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Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

 Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel
Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

Iran has released pictures of missiles that hit Israel. Adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader, Yahya Rahim Safavi, says that no Israeli embassy is safe now. Iran has also released the names of the missiles.

 Iranian Embassy in Syria. In response to the attack, Sayyed Ali Khamenei's advisor said in his statement that Iran sees the conflict with Israel as a legitimate and legal right. Israel is fully prepared to respond and will respond soon. Yahya Rahim Safavi, adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader, released photos of nine missiles that hit Israel. No Israeli embassy is safe now.

What revenge will Iran take from Israel?

Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel
Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

If we talk about the food and the situation in Palestine, then the human rights reports are heartbreaking. Palestine is being martyred on a daily basis, but this episode happened with Iran, Mr. Bukhari, now Iran has decided this.

  That we will take revenge through our agents through Syria, we will not be directly involved in this fight. This is an American report of two intelligence agencies in which all these indicators are given. See, the first thing is this. Since you have screwed up Iran, we had already said in our programs that as long as you are limited to Gaza, it is fine, you are dealing with Hamas.

  Now they are disappearing from Allah, the day you made a direct deal with Iran, you will have to pay the price. We have said it in very clear words. It has been said that Mr. He has made the preparations, he has delivered the missiles which were to be delivered to the place where they were to be delivered and also the drones' reflet which is to be delivered to the place where it was intended to go.

  That Iran will not adapt to jump directly into it, what will consider doing is that there is a time around the world where their supporters say that they will operate through their military trends. The way he used the cisterns, he completely controlled what was in it.

  Yes, what was Haijah? In the same way, I think that Iran has options open. I want to recall Ahmadinejad, who was their Prime Minister of Iran. He said that if Iran decides that we If Israel is to be erased from the page, this is a three and a half minute process. Total, this is a regular hidden statement. I am not telling you what the logic was.

  What was the background behind this? It is not known at this time, but we will discuss the details one day, God willing. It is that the United States is the one who blames it, or that these people are doing the genial program. Yes, and this is such an old allegation that it must have taken some form by now, so if Iran's existence is at stake, then Israel will not exist.

  Yes, that's right, you understand what I'm saying. If America and Israel will try to eliminate Iran, at least Azrael went to the ambassador. Among them, it is clear that America is also afraid, Israel is also afraid.

  They know that Iran has to read our right, and as I said yesterday, if Khamenei Sahib says it, if this Sahib says it, then it is not possible to avoid this order. No one will be afraid. I know that they continued the Gulf War for 10 years despite the support of the West and the United States. They also gave Saddam weapons, helicopters and fighter jets. Thousands if not millions of people had died at the hands of the emperor of Iran and the Gulf War was taking place from that side.

  Did the 10-year revolutionary process survive the 10-year Gulf War? You imposed the longest sanctions regime against them. They went on self-reliance and now they are standing as a nation. In the middle of or immediately after Eid, the news will definitely be received, but this cannot happen.

That Iran should kill so many of its senior commanders and sit quietly after that, absolutely nothing will happen. Thank you very much, Mr. Bukhari. It is exactly the same way that if Iran, directly or indirectly, anywhere, it will kill them. If you have to do a show, then the involvement will be visible, because you can't stay silent.

Middle East Conflict - Iran Attack on Israel? - High Alert in USA

Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel
Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

From the foreign minister of Iran, it has been discussed that Iran is going to speak immediately and the heads of the nations have arrived in the region and the alert has become high alert. This is high alert on all the American bases, that is, the Israeli ones. The embassies are highlighted, and the foreign minister of Iran is in it.

  He had several foreign ministers on his phone and discussed the region with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia. He said, ``Eid greetings.'' In a manner that has also been discussed with the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

  I have also spoken with the Foreign Minister of Turkey, I have also spoken with the Foreign Minister of Qatar, I have also spoken with the Foreign Minister of Iran and I have also spoken with the Foreign Minister of Iraq. They are saying yes, it is happening on their own, but the news that the Americans are carrying from there that it is happening on their orders, is not happening on their orders.

  In the same way, for the Eid greetings, but one thing is obvious that at this time, because there is a lot going on with telephone contacts and anyway, Ismail Hania, who is there, said that these are our negotiations, our talk. It is said that it will continue in its place and the matters that my sons were martyred, our position has not been weakened in any way.

  And there will be no difference in any way and our current storm will continue in its place and the negotiations and our conditions have also continued together. It happened that they said that since the matter has been delayed for a while, it is okay, but I am saying the same thing again.

  In the background, both things mean that there are negotiations in the background, but there is also a war, so they are between the two things. One of them is the camp of their Nafsariyya, so it is near the Darbala of Adarala. They have bombarded it here and there. There are reports of martyrdoms there. They had come out.

  There they also bombarded there, although they had left there and only the Naal Brigade was left in the middle, but then they took advantage of this opportunity and bombed again as a result. There have been testimonies, none of the leadership of Hamas or the rest of the people went into it.

  But because of Iran's dealings with them now, their assessment means that it has to happen, but when is it going to happen, how is it going to happen, will its method be adopted, and the United States will do it if it spreads. If the matter is gone, then it will not come under anyone's control and that is why it is being said that G-Sent has reached the head of the nation.

