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Minnesota's Mall of America shooting, leaves 1 dead, 1 graze


Minnesota's Mall of America shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 grazed, no suspect in custody: police A quadruple homicide aspect of security measures for the upcoming spring semester and 2005 campus of a University of Idaho student joins me now. Thank you for getting up with us this morning on the first question, you know

that you have heard that many of the parents of these victims want to hire private investigators do you think I should go, and do you think it might be too soon about private investigators

Yeah well, there were a lot of talks early in the morning when it's panic Prime has been about hiring a private investigator and raising money because I think it's a good thing to bring in a private investigator because of a lot of witnesses. are

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Who can generate some new information rather than talking to anyone other than law enforcement I really believe I'm hiring a private investigator to bring in someone like me and then we The answer is that I have investigators who are highly trained and homicide investigations are therefore not a hindrance?

Minnesota's Mall of America shooting

Whatever the case may be, this will allow law enforcement to get some pretty ugly new information, hopefully, this case won't really get an answer until the 6-week mark. n It's long and they don't have to answer the public until then

Unless they have nothing but just the perspective of how you think law enforcement has handled the case so far, is there anything you would have done differently specifically? there? Not at the beginning, I don't think I did anything different

Or there's a lot of evidence that it was a sad crime scene and there's a lot of work to be done at the crime scene and outside and yes you're well aware of that they tried to find a car Hyundai 22,000 I think that There is condescension in the area that you are trying to expose and I understood last week

That they found a Hyundai in Oregon that may or may not have been the vehicle they were looking at. So I think they came down and said it wasn't the vehicle they were looking for but the other problem they have now with the weather is blocking the area and making it difficult to find vehicles. is trying and trying to get additional information

And maybe other cameras as they have yet to be uncovered but I think bringing in a private investigator would be a good tool and I know the family talks about that early on when it's and hopefully soon. Something will happen so it doesn't turn into a cold one.

Do you think it's going to be cool just based on what we're saying right now? I don't think they do. Bringing in many more agents. Revisit the case and its evidence

It's a very complicated matter and not just a car I'm talking about but trying to find someone who knows something and can go ahead with it I'll see if there's a campus New security measures like cameras and more law enforcement will help people on campus feel safer, but it won't happen until the spring, so it's only a few weeks away.

READ MORE: Chaos Erupts Inside Mall of America After Shooting Leaves 1

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