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War of corona virus, new variant of corona 'BF 7', monitorin


War of corona virus, new variant of corona 'BF 7', monitorin

War of coronavirus, a new variant of corona 'BF 7', monitoring the situation: Pakistan The National Institute of Health of Pakistan has denied the reports in the media and said that no new variant of coronavirus has been found in the country.War of coronavirus
In a tweet on Saturday night, a statement from the National Institute of Health said that 'unconfirmed news about the threat of a new variant of the coronavirus is circulating in the media.'
The National Institute of Health further said that the National Command and Operations Center assures that there is no such threat at present. The situation is being seriously monitored.
The reports regarding the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus have come to light at a time when dozens of people have been diagnosed with the new variant of 'Omicron' 'BF7' in two neighboring countries of Pakistan, China, and India.
Cases of the 'Omicrone' variant of Corona started being reported around the world in late 2021 and 'BF7' is a sub-variant of the same.

War of coronavirus

According to the 'Financial Times', according to an estimate by the Chinese authorities, 250 million people in China have been diagnosed with coronavirus cases in December alone.
Experts say that this new variant 'BF7' is the reason for the rapid spread of the coronavirus in China. According to Manal Muhammad, a senior lecturer in medical microbiology at the University of Westminster, 'BF7' is all the variants of the coronavirus. The variant found so far is the one that spreads faster than all the other variants and is capable of spreading both to people who have had the coronavirus before or to people who have been vaccinated.
Manal Muhammad writes that the symptoms of 'BF 7' are similar to previous variants of the coronavirus ie difficulty in breathing, cough, fever, or sore throat.

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He says that some people also have complaints of diarrhea or other stomach ailments due to this virus.
Four cases of 'BF7' have been reported in India so far. According to 'NDTV', these cases have come up in Gujarat and Odisha.
Earlier, cases of 'BF7' have been reported in other countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and France.

Corona cases increasing, distribution of free medicine in China

Corona cases increasing, distribution of free medicine in China To deal with the increasing cases of Corona in the big cities of China, the government has started distributing free medicines to the citizens.
According to the Reuters news agency, the Digi Hospital of China's largest city, Shanghai, posted on its official account that the number of infected people in the city is about 5.43 million, and by the end of the year, this number will reach 2.5 million.
In the message from the hospital, it has been said that in this tragic war, the entire area of Greater Shanghai will be affected and all the staff of the hospital will also be affected. We have no other choice nor can we escape from it.
On Tuesday, the number of people affected by Corona in the whole country was said to be 389 thousand 306, while on Monday the government announced the first two deaths due to Corona.
Experts say that next year, the number of deaths due to Corona in China may exceed one million.

Corona cases increasing

It should be noted that after protests against restrictions in other cities including Beijing, China lifted all restrictions on December 3, after which an increase in corona cases was seen.
The number of corona cases in China has increased so much that hospitals are running out of beds for patients while pharmaceutical companies are trying to make up for the shortage of drugs.
According to Chinese state media, local authorities are taking measures to deal with drug shortages, while workers at pharmaceutical companies are putting in overtime to try to increase production.
According to the local administration of China's industrial city of Dongguan, 100,000 tablets of ibuprofen have been received, which will be delivered to 41 government stores, after which citizens will have free access.
While the city of Wuhan, where the first case of Corona was reported in the year 2019, three lakh ibuprofen tablets have been supplied to the medical institutions and medical stores there daily since December 17.
Various medical stores in the southern province of Hainan are offering ten pills for free to every citizen upon showing an ID card.
On the other hand, Germany has sent the first batch of the BioNTech vaccine to China, which will be administered first to German citizens living there.
Germany has urged the Chinese government to allow other foreign nationals to receive the BioNTech vaccine.
China has so far developed nine types of vaccines that have been approved for use, but none of them are effective against the highly contagious type of corona, Omicron. War of coronavirus, a new variant of corona 'BF 7', monitoring.

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