  The rest of the diplomatic efforts are going on in the background and meanwhile, the hackers who have checked the computers of the Ministry of Defense of Israel in a large number and they have hacked a large number of them. They have hacked the computers and they have said that they have taken many gigabytes of data from there and that is what they are saying.

  That we will make it public, we will put it in other places on the dark web, the whole of it, and this is what this net is, this group is called Nethunger, and they 50 bitcoins and 50 bitcoins are made. Someone has demanded 3.45 million dollars and 500 Palestinian prisoners.

  Here, I am also quoting Noor News and at the same time, we are also quoting the Israeli media so that if they show the 20 slides of the news, they are confirming that One's Defense Ministry computers have been hacked.

  Well, they also told on telegram and also the video message that we will put it where we will put it, we will put it on it, we will put it up for sale. It's lying there. Well, the issue now is that they're obviously securing it.

Iran vs Israel War: Iran's Nuclear Plan Prepared

Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel
Iran released pictures of nine dangerous missiles that hit Israel

As Eid ends, the respite clock for Israel is over and Iran can attack Israel at any time At this time, the growing threat of Iran and Israel and especially the attack, they are going to explain to you how Iran has actually planned an attack on Israel and how to deal with it, Israel is now using the US. A plan has been put together.

  Which is actually no less than an alarm bell for Iran, the way they are trying to lock Iran's target, what is in the middle of it, is in the airlines company, and in view of this, we look at it. First of all, German airlines have canceled all their flights to Tehran and how long the flights will remain.

  There is no information available about this, apart from its other sister company which is Stellar Airlines has also started rejecting its mano. An intelligence report is saying that Iran may attack Israel at some point now, and a big meeting of this sage has taken place between Israel and America in particular.

  How to deal with this attack by Iran and if Iran attacks, how to achieve it in the land of Jad, which has actually been done in Gaza and we are looking at it. Among the intelligence inputs that are constantly coming in, there is a particularly large response and responsibility that is being seen not only by Azrael but also by the US Army.

  And about that, the top commanders of the United States who actually look at the middlemen and Israel are seen going on a secret visit. If you consider Biden's statements, it has been clearly said that the United States of America wants Israel. He will not leave alone in the field.

Rather, along with all the inputs, logistics and all these weapons will also be provided, which will make them more powerful to hit Iran. The contour award game that is the straight line between Iran and Israel.

After losing Tictop Commander Zahidi, Iran is burning in the heat of revenge. As each day of Ramadan passes, and after the end of Eid, it seems that at some point the war between Iran and Israel has started. This seed is showing major developments.

  In particular, if you look at Iran on the other side of Ari SPS, if you look at Israel, Israel has also mobilized its air force as well as its ground forces by mobilizing ground courses from Gazaz, especially towards Lebanon. It has been sent to where the proxy throat of Iran can land in a way.

  On the other hand, with Israel, if you look at the Israeli Air Force, they are on full alert. They are on this allotment. At some point, they can target Israel. Not only you understand that high fall, but also try to target the area of Demona on a heavy scale.

  We know that Dimona is the area of Israel where Israel's nuclear setup is located, and according to the intelligence reports that are coming out at the moment, there is also information that Iran-Israel It can target Dimona, where its nuclear setup is, while this information is also coming out from the side of Israel.

  That Israel has also targeted one of Iran's nuclear installations, so obviously you should understand how the city of Yud is looking even at that time. According to this, Iran currently has so much nuclear stockpile that it can produce almost three nuclear weapons at this time.

  In other words, if there is any kind of war, Iran and Azrael are not seen to be retreating from each other. In the middle list, Yudi's popularity seems to be increasing.

  This Yad is not only between Israel and the carrot, but now, if you look at it, it seems to be running directly between Iran and Israel. They can say among themselves that it is not only the bell of the Third World War, but also say that all the super powers of the world. Who can take it in his arms because if America stands with Zai.

  So, we have to see who stands with Iran, does Russia, who is with Iran, come forward in this ward game, or does it get support from China or Prenot Korea, we are seeing how Iran He has continuously activated not only himself but also his proxies on Israel with his aggression.

  Looking at Iran's process, there is Hezbollah in Lebanon, which has been supporting Hamad in a way since the October 8 attack, that is, through the support system, it is continuously attacking Israel for its problems. That is why, right after Iran's announcement, we are seeing that not only Israel's Sena has mobilized itself towards Lebanon, but Israel's Air Force at that time.
They are targeting Hizbullah bases in Limnan by borrowing inputs to weaken this stranglehold, because Hizbullah is the biggest proxy of Iran, which is currently standing on the border of Israel and not only. It has the pretense of targeting Israel.

  On the contrary, he has a large stockpile of weapons in the field of which he has concentrated his power. It also has the power to carry out a major attack on the land of Israel.

  We know that whether it is the Jerusalem area or the Palestinian area or whether it is a mosque, it is all such bone-of-contention, it is all such issues that, let's say, between Israel and Iran, are creating the pre-religious wax of the youth. About which Iran has never bowed itself.

  On the one hand, Hamas was prepared, and on the other hand, let us see what Hezbollah was prepared for, and besides, you know how those who are in Yemen are constantly trying to get their business in our time boundary. They are attacking.

  And if you look at this, Iran has actually tried to build another militia against Israel by expanding the region on the land of Syria and Iraq. Iran is seen all around Israel.

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