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Russia claims control of eastern town after bloody fight,


Russia claims control of eastern town after bloody fight,

Russia claims, control of the eastern town after a bloody fight, its first victory in months Battle rages in Ukraine's eastern temple and lays waste to the city of Steeled Ukraine's military says the city has not downed two Russians but says it has killed more than 100 Russian soldiers.

who is moving to the 800-mile-long front lines of Ukraine after months of intense fighting? This battle is waiting for a game changer, both literally and figuratively

And top Ukrainian officials are warning that Russia is planning a new attack just weeks away from tearing up a minefield they have left and everything they can.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky gathered to try to turn the tide of the war and warned neighboring Belarus in the capital last week that Russian and Russian forces were training just across Ukraine's northern border.

Russia claims:

As recently as two weeks ago and Tom was tracking the Russians. Moves across the border for months if we can blow up the reports he told me and in my opinion, they will be expecting an attack from us Russian press Vladimir Putin also visited Belarus two weeks ago.

He is making his only foreign trip as president since on the first day of the war in February, one of Putin's remaining allies, the Crane, destroyed the bridge over the border that has allowed Russian troops to cross the border since Russia. He was forced to take the long route to the capital.

1. Russia says its forces capture Soledar in east Ukraine:

The first failed attack on Ukraine is preparing for a second or is it an assessment of another costly liability. It may have been built in April after the initial Russian attack.

Can see all this fresh wood waiting for pressure pain but the threat can come from anywhere in the bathroom key top Ukrainian intelligence officials told me they are targeting Russians in eastern Ukraine. Expect an attack

2. Ukraine denies Russia's claim to have captured Solar, says :

Where and when do you expect this new offensive reality? Focusing on Russia's troop reserves and groupings is temporarily pouring into the occupied territories, he told me.

Three key directions in Asia Don Boss Park Where New Russian Offensive Succeeds or Fails Ukrainians Believe.

3. Russia claims to take Soledar, a battlefield gain, but swaps:

The battles in and around Solodar are some of the bloodiest in Russia's 11-month war on Ukraine, with Russian troops listening to the sit-in corps but being driven out by Ukrainian fighters with the help of drones.

Ukrainians have also suffered heavy casualties even as this daring rescue mission is carried out on disputed territory. Aside from some of the wounded, the situation remains difficult but stable as the military insists Ukraine has not fully recognized the town.

That the Russians are moving over their bodies is the Ukrainian deputy defense minister saying the Russians are still pressing ahead with the offensive to capture Solodar despite the massacre. Its salt mines are mostly led by Wagner mercenaries, a longtime ally of Vladimir Putin who, unlike Putin, is often seen near the battlefield for Goshin.

Perhaps two more powers are trying to gain leverage for themselves. Russia's military over the weekend was heavily involved in the war, and indeed Putin has just replaced his top military commander in Ukraine, Valery Jarrett. We only had a string of commanders help plan the attack since his predecessor just continued.

4. Russian Mercenary Group Says It Has Taken Contested:

it is rather solid or we can't confirm when this drone footage was shot but it has a silly echo of other wars Ukrainian armored car

The injured who were dragged outside School No. 14 were brought out from inside and struggled to protect themselves. The Hoff evacuation is called again and here is Andrew Peck, a British aid worker who holds Jewel British New Zealand citizenship.

And Chris Perry was last seen going to the concrete on Friday with the idea that he might do a civilian version of the footage you just saw. Russia's mercenary group Wagner says in the footage posted by the pro-Russian Telegram channel

That he now controls has not been confirmed by the Kremlin, nor has it been confirmed that the body of one of the aid workers was found in messages shared on Telegram groups associated with Wagner. we're done. He says that the documents have been received from both the persons

But on the body of a British citizen, Christopher Paris does not remember that this is information that was worn. The messages were shared by a mercenary group, so extreme caution is advised. The messages say that documents, arms, and ammunition were found along with a dead body. Want to submit them as favorites.

5.'Brutal, bloody battles': Russia's 'insane' fight for Solar:

tequila Kerry just heard President Village keep saying in his silence that the Ukrainian forces are still holding it Wagner is the leader of the Freemasonry organization so we give Gettysburg the sea you claimed.

that Russian forces have taken over the town itself. By clearly declaring victory it seems that the Ukrainians are still at least doing their best but receiving the brothers but we see.

That these waves of attack position Ukrainian officials are saying that selling Russians crawling and climbing over corpses that are dead to try and be effective so it seems that the situation is especially for mail to carry out sustained attacks. Not easy but that's what it means

That to Ukraine. Do you want to take out the brake control of the town even if the bathroom is in favor of going there with steam at the moment? The second question is exactly what we can expect now. He has been the Chief of General Staff.

Now made for ongoing war as long as these talks go on you want the Ukrainian side to try to do what they want to make it as expensive as possible on their days off the city. For Saldo, it looks like how you are.

Like it and they will need some kind of rest and try and regret it. He's just trying to bring in reinforcements to attack more and at least won't give the town docs I keep telling South Austin to at least give him some breathing room and try to dig in. For and beyond to make it.

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