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Brian Birnberg rips Biden for telling Americans to take 'pride'

Brian Brenberg rips Biden for telling Americans to take 'pride' in economy: 'Insulting My approach to building the economy of the future is working because of the strong support of your delegation as you see these major projects in their home regions.


Brian Birnberg rips Biden for telling Americans to take 'pride'

Brian And the cranes see the laborers on the ground burying as many as I will. That you feel as proud as I do. President Biden told Americans to be proud of his plan for the economy

And not to mention the ways they've made him a worse friend. There are assistant professors and associate professors of Americans proud and powerful and proud of this economy and you know people like that

Those who are not on this stage watching at home or saying you want me to talk about this. I am proud to say that I have had the highest inflation in 40 years Brian  and it is still high. The diversified economy looks like it's slipping into recession

And you telling me to be happy about it, I mean it's insulting to people you know. He is limping and now we are talking about it. A potential rail strike is here. He has heard that these things are piled on top of each other. It doesn't make any sense

That the current time is doing that and I don't think that the people of the President's house are going to the President's building. That's a big statement but the reason he wants it not to be true is that two billion dollars can cost 700,000 jobs a day so you'd think

That the Congress will be successful and survive the strike who knows I mean the problem at the moment is the confidence of the President but you got the Congress. It is divisive Brian

That you have a major player that they probably won't support it and it's going to be absolutely devastating to the commercial economy for people who want to travel I mean.

That you have products that can sit on railway cars that are going to happen. Destroy you have chemicals that can't sit on these railroad cars so businesses have to start adapting now


When you talk about supply chain issues. That and the union president are going to give us the worst union chaos we've ever seen and we need truckloads of each other's trains.

Practically two and a side and without trains I mean as you know trucking is struggling as it tries to keep up.

Current demand from all those who buy Christmas gifts. They know what is going to happen in the future and they don't know that Congress is picking it up. Again the cutting economy is the economy. Let's wait a second that doesn't even fit the puzzle

And you're asking me to brag that what he talks about in the White House doesn't actually translate to him being this country. Which is really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You think it's all his. Republicans are accusing him of failing to deliver on the deal. When you took this position. I'm sorry but you have to deal with this charge and this administration is full of people with no business experience.

And it's in moments like this where it really shows to America's disadvantage that they don't understand how the economy works and does. Does it develop? Again, it's another thing to brag when we friends were scrambling to see what breakfast I'd skip.

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