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latest news usa fox, Buffalo New York winter storm leaves


latest news usa fox, Buffalo New York winter storm leaves

latest news USA fox, Buffalo New York winter storm leaves three dead as area buried in 28 inches of snow: 'life-threatening' Colder temperatures are making their way across the Midwest right now. The National Weather Service says a wind chill advisory is a reality that forecasters expect for nearly 135 million people in the coming days.

So-called bomb cyclones will develop near the great legs occurs when atmospheric pressure drops rapidly. The severe storm is affecting the travel plans of tens of millions of people

Senior Correspondent Mike Tobin is at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport tonight trying to celebrate the holidays, but even Mike can be a bit worried.

In Chicago you can certainly be here they expect worse and flight cancellations so far we have canceled 262 flights 116 out of O'Hare 2271 out of Midway Nationwide. are given

latest news USA fox

And millions of people are just trying to make it home. Nature reveals one of the busiest times of the year, leaving many travelers nowhere to beat the winter rush.

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o, Rest on the floor of the terminal Even when the weather was not bad some people were informed that their flight had been canceled because the weather at the destination was bad.


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The storm is moving in. The big story with the storm isn't going to be the snow, although it's going to be a large area of snow and that's certainly a component of the storm, it's the wind that's going to be widespread and long-lasting. the wind will

With the wind and blowing snow continuing into Saturday, we're going to see long travel delays and delays on the way to Orion, but those will really happen when you get there late tonight and tomorrow. Looks like there will be a lot of flights.

The delay as we go through tomorrow also shows you that there are areas across the Midwest where you don't want to be out on the road not only because of the snow but this sharp drop in temperatures that is still in the Midwest. to be continued. Translate over to the East Coast and there's going to be a large area of arctic air by the end of the week or by the end of the week as we head into the weekend.

which will cover at least the eastern half of the country. In my areas of the Nation, I w winds are beginning to rise and to talk about the winds and I think they will continue to do so as our storms begin to rise.

And you've got this big area of high pressure across the northern Rockies. The low pressure that creates the pressure difference will drive the wind so local power outages from those fans will definitely be a concern and road closures I think will definitely happen.


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As we pass through Minneapolis today, we're going to say south and west-east, can you choose for your large area of wind as our storm deepens and moves north into Lake Huron, Windstar it? The west gives even more crank than the northwest,

I'm coming now, I won't be on the road. It happened on Interstate 70 or 80 which is actually the MU Indiana State Toll Road that we passed late tonight and even better on Friday especially along the Indiana State Toll Road and from Interstate 80 to Northern Ohio I-70. may begin to occur

. Tomorrow is the day but tonight is going to be a big problem those wins again see 50 to 60 mph winds you get over 60 mph near the lakes. This is going to be a damaging wind event for Buffalo.

With that now there's going to be a lot of power outages with the wind and the snow I'll show you the snow totals here in a second we're going to get a blizzard or at least a 35 mph blizzard. With very close winds or at least a quarter mile of snow blowing in a snowblower

And you need them for three hours in a row and I think in a lot of that area you're going to feel like that, especially where Indiana Indiana Eastern Illinois, and Michigan but you'll find us we're already starting to see. have been. Things are getting worse in Kansas and Missouri

So if you're on an agency road I-55 I-70 Missouri I-70 to Indiana Indiana State Toll Road I-80 to Illinois and Iowa you're going to get snow so you have to be careful. Some road closures may be in place and be aware if you are stuck on these roads

AccuWeather's real feeling is for temperatures to stay below zero overnight and into the end of the day here in Chicago we have snow totals of about 3 to 6 and in St.Louis Indianapolis from 24 to 24 in Detroit tonight we have 6 to 10 inches of snow going

Much of the snow has now moved off I-35 on the west end of the Plains, states say it is east of I-35 that will see the rest of the accumulation. Tonight and Friday and the end of Lake Specialty Cross Michigan will see one to two feet of snow with west-northwest winds as far down as Traverse City where Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids subscribe and get smart weather updates. news

 READ MORE: See the scope of ice, blizzard conditions as Christmas week bomb cyclone unleash 

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