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top story How is Christmas, celebrated in different countrie


top story How is Christmas, celebrated in different countrie

top story How is Christmas, celebrated in different countries? But my aunt gave me spiked eggs and I'm like oh that's cool what's in that and she's like how old are you? Don't you Hello everyone Today we are going to talk about Christmas mischief.

This video was your idea so I'd like you to get started and tell us what you think of Christmas When I think of Christmas I think of Santa Claus

And I think about presents and I think about light and beautiful Christmas decorations. If we're lucky it doesn't always snow in Seattle on a snowy Christmas, but maybe in Indiana, ninety-nine I miss someone in my life where it doesn't snow. It used to fall

So ninety-nine percent family gifts for sure I know my girlfriend is Colombian and she told me that her family doesn't really give gifts at Christmas so maybe there are parts of the world where it's not part of the tradition maybe they Just gather and you know spending time with family is great gift-giving in Spain.

top story How is Christmas

A big part of the Christmas celebrations is celebrating the three kings and then Christmas Day so here on Christmas Eve they will probably get together as a family and have dinner and then go to a young party which is at least in mine. It is completely different from America. What is really important to a family?

Three Kings Day is appropriate because it's the 6th and 7th of January and last year actually I was here on those days and I saw how they celebrated here and it's very strange so I think it's the 5th of January.

Parades on the streets and people dressed up like the three kings come out on the streets floating on big floats like another alter that goes to the right maybe he can decorate a car or a truck and people will be sitting in the truck dressed like that. . Three kings and they will throw candy and toys at the crowd


That's how they celebrate here so the three kings I assumed on a Catholic holiday because we don't celebrate it so the three wise men who went to find the baby, Jesus. Do not celebrate this right in Spanish.

Reyes Magos the three magical kings right then yes the three wise men are the three kings we say so, I have mixed your holidays or Spain maybe think of France there is like a circle pastry and there is like a small thing in there. can

That they should do the same in France and in Mexico in Spain for the baby Jesus as on most days you have to cut the bread and then any little baby will bring Jesus in their piece of bread. Will bring it. List all the things I love about it in the next gathering

Merry Christmas

As far as Christmas dinner in my family it's usually similar to Thanksgiving we don't have turkey but every now and then we will do ham mashed potatoes and veggies for some reason. It is a family event

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It doesn't matter if it's someone's graduation Christmas Easter Thanksgiving I have to make deviled eggs that always have to strike that balance, yeah you know deviled eggs like I said

Christmas tree

That it's not a Christmas thing for us we'll roast it we'll do turkey roast beef maybe a few years anyway with some mashed potato gravy like we said in the last video I don't care to say that there is a more polite way of saying that I don't like the garbage to get away from me and my family did something. Very interesting at Christmas

Enter with my family, Secret Santa is a way of celebrating where we all write our names on a piece of paper and then we put that little piece of paper in a hat or bowl and everyone draws a piece of paper. Is


or extracts. A name on it and whoever wrote on that piece of paper we have to give them a gift so I think I felt like you're my brother and so I had to give him a gift and somebody told me Gave a gift

And it's a different way to celebrate than everyone exchanging a ton of gifts with extended family.

Things like these that you don't see every day that we don't offer. Now my grandmother will buy gifts for the children or grandchildren, but we no longer exchange such gifts.

So I like the Secret Santa idea if we did a gift like this other campaign that you celebrate at Christmas. Just giving a gift is fine so of course the Fist Way we all meet and eat but I think for a lot of the world and definitely let us.

That there are many religious people among Christians so the origin of the holiday is supposed to be the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. An aunt of mine would pray before dinner

Santa Claus

But it's definitely a big part of the culture with its Christian side in the form of reindeer or hearts. Or some other Christmas tree baking and decorating Christmas cookies and then we have this tradition of leaving cookies for Santa Claus.

But glass at 20 before we leave a plate of cookies with a glass of milk for Santa so he can eat a cookie when he leaves us again do you do this to Connor I don't and I want him to Still at this point he is still a believer so I don't say much

That if people have their kids but yeah I should do that with Connor or something and a lot of people these days I like to do Elf on the Shelf but if I'm honest I don't so it's a little The elf statue is the elf that is Santa Claus's little helper

last Christmas

And you put them in different places in the house like the week before Christmas and they're like falling into candy or causing trouble or something and your kid comes out and he sees the elf in the future. Saw a video once when I didn't know it was all of Spain

Or it was very regional but I saw a thing where they have very few statues on my gosh for Christmas in Spain I must know the name of the hold which is like the observation of the day Jesus was born. Like it's actually a model of the baby Jesus.

the grinch

Like a buggy and I'm not a religious guy so don't get mad at me I'm sorry Seville, where I live, is actually like one of the most catholic cities in Europe they are going to put up these statues in December and are sold everywhere.

They have three kings and they have llamas and different animals and you can. Make it like a really big figure ok like a little man what we call more of an English major or nativity scene but what about singing a Christmas carol


I've never seen anyone do it in real life I know it's like in movies and stuff. Have you ever actually seen someone knocking on someone's door and singing Christmas carols?

But I've seen the town choir sing Christmas carols. Maybe you've been to a show or performance. It's a good way to practice your listening

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