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Ron DeSantis ends his struggling presidential bid before New Hampshire and endorses Donald Trump

 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended his conservative official mission on Sunday, underwriting his arch-rival Donald Trump, ending his 2024 White House bid shortly before the New Hampshire primary.

The polls leave Trump and former UN envoy Nikki Haley as the last major up-and-comers in the race, which faces a key swing in New Hampshire on Tuesday. It's the kind of situation that Trump's foes in the GOP have long sought, with this week's challenge the party's last chance to stop the previous president who dominated the race until this point. Is.

In any case, as some Trump pundits cheered, DeSantis pointed to Trump's essential lead — and went after Haley — in a holiday video he posted via Virtual Entertainment. . was It's clear to me that a large portion of the conservative base voters need to give Donald Trump another chance," DeSantis said in a glowing live-to-camera video.

He continued: "I have made a commitment to support a conservative candidate and I will honor that commitment. He has my support because we are not going back to a new generation of conservative watchdogs of old." can go." Stale corporatism that Nikki Haley addresses."

Haley spoke at a fight stop in Saybrook, New Hampshire, just as DeSantis announced his choice."He's running a phenomenal race, he's been a great leader, and we hope all goes well for him," he told a room full of allies and media. "Having said that, there is currently one man and one woman left."

DeSantis' election, while perhaps not unexpected given his lopsided 30-point victory in Iowa last week, marks the end of a remarkable decline for a high-profile representative of the once-conservative faction. It was a favorite. I am considered a real threat to the beast's unparalleled quality. After trading profanities for a long time, Trump sent another reassuring tone late Sunday, calling DeSantis "a really great person" during a convention in Rochester, New Hampshire.

"I also look forward to working with Ron to win the overall political race," Trump said.

His record was not enough to defeat Trump.

DeSantis entered the official 2024 challenger with significant advantages on his way to defeating Trump, and early polls suggested DeSantis was strong enough to do the job. He and his partners have amassed a substantial political fortune of more than $130 million, and he has demonstrated a significant regulatory record on issues important to many moderates, such as race and orientation in schools. Early elimination of the problems and education

Such gains did not bear the truth of official government affairs in 2024. From a high-profile declaration that was plagued by special errors to permanent disruptions in his personnel and mission procedures, DeSantis inevitably struggled to find his balance. He lost the Iowa caucuses — which he had promised to win — by 30 points.

Those were the early days of his flight.

DeSantis' aides said the private conversations began soon after Iowa opted to simply drop out of the race. Florida's top envoy informed his top partners and allies through phone calls and instant messages between top mission officials Sunday evening, as the two men corresponded. . He discussed the state of secrecy in revealing secret communications.

DeSantis arrived back in Florida over the weekend after a thrilling ride that missed a stop in South Carolina before an opportunity in New Hampshire on Sunday night that was ultimately dropped. Mission similarly played down the progress on public TV earlier in the day, pinning the cancellation on a miscommunication with DeSantis' super PAC.

DeSantis was really worn when he spent little, if any, time on the mission during the week, even as he lived in the cold climates of Iowa and New Hampshire, often year-round. Without a coat.

An unpleasant encounter leads to a milder outcome.

He ultimately concluded that he expected Trump to win, given his notoriety in the party, regardless of their deep private feud.

"While I disagree with Donald Trump, for example, on the rise of the Covid pandemic and his Anthony Fauci, Trump is better than incumbent Joe Biden. That's clear," DeSantis said. said Who are in their second place. Florida's final term as chief representative, ends in January 2027.

The endorsement was a shockingly humiliating second for DeSantis, whom Trump has relentlessly and relentlessly pursued in deeply private terms for more than a year.

For Trump, whose group includes several former DeSantis staff members, the attacks often feel more like a game than a political ploy. Trump and his aides called the top representative a traitor for walking on any issue, mocked his eating habits and his character, and accused him of favoring his level. Wears high heels for

DeSantis' group joined Trump in going after Haley because the political landscape lacked fresh insight into her takeoff. There was some uncertainty that Haley, who was seen as splitting the conservative vote and preventing a seamless matchup between Trump and Trump, would benefit from DeSantis' selection.

"She will not be elected," key D-St. "She will not be America's leader."

Trump had recently focused his attention actively on Haley, but minutes after DeSantis' announcement, the former president's mission issued another notice pressuring Haley to win New Hampshire.

"Now that we're 48 hours away from the mandate, the tone has changed powerfully. We see it, you see, however contingent, assuming Nikki Haley loses in New Hampshire. . goes — there are only two choices,” senior advisors Chris LaCevita and Susie Wiles said.

"Choice A: Nikki Haley pull out, get behind President Trump, and focus on taking down Joe Biden," he wrote. "Choice B: Nikki Haley intends to be completely destroyed and humiliated in her home state of South Carolina," which votes on February 24.

"For now, for some important guidance," he continued. "Choose from the definition."

Trump himself waved at DeSantis' takeoff shortly after the announcement was made during a stop at Manchester Crusade Central Command, as indicated by a video shared by his staff.

"We just got word that one of our competitors, who is really worthy, is dropping out of the race - Ron DeSantis. Also, Ron is dropping out, and in doing so, he gave us a hug. , Trump said," a serenade echoed through the staff room before Trump.

Asked if he would use the moniker "Ron DeSanctimonious": "I said the name was retired," he said, clearly pleased. Usually not too far apart at the same time, DeSantis' allies below and beyond secretly gather at a Manchester diner where they plan to speak with him.

Rep. James Spillane of Deerfield said he previously retained Trump, switched to DeSantis, and will now rule in Trump's favor.

"I was leaning towards starting today," he said, "and I had talked to some of my colleagues the way I was hearing things shaking, I thought there was a plan to happen, And I was right." "Sadly, DeSantis will not be willing to pursue this. However, later on, ideally in 2028 we may have a reasonable way forward."

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