldozers and one tank were completely destroyed by Hamzat and there were fierce clashes with them. There were clashes that the Israeli soldiers could not retreat without their vehicles and they left the vehicles, i.e. they destroyed everything and went back to the milk of Israel.

  Now guess what, when they went back, they started shouting slogans, that is, they actually started this ground operation, and it was so bad, so bad, they had to do it again, they tried. Slowly let's go first to see what the environment is and the most important thing is this

  This is actually a tank of the Israeli forces and it is a bulldozer that fell into the hands of the Palestinians the biggest shock is that they fired heavily on the Israeli army and made heavy wiring and this firing. As a result, they ran back and what is an interesting case. The interesting case is this

  Israel has admitted, why doesn't he admit now, it is obvious when they are supposed to release the video, they have just announced that we have captured their time, they wanted to see it first, but they denied it. If they had refused, they should have released the video and released it while sitting on top of the tank.

The shock is such a big shock that the whole issue of Israel is going to be scattered at this time. You can imagine that they bombed the first hospitals in Palestine. Let us do this, do this and that. Still, they have said that this was a warning to the hospitals. Actually, these were workhouses.

They used to carry out airstrikes. After Hamas, the East Track situation does not exist now, but what they have done now is that they have told Hezbollah and told Iran and the rest of the proxies that we have enough power to We can fight Israel's forces, we can fight their army

  And they have said that we will kill them when the situation becomes too bad or the Israeli forces harm us too much, then you have to enter. Now, look at this. Their bulldozers came, their tanks came, this is the story, what they still don't understand is the forces of Israel, see the command above the ground, the fight.

Who have they fought so far? Tell me one thing. If you look at Israel now, who have they fought within the past 50 years? They only fought with Palestinians who had stones in their hands. Apart from that, they did not do it with anyone, did they go to fight somewhere or any matter, was there any proxy inside them, mostly they fought with us, they are also rockets.

It starts to rain from above and obviously, below, Iron Dob takes care of it and then they go to get their F-35 and go, Stryker stays on top of Raza and after that, the matter is cleared. The same situation was going on they went to Gaza, killed, struck, and went back.

  Now, in the first start of the ground operation that they took, their tag was also done by their hands, their bulldozer was also destroyed and it was also hit in their hands. What is the matter now? I said to Hamad, we have tunnels, that is, we are sitting inside the tunnels. You cannot fight us. We are sitting in the tunnels at the moment.

  After sitting in the tunnels the situation is strange at that time i.e. you can't predict which way the matter is going i.e. they sit in the tunnels and after that, they have weapons they are saying We can fight them and we can fight a long war. They have told Hezbollah that first, we will fight when we give you the green signal, and then you jump into this war.

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  Now they have said that this is a claim from inside Lebanon, but it has not been confirmed. I did not tell the mother that I would do this. She said that we will give a strong response to the forces of Israel and this time they Let us wait for them on the ground. For example, release those videos. They are sitting inside the tunnel. They are sitting in the tunnels.

  We are reciting the Quran, we will fight you, then there are the same drones, release the footage of the drones, they are saying, so we will come, we will fight you like this, they are saying, you will come. The capability is there, it is enough, and there is no distance in it, but it is not so easy to fight for the operation above the ground.

  When we land our forces on the ground, then we will also land our planes, and they will strike. See, striking is very easy. They don't see that there are Palestinians below, there are children, there are children, there is a hospital, there is a school

You would have destroyed everything, but when you have to decide that yes, we will destroy the mass completely, then you have to enter a tunnel, you don't know. How long is it ahead, where is it, in what place, and how are you managing it?

  Israel still has to do this in this whole situation. They want to destroy the border. The first thing they were shocked was that their own tank and the bulldozer were also lost. It has been destroyed, think that this situation is still going on, then what will happen to the rest of the matter, see the condition, he will understand what she is saying.

  She is saying that if in this situation, in this case, in this case, if the 57 Islamic forces of the Muslim Ummah go away, Israel will compete with Garma. There are those who are in trouble and the rest of them are not in trouble, so when they have units of this level, they will be working, if they are not in trouble, then tell me how they can manage things in the same way for a long time. A similar situation is going on, similar cases have come forward

In 1967 or so we tried, we have Lebanon's justification and airstrike capability, it's their munitions lying here, we should go and destroy it, they couldn't launch it, actually There are about 100,000 missiles. They are facing Israel, so they are thinking that we will follow them before we launch them, and if we manage to destroy them,

So that's what we've done so far. The biggest win will be on that and carbon is on that, they should work on that and they are moving forward with that strategy, but since they have decided that we have seen the ground, if you have to on the ground If they have to do it, then they have to do it. Ground operations are not so simple.

You take people out and then try to kill them. You will understand that the next ones are also ready to die. They are also sitting ready to die and saying that these battles are right. So these are the battles and then the rest of the country is watching. You know that every moment of this war is being noted all over the world,

One by one, one strategy is being noted. It is being practiced how the war will be fought, what will be the case, what will be the conditions, how far we will go, all things are being seen, so now if you think these things with them. Can't walk. They are not capable of it and will retreat.

Israel must do this completely. Now imagine they are in for a shock. Currently, their reserve forces are not as well trained as Hamas. You see you've had basic training, and you've been trained in such a way that you know how to shoot a gun, tough situations, you can wear a uniform,

If you become a reserve, it will cost around five lakhs. They are doing it, but please tell us what is the real strength of Hamza, what is their attitude toward it, what is their status, and what should they do, you all know very well that their tanks are going to go. Have been. Their bulldozers are going so how will they fight when they are in reserve? Hizbullah is Hizbullah and when they have to fight, they are killing them in reverse.

Zainban Brigade, after that look at Iran, and after that if Russia attacks then China will attack, understand one thing of America. In Afghanistan he has fought a long war, he has lost, he has not won, he has fought a long war in Vietnam, he has fought a long war, he has lost, he has not won. The fact is that America is not in a position to win the war. Look at Ukraine.

The battle was fought, money paid, and lost. Want to do that want to fight and drag long, so far see who has studied Paksi who these groups are, they understand very well that these groups are there to fight a war. They never end, i.e. the war of gangs, let's take the example of TTP or BLA, BRA, did they end,

If not completely finished, finished. They don't, they live, you can cut them down, but they stand up again. When we lost here, Reza went from here, Reza went to the West Bank, and the whole of Palestine went to Palestine.

Yes, we are ready to fight and die. We have not seen anyone, what is anyone's strategy, what is the situation, what is the situation. They entered the operation on the ground in the field and first gave their tank to Loser. drop it

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