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America is powerless compared to the Houthis, Israel's game is over

America is powerless compared to the Houthis, Israel's game is over

America is powerless compared to the Houthis, Israel's game is over
America is powerless compared to the Houthis, Israel's game is over

 That Iran is showing its eyes to Azrael through its fighters with Hamas and Hezbollah, even if it is not directly attacking Israel's Sinai, but since the start of the war, it has been openly smurfing Hamas and Hezbollah Is.

  Which clearly means that he wants to bring Azrael to his knees at any cost, so that Iran gets into a lot of trouble and Iran can take advantage of it, because Iran's enmity with Israel is also against the United States, so they are both countries. It is supporting the enemies and it is being believed that if Iran does not distance itself from the fight between Hamas and Israel, then this war may intensify.

  But this war does not seem to stop because the Red Sea is now becoming a battlefield. They have risen up and declared that they will target all the ships of Israel passing through the Red Sea, which is said to be a big challenge for Israel's army. It has been because Sina, which is fighting with Hamza and Hezbollah fighters, may face another threat.

It is claimed that after fighting in the Red Sea, Houthi is not going to back down. Not only that, they have already made it clear that they will support Hamas, even in Gaza, but continue their attacks on Israel's Sinai after fighting the ghosts. Another threat of Bhisan Youth is hovering over Zareel's chest because a few days ago, a drone of Hoti fighters infiltrated Azrael's elite, which means that the Huthi fighters chose Ein Dom Tak, who is believed to be Azrael's rebellious coach. It is feared that the Houthi fighters may prove dangerous in the war against Israel from Hamad.

  Because in order to kill the fighters themselves, Israel and the United States have sunk their dangerous warships in the Red Sea. could be thwarted because the drones of the Houthi fighters threw dust in the eyes of Israel's defense system, while Israel was on alert the day after the Houthi fighters fired missiles at Israel.

That is why it has destroyed its naval base in the Red Sea, not only that it has also deployed its Arrow 3 missile defense system, which will help Israel's army deal with Houthi fighters, according to Israel's army. With the help of this defense system, the Sanakas destroyed many problems of ghost fighters.

Is Israel caught up in Hamad's war And it will turn into a nuclear war?

Now, if Iran goes to war, it may be its first and last war with Israel. The third world, in which there will be a United States and Israel, and a huge team of their enemies will stand against them, a team in which Iran will be present, along with China and their friend Russia, if this alliance happens, maybe The world will be torn apart because all these countries have the dangerous atomic bomb that will destroy the world. America has 5224 atomic bombs.

  And don't forget Israel and its allies Russia and China have stockpile of atomic bomb weapons. Even more, China has 410 atomic bombs. In such a case, if the decision to use atomic bombs is passed in the heat of the brain, then there will be a disaster.

- Hamad's colors spread secretly in Gaza and now the report about Hezbollah made Netanyahu extremely worried. looks like

That a nuclear bomb may enter this youth, Hezbollah's newest video, Lieutenant by Renal Border, shows a white truck approaching a post. No one is willing to tell what was in it, but later there is a sudden movement at Israel's post. Some people are seen running away. Speaking is so engrossing in Ann is Halepoleer just waiting for that.

Hoshi Mujahideen and naval attacks

One is the flag of Yemen and below it is the clip of Palestine. This is the Red Sea. The world knows it as the Red Sea. See what happened in the Red Sea. The helicopter somehow moves forward with the speed of the ship and on this ship it arrives in place.

Where it lands on the ship but suddenly K Sahri attacks and these commandos start taking over the ship one K 47 and the rest of the armed commandos move on the ship the helicopter flies away from the foreign world what is happening No one knows that these commandos quickly move towards the bridge of the ship.

  All of them enter the attack ship's turret and then the Chrome members surrender to the attacking team. The ship Galaxilater which was passing through Lal Sadr and now has been captured by Yemeni Jews and terrorists.

  They have speedboards all around them, the ship is completely under their control, the drones themselves are constantly attacking Israel, they are also firing rockets, and they are also attacking Israel's line of sight with ballistic missiles. Israel and the United States are being threatened continuously. The targets of the spies are two, the first is Azran and the second is the United States. The spies have started targeting Azriel's ships.

  He also considers the United States as his enemy number two. The United States has also understood this threat, but now it has only talked about action in the press conference. After the ongoing war in Gaza, how sad the situation has become in terms of business in the world Everyone started to feel its danger, this rail has refused to bow down to the pressure of the world, so Abuthi Vitrul, who is very close to Iran, has decided to target the ship of this rail.

  They know that the shipping passing near them is the lifeline of the world and attacking here is like attacking the throat of this rail. The attacks on the ships connected to the have intensified, that is, in the Gulf of Absence and the Red Sea, there are now two enemies of the cargo ship ready, two in Shaman's Ghouti, to stop the bombardment of the Gaza rail line, to take goods in or for the ships of this rail line. are going to.

  Both targeting cargo ships are targeting vessels in the Gulf of Abyss and the Red Sea, where most of the world's most important shipping passes through the Suez Canal from Asia to Europe. If the route passing through the Red Sea towards Lane is blocked, then this route will be 6,000 kilometers long, because then the ships will have to go around Africa to reach Europe if they want to go to Israel.

So the route will be more than 10,000 kilometers, three to five days' travel and longer, more distance means more time and business will be cut off completely. They want to do it by making rail ships and they have started doing it.

  Israeli ships are being attacked. Ships carrying goods on board Israel are also being targeted, which is why the world's fifth largest shipping company is no longer. Everyone in Asia is now very afraid. The Danish company Mask has said that its ships will not pass through the Red Sea, but will go through Africa to Europe or to Ghuma Ten Agar.

  In addition, it has no choice. Mask, the world's fifth largest shipping company, operates 15 percent of the global container market, followed by Abang Lair, which has seven percent of the shipping container business. Currently, it has no intention to pass through the Red Sea, that is, this company will not use Egypt's Seas Canal to go from Asia to Europe.

  Their ships will now travel 6,000 kilometers to Europe and this rail will travel 10,000 kilometers more. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and the impact of the storm that came in Bhasa after that is being seen all over the world.

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