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politician ratings in state conservative CPAC study say Tortilla

politician ratings in a state conservative CPAC study say Tortilla republic isn't a phrase you hear often, but he was instrumental in helping propel the GOP past a majority and now 220 seats in the House.

politician ratings in state conservative CPAC study say Tortilla

Our next guest will be part of that majority-electing California Congressman Kevin Kelly in January and he will be joining us now. Congratulations Congressman California has played such an important role that we are all under the impression that all conservative voters left the state and passed the text.

What's good is the fact that so many people are at the breaking point where for the first politician rating time in the history of California more people are leaving the state than they are coming to the state I think one of the reasons is that Californians are the first. Have already received a preview

And more so how the rest of the country is behaving at the moment. With a large majority in our legislature you know something in the governor's office, the rest of the country is now dealing with rising inflation, but we are completely dead. Living in the rest of the country for many years and seeing that

That's what happens when you have an open border. We've been a haven for years. The rest of the country is seeing an increase in violent crime. politician ratings We have Soros back as district attorney. For years in our big cities and so I think California is really looking at it that way

That I have a very broad approach to the consequences of these radical failed policies on the consequences of one-party rule, and I think that's why we're moving forward in trying. How it became a one-party state to take the country in a new direction

That's a big question and I think you know that unfortunately things have become more and more one-sided in recent years and I'm being frank. I know you Democrats have special interests that support them in our state

politician ratings in state conservative 

I've used their grip on power to consolidate that power, but you're seeing some very politician ratings encouraging signs, as I mentioned that we've gained seats in Congress in San Francisco. Which is the most liberal city in the whole country

he recently recalled his district attorney and he recalled three members of his school board for promoting policies and refusing to open drain the Tobin called the old them the nation by a wide margin. Model for But I think

Then more and more people are sitting in our state and across the country which is quite the opposite. It is Congress's alarm bell that we as a country cannot continue on the same failed path.

It's really surprising that Gavin Newsom's aspirations in a presidential bid are so realistic that you might be seeing some people in your description. Congressmen like seeing some people change their boat to change course for California out of town for me

The second biggest sound is getting hurt which is moving toward people. Because of the impact of these policies in California, voting with their feet and in your case voting at the ballot box now is well done. The majority look forward to seeing what you can bring to the United States Congress.

Another examination from the Middle for Regulative Responsibility (CLA) cements traditionalists' developing detachment in the Province of California.

The examination from CLA, a task of CPA and the American Protection Association Establishment, says California legislators are moving significantly more moderate, dropping the Brilliant State three spots - from #44 to #47 - since the last outcomes.

American conservative union ratings

CLA concentrated on every one of the 7,400 state legislators across America by the democratic record and gave the California council a moderate rating of 24%. Just Rhode Island, at 20%, Hawaii, at 19%, and

Officials' "moderate appraisals" were determined by their democratic record across 186 approach regions that went from social and life issues to the burden, monetary, and different guidelines, CPAC says.

CLA counted in excess of 320,000 votes each to produce the scores and 50 state rankings. Just 17 California conservative legislators procured grants from CPAC for holding a moderate rating of 80% or more.

In California, Majority rule state legislators dwarf conservatives 29 to 9. Majority rule Gathering individuals dwarf conservatives 58 to 17.

The review projected that the November midterms will just demolish the dive after the extended flip of conservative seats to leftists in the state Gathering.

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