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Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker in 15th floor vote afte


Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker in 15th floor vote afte

Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker in 15th-floor vote after this is a CBS News special report on Channel Call in New York from Capital Health's Kevin McCarthy on breaking news from the 118th Congress after 15 rounds of voting.

Because Tuesday is also the first time in the more than a century-old and now newly elected Democratic Party. New York's Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and formally going to hand over to Republican Rep. McCarthy, Phillips will listen live to Jeffery's clerk, Ted Love, at the Negus.

And in the House Democratic Caucus, for your strength, for your steadfastness, or for your friendship for a common cause, I want to say that it is evident to an individual that it is the 118th Congress on behalf of the American people. There will be a unanimous show of force for the cause

Kevin McCarthy

Before I go any further, let me start by admitting to modesty. A woman from the great state of California, the famous, courageous Speaker of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, was a burger and, without question, Speaker in Line 9, Ameritel Pelosi.

Will go down as the greatest speaker in history Taco Time and talk nonsense A woman of faith A loving wife or mother or grandmother I am not a defender of democracy A voice for the voiceless and children Climate charm for a powerful champion

1. vote for speaker of the house roll call:

vote for speaker of the house roll call It's also that we want to talk about January 6th as well as a federal prosecutor and legal expert Ogburn that you've been like on Twitter do you have any thoughts this morning?

Unless the speaker is chosen as you think the American people are saying well about it. I think it's very interesting because you're right I mean you can characterize it in all kinds of different ways.

And attack. Things like inflation and the border crisis should make hand soap democracy work. It's like you know the old cliche by looking at the sausages, and it sure is great.

That you're somewhere in the middle obviously I think they really need to get down to business but at the same time you know if it takes a little bit longer to pick out the speakers the first time at the store.

How many votes is it going to take for us to do that, I will say that I think the wisdom is that I am kind. Harrin's yes and digesting I think there's a shot that will happen tonight because he's made a lot of progress during the day-to-day sources say.

2. speaker of the house vote 15:

speaker of the house vote 15 is 428 of which The Honorable Kevin McCarthy of the State of California has received 216 honorable Hakeem Jeffries of the state of New York has received 212 with six recorded as present there for the honorable Kevin McCarthy of the State of California has received a majority of the votes cast is duly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives 

3.13th vote for speaker of the house:

13th vote for speaker of the house Yeah, well, a bit premature, of course, but it's Gates, and he's definitely a conciliator, unlike Matt Gates, so it looks like he and Boberg are starting to agree on that.

Now let me tell you one of the reasons why they can lose. Maybe lose let's go back to the flipping obviously related list but I want two names on their phone number five

He was a very important part of Donald's holdouts, the fact that he captured Bigfoot, so he is among the most conservative members of Congress. If I may, he is extremely relatable

But there's number 12 that's big Paul Gosser Gosser is a real freak if the ghosts are flipped it's probably over he was supposed to be one of the day hard-holds against Carr against the Republicans there. Congressmen who are not yet in Washington

That's why they're waiting for them until 10 o'clock tonight, well maybe with both of them and you know he's got something and McCarthy's got another one in his back pocket, he finally got the same one. will get

He's looking for but my main dramatic reveal a little later in the episode is whether it was the Gate Gates faction that they did earlier that was correcting Adrian.

4. speaker of the house vote tracker:

speaker of the house vote tracker Or our friend Jim or our friend Byron that comes from within each of us that we prefer to change how we choose to spend our time.

It is an honor to serve in this capacity on this occasion, my friend Mr. Roy is very proud of the number of people here saying that this is how the process should be and I totally agree with that, but we don't control that.

Whether those of you are sitting on your cell phones scrolling. Whether social media or whether they're actually addressing the issue, it's up to the individual to see each other.

And to sharpen each other and make each other better. We started this process behind closed doors months ago. Leadership for the minority was being chosen behind closed doors Leadership for the majority was being discussed and debated behind closed doors

I said to my friend Mr. McCarthy I said please don't look at us and see me as your friend or everybody. See us as your friends don't see us and see us as your colleagues don't see us and see us as individuals that our votes for Speaker of the House see.

5. speaker of the house vote explained:

speaker of the house vote explained Give your new leader a break House Speaker Democrats lose majority in midterm elections Republicans will pick a speaker that will really determine how House Republicans work with Senate

How will they work with the White House and the House? Democrats over the next two years but Republicans don't have that much of a majority in the House after weaker-than-expected midterm performances.

That could complicate the speaker selection process, so here's a look at how the vote is shaping up and what's at stake for both parties ahead of the midterm California Republican Kevin McCarthy, is the runner-up for minority leader. has done this with a singular focus

That he would regain the majority but after the Republicans failed to give a red wave in the midterms with the party leader talking to Angel Biff and one of the Biffs.

Arizona Republican Andy Biggs is also running for speaker, while McCarthy was selected by the GOPSP. In an internal vote in November, eaker Canada said the results of the vote were not enough to win him over

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