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Day Four of the speaker race: Where it stands and what’s next

1. Day Four of the speaker race Where it stands and what’s next:  

Day Four of the speaker race: Where it stands and what’s next Molly Hemingway I think progress is being made I hope I'm not the one who didn't bring up the other night for the Republicans to vote on the adjournment motion with the Democrats if you can really forget all four if You're really going to be rooting for the Democrats in the loudest spectacle.

Day Four of the speaker race: Where it stands and what’s next

If you're on prime-time television, you're not interested in what's best for the Republican Party. How chaotic and embarrassing 'tis saying that we see people go down in doubt and vote and usually a good thing.

And it's a lesson for the Republican Party as well, I think you have these 20 members who don't have a majority but they're showing how to compete. Their goals and the power to accomplish them, which we discussed last night and last night's show, is reasonable. These are the kinds of things that happen. They have this advantage

Day Four of the speaker race

When they have the power they're working and it's like Trey just said they're in discussions and consulting with Kevin McCarthy and I think you need to calm down. . If you are happy with the way the Congress is working now then you should be the same as the Congress has been working for the past several years. You should probably like it.

2. Vote count for Speaker of the House today:

Day Four of the speaker race Tried to engage behind the scenes and keep the conversation going, but we'll see if they can move forward and one of the ways President Biden is treating each other during his earlier planning.

Calling it embarrassing, he said he was focused on getting the White House done. Correspondent Ariels Parks is now going live on Capitol Hill with Congresswoman Rachel Scott for more and less than an hour on this topic, and now we're listening.

Why a Republican leadership could immediately postpone moving with us is why? Questions about whether Kevin McCarthy has enough support to clear the speakership behind closed doors continue to make some calls for Republicans to make these last shots.

To try to get across the finish line here on Capitol Hill, even though he doesn't have enough votes yet to secure that position, he told me he still feels confident that He thinks he will find the 218 boat he needs

what's this? Going forward, we heard President Biden say, you know, it's embarrassing that he's focused on getting things done, but ultimately it's a concern for everybody because, without the Speaker of the House, there's absolutely no one in Congress. There was no business.

3. Speaker of the House Votes 6:

Speaker of the House Votes 6 TOAST AND CONGRESS YOU'RE STILL IN THE LIMBHOUSE GOP members adjourn after failing for the sixth time in the past House reconvenes in an hour V for Kevin McCarthy

Or slowly receding as a reminder that you started yesterday with 203 straight boatloads of speakers. Speaker Not Elected Speaker Not Elected Speaker Not Elected Speaker Not Elected Still on the House Floor GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy

Still unable to secure the gavel was the group of about two dozen legislators who opposed McCarthy, who had repeatedly nominated Congressman Byron of Florida to hang on to the strong gallows. Donald's replacement is the same old Washington

Joe is on social media in support of the California Republican but doesn't seem to have swayed hard-liners, the president needs to tell Kevin McCarthy that you definitely don't have the vote.

And now it's time to get some votes back. McCarthy's supporters seem to agree that Steve Scalise, McCarthy's Louisiana deputy, has emerged as a potential backup candidate if he can garner enough Democratic support on House business in the meantime.

4. Speaker of the House Vote 12:

Speaker of the House Vote 12: Members of the House are not sworn in. There is no such thing as a House of Representatives.

It doesn't necessarily feel or look that way. That I want to have a meaningful impact on the new members of Congress who are elected because they can't take the oath of office and can't do anything for a member of Congress who is your elected member. can't

Two senior staffers who serve on the committee recently sent out some guidance that if our wolf pack does not have a speaker elected by the end of next week, he has adopted or cannot process payroll. So there are some

Very solid effect. It's almost like another version of the government shutdown but more focused here at home. Exactly. Nicole Killian for us on Capitol Hill. Nicole. Thank you very much. We appreciate you very much. I see that. People running after you are feeling young

Yet thanks to Alexa Speaker failing Thursday night at 2 and 11 for the first time since 1860, a good party still doesn't have the support it needs from the Republican caucus to replace its congressman, Scott ER Steele. Take about 20 speaker shifts in the city.

McFarland joins now on the phone so Scott as you were talking to Nicole just moments ago the house adjourned tell us what you know you're talking to her.


5. Date of Speaker of the House Vote:

Date of Speaker of the House Vote Success in doing that, but we're not there, we're not in the place where we need to guarantee that we're going to be able to stand up to the quagmire that steps on Americans. People spend more money daily than we don't have

And you continue to leave our borders open and it continues to fund bureaucrats who are trampling on the liberties of the American people. Byron will stand up and do what Bart Byron has a track record of. What's more important about doing this is that while sitting here today

And we were continuing to argue with them that they have a vote. I just asked my friends across the aisle, do you think the American people support the status quo? Yes or no. People want

that we continue on the path that we are doing do they want us to continue the work that is currently leading do you think they want us to continue on this path and the argument that I make They want a new face, a new vision, new leadership, and I believe that the face of vision and new leadership is Byron Donald, and I'm proud to say that Reading Clerk Roll Adam Jeffery.

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