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Biden admits Democrats will have 'tough' time keeping House

Biden admits Democrats will have 'tough' time keeping House Mark is talking about my historical commitment to hbcus which includes the $5.8 billion that I have prepared to use in the budget but why doesn't hbcus bring it to your other half.

Biden admits Democrats will have 'tough' time keeping House
Biden admits Democrats will have 'tough' time keeping House 

But guess the smarter you are the brighter you are. 'As good as any college in America I am on the money. The money is for building laboratories and other things for the future Biden admits  that you need access to and of course you got the next governor named West so what's the real deal with this guy?

There is so much at stake in these midterm elections, from our economy to the safety of our roads to personal freedom, the future of health care, Social Security, and Medicare. And it should have been, but there is something else

Stake-democracy itself estimates that over 300 voter refusals will be on ballots across the United States this year, ignoring the impact it will have on our country. It's on America.

Before you can't love your country only when you win, so today I feel that all Americans, regardless of party, should vote for us to meet this moment of national and racial significance. And knowing what a steak is

And not only the policy of the moment, but the institutions that have helped us together as we seek a more perfect union are in jeopardy. We must vote knowing who we have been.

What threatened you to become an American democrat? Required

Because we are not anti-people, it is a choice we can make this union. And chaos is not inevitable. America has been angry before. America has been divided before

Who has never given up on the American experience, we can't do it now. The remarkable thing about American democracy is that enough is enough. For you have to choose this path again because Marcus Isabella

Biden admits 

A week from tonight it will be election night here in America and you've got the important midterms or seven days left and we start tonight with good news for the GOP with an important warning to all voters across the country. There's been good news for many Democrats to come, but first, Gen. Don Boldick

Now with a one-point lead over incumbent Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire's Senate race, it would be a huge Republican pickup, now that the general is battling like two Purple Hearts five-run stars. He and Governor Sanonu will be on a show together Thursday night in Washington state

Republican Tiffany Smiley is in the heat now, according to Trafalgar it's a close race with Patty Murray and another pole that just broke moments ago and get that Tutor Dixon in the Michigan governor's race. Joining us as she leads the way is Gretchen Whitmer Arizona Cary Lake

Masters is in a statistical tie with Mark Kelly, but we have big news tonight from Arizona and what is a huge boost for Black Masters, a third-party libertarian candidate who is now out of the running. have gone and supported the Black Masters for the Senate elections

When Libertarian candidate Mark Victor summed up his six points in another word. Another six Auntie Mark Kelly points to Black Masters or at least a majority of them likely to go and that now with Republicans in Arizona very much like Masters for pickup while we have more in Pennsylvania. There is good news. Oz is following Fetterman's destruction

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The performance is about to evaporate but if you're in Pennsylvania you need to be careful Democrats are now throwing tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars in one smear after another on Dr. Oz this past week. They are of the campaign. Burt will take the boy in the hoodie

Trust fund brat who never worked a day in her life wants to legalize taxpayer-funded heroin injection sites Ban on fracking No abortion ban Convicted murderer freed Wants to do either way that Ray shouldn't be close but it's important to pay attention

And Pennsylvania's Herschel Walker continues with Al Qutb radical Raphael Warnock in Georgia. has been taken

That's from Robert to Haley's group now leaving Zelda here because he's campaigning directly with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and now that number is actually likely to join us. The numbers are really encouraging but let me be clear and let me stop here these races are very close most of them within two points so make no mistake this does not happen if your favorite candidate is in the lead.

If your favorite candidate is behind, if your favorite candidate is in a dead-hat tie, anything can happen. Don't think for a second that it's a slam dunk. In other words, every voter needs to play their part. . Nothing and don't forget what's at stake here you have a record high year of inflation that could have been prevented and by the way you have gas.

And diesel prices are the highest we have paid in our entire history. We have wide open borders almost 4 million illegal immigrants under Biden Crime has increased in small towns and cities across our country We have successfully implemented education vs. classical education in many cities and towns .

Because of the liberal Democrats and the radical socialist agenda, they control the House, they control the Senate, they control the White House, they spend trillions on this green new energy, their pet projects, they have stifled all Americans. D. Domestic production of oil and gas is the lifeblood of our economy. They will be begging countries that hate our guts.

Like Saudi Arabia, OPEC countries, Venezuela, Iran, and Russia, they produce these things locally, they have increased the prices dramatically as a result of which you buy from every store. Gone are the people who kept your children out of school and closed your business.

They've opened up our borders like never before to keep less violent criminals out of prison, they dismantle police departments and they don't want bail laws in many of them. In cities and states they don't deserve your vote and I'll take it a step further that they deserve to be fired a week from tonight you have the power to fire them I don't collectively. We are actually responsible for any accident and suffering only.

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