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Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine

 Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine President Joe Biden is set to have Dutch Head of the state Imprint Rutte for talks as the U.S. organization hopes to convince the Netherlands as far possible China's admittance to cutting edge semiconductors to send out limitations.

Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine

Tuesday's boundless discussions are additionally expected to cover the nations' endeavors to foil Russia's continuous attack on Ukraine and a forthcoming majority rules system highest point, as per the White House.

Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine

The Biden organization has been attempting to get the Netherlands in total agreement since the U.S. Business Office declared in October new commodity controls focused on China. The limitations are planned to restrict China's capacity to get to cutting-edge figuring chips, create and keep up with supercomputers, and make progressed semiconductors.

Organization authorities have contemplated the commodity limitations because fact that China can utilize semiconductors to make progressed military frameworks including weapons of mass obliteration; commit denials of basic freedoms; and work on the speed and exactness of its tactical navigation, arranging, and coordinated operations.

Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine

Easing back Beijing's entrance, notwithstanding, will take a lot of help from partners for the U.S. send out controls to have the most extreme effect. The Netherlands-based tech goliath ASML is a significant maker of machines that plan and produce semiconductors. China is perhaps ASML's greatest client.

The U.S. has additionally been in chats with Japan on harder product limitations to restrict the offer of semiconductor fabricating innovation to China. Rutte's visit comes after Biden facilitated Japanese State leader Fumio Kishida last week for talks.

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Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, 

Very straightforward factors are important. Remember that before Russia attacked, we dedicated a huge amount of security systems to Ukraine, and we gave Ukraine what it needed when it attacked. The latter needed to defend itself

As a result, today I approved another 1.8 security support. Ukraine will receive billions of dollars in additional aid for success on the battlefield, and we are focused on working with allies and partners. There is no defense capability in four key areas,

I don't know if Patriot is the best today and second is this and we're trying to do more. We've delivered hundreds of advanced artillery systems to dozens and dozens of countries. are

To get Ukraine's tanks and other armored vehicles, and fourthly, we announced two hundred thousand rounds of additional ammunition today, and you say why don't we give all of that to Ukraine, for two reasons.

One is the whole unit that is important. Staying with Ukraine and the idea that we're going to give Ukraine material that's fundamentally different from what it already has,

Biden To Host Netherlands PM For Talks On 

Breaking up NATO and breaking up the EU and the rest of the world is likely to be what we're going to give Ukraine. He must be able to defend himself to thrive and succeed on the battlefield and the other piece is yours I remember why I spent

I won't tell you the math. But I have spent hundreds of hours face-to-face with our European allies in the heads of state of these countries, and the reason for making this case was that their interest in continuing to support Ukraine was overwhelming.

But they're not looking for a war with Russia and I'm looking for a third world war and I think all of that can be avoided by making sure that Ukraine wins on the battlefield. There's a lot more to say but I've probably said it already. much more Biden to host Netherlands PM for talks on tech, Ukraine


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