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Will the public respond to Biden in 2024 in the form of vict

 Will the public respond to Biden in 2024 in the form of victory or defeat Are you committed to running again or are there certain conditions that must be met if I tell you I'm suddenly running again, all of which come down to changing your gait?

Will the public respond to Biden in 2024 in the form of vict

I'm too quick to make that kind of judgment in terms of electoral losses. I'm very respectful of luck and so what I'm doing is I'm doing my job. I am  Biden

After this next election cycle to understand here to go into the next one to decide what to do you say it is too early to decide I take this decision did not cross your mind to see my intentions I said start It happened that  Biden  I will run again but it is just an intention but a firm decision to run again remains to be seen.

Biden who will run for president in 2024:

Dry, in that sense, '05 and Trump's political fortunes are incredibly intertwined rocks, and the two biggest names in every party outside the White House clouded by criminal investigations are my colleague MacDonald, who is with me, our Justice and intelligence begin with you.

Biden strategizes with his classified document Force Garland's special counsel admits he basically forced Garland into this mess which isn't shocking enough but I think it's There is an interesting thing

Because we have this transparent conversation with his White House to separate the transparency issues. On the podium, daily you have on the one hand the categories of Carine Jean-Pierre which are now really struggling to achieve a handful of very carefully scrutinized ready-to-wear lines.

Will the public respond to Biden in 2024 in the form of vict:

They can answer many of the detailed questions we are asking. The big and important transparency question we're asking is why the White House didn't try to go further. The existence of these documents should be disclosed by showing the existence of these documents in advance

As early as they may be and saying 'look listen' we don't think it's a big deal it's a harmless mistake by some former staff. But we're fully cooperating and will let you know when there's more, obviously, when a decision is made not to.

Biden's bullish 2024 talk does little to tamp down chatter:

And they are hanging on to the idea that any information entering the public domain cannot be verified by after-the-fact reporting. Those of us would like a second batch of documents that could help break down what would be seen as obstruction of justice investigations.

And so it's like, but is there an easy line to get them out of answering questions or an important insight into their thinking here, a little bit of both, but the position of the White House here is that they understand are that they will keep the firewall between themselves and the Justice Department just as strong

As much as he is specifically right now W. Lighthouse is gearing up for a very different set of legal battles this year, you know one fact about his son, for example, Hunter Biden in Delaware. The investigation was led by the US Attorney

Biden, under pressure from own party, fires back as 2024:

And in that sense, Hunter Biden had his own legal team, Bob Bauer. The former White House counsel has been named to serve as President Biden's personal attorney for purposes of any activities between him in the four years between his departure as vice president and becoming president and then White House counsel. She was working to defend the White House.

In the interest of the presidency and so we now have a situation where we know where Bob H. has been over the past two months as President Biden's personal attorney, you know he's probably one of those people. The who is in Pembine's office or at least involved in it.

It began efforts to pack the office that led to all of this more than two months ago, but now the Justice Department is pushing the special counsel. The two will be an interesting combination going forward as they have to balance the equation of a sitting President of the United States

Biden says he will run for reelection in 2024 if he's in good:

Joe will probably be cooperating with President Biden to answer questions about things that happened during his time in public office here and let us know our president's private attorney is married to Bob.

That's right, I want him to complete the upcoming 2024 strategy and the way his official portfolio in the White House is overseeing the communications strategy. I assume they can.

It doesn't seem to be affecting anything that it's full speed ahead so that the timeline for an announcement starts to slide backward on a timeline that slides later than expected, as we have today. There was an interesting announcement that seemed to be in place

2024 presidential election predictions:

That's related to 2024, but that's been a White House benchmark that Bind advisers have given me in terms of an organization that's the State of the Union address on February 7th, I think I was told months ago. He will be clear about his intentions before the State of the Union address, which is now only a few weeks away, I'm told.

Suffice it to say, he now wants to put as much distance between the mess of the investigation as possible to be resolved as soon as possible. The hope of and his registration of the former president against each other candidate who is under the influence.

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