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urdu news today al aqsa mosque conflict if the security


urdu news today al aqsa mosque conflict if the security

Urdu news today, Al-Aqsa Mosque conflict If the Security Council does not stop Israel, the Palestinians will stop'  the Al-Aqsa Mosque conflict: "If the Security Council does not stop Israel, the Palestinians will stop it." At the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli minister's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Palestinian delegate Riyad Mansour addressed his Israeli counterpart and said that "All states must uphold international law and historical status.'

According to Arab News, the Permanent Representative of Palestine to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said, "Listen to me carefully." This council should stop you (Israel). It is his responsibility. But don't fall into this misconception. If they don't stop, the Palestinian people will stop you.

It should be noted that the Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gower, made a surprise visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, on which the United Arab Emirates and China have called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.

Addressing the meeting, Palestinian delegate Riyad Mansour called on the Security Council to take concrete measures against "Israel's contempt for us, you, and the entire international community" READ MORE

Urdu news today

He said that it is clear from the Israeli minister's visit that he "doesn't care about the lives of Palestinians, international laws, and the sanctity of Haram al-Sharif."

But still, the council does not play a central role. You speak good things but stay aloof.
Riyaz Mansoor added that our people are running out of patience. Never mistake the patience and responsibility we show as our weaknesses. It is clear from the record of the past that the path Israel is steadfastly following has never forced surrender but has given birth to the insurgency. READ MORE

1. Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli Minister's visit to Jerusalem:

Saudi Arabia condemns the Israeli minister's 'provocative' visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque Saudi Arabia has condemned the visit of Israel's far-right national security minister to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
According to Arab News, the visit of Israeli Minister Itamar Ben-Goverr on Tuesday has provoked the Palestinians, while the United States has said that this move will harm the status quo.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia condemned the visit in a statement, calling it a "provocative act". The Arab countries condemned the visit of the Israeli minister and called it a clear violation of the holy place.
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said the visit was part of "changing the historical and legal status of the Al-Aqsa Mosque." The purpose of this action is to inflame the sentiments of Muslims and is a blatant violation of relevant international resolutions.
Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Ashtia has claimed that the visit was an attempt to turn Al-Aqsa Mosque into a 'Jewish place of worship'. READ MORE

2. Netanyahu shocked over canceled UAE visit:

Al-Aqsa Mosque dispute: Prime Minister Netanyahu has reportedly suffered a blow from the Arab countries' strong reaction to the Israeli national security minister's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
According to Arab News, while criticizing the visit of Israeli Minister Itamar Ben Guer on January 3, Saudi Arabia has emphasized the need to maintain the status of the third holiest place in Islam.
The United Arab Emirates has called a meeting of the United Nations Security Council together with China to discuss Israel's move on Al-Aqsa after Prime Minister Netanyahu's scheduled visit to the UAE was canceled. READ MORE

3. Year 2022 Worst for Palestinians, mass killings by Israeli army:

2022 worst for Palestinians, mass killings at the hands of the Israeli army Judging by the killings at the hands of the Israeli army, 2022 was a very painful year for the Palestinians.
According to Arab News, during the past year, not only human losses occurred on a large scale in Palestine, but also there was an increase in Israeli aggression and at the same time, an ultra-conservative party formed the government in Israel.
Palestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Melham told Arab News that 2022 was the worst year in terms of the scale on which the Israeli army killed Palestinians. READ MORE

4. Israel's determination to promote tourism in the West Bank:

Israel's determination to promote tourism in the West Bank The Minister of Tourism of the new hard-line government of Israel, Haim Katz, has indicated investment in the development and rehabilitation of tourism in the occupied West Bank region of Palestine.
According to the Associated Press report, Heim Katz made his comments a few days after the newly elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took office. However, Ibrahim Melham says that the way solidarity has been shown at the international level, apart from the Arab countries, has given hope to the struggle of the Palestinians. READ MORE

5. Palestinians: Israeli army kills 4 in West Bank violence:

Four Palestinian civilians were killed by the operation of the Israeli army in the West Bank The Israeli army has killed at least four Palestinian civilians during a raid in the occupied West Bank.
According to the French news agency AFP, fierce clashes continue in the Jenin region.
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement that Israeli forces "conducted an operation against Hamas terrorists who were soon to carry out terrorist attacks."
He did not mention casualties and an Israeli army spokesman did not comment on the raid.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health said three Palestinians were killed in the West Bank village of Beidou and a Palestinian citizen from the village of Borkan was shot and died of his injuries on arrival at the hospital.
According to Israeli and Palestinian media, the clashes that started on Saturday in the area continued on Sunday. READ MORE

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