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House Oversight chairman says the discovery of Biden classif

House Oversight chairman says the discovery of Biden classified When James Comer expects House Oversight Committee Chair to say good morning to you here under our negotiating motion to clear the chair's debt ceiling and spending reductions committee assignments in the tournament's need budget. was given to board the Border Security Plan boat.

House Oversight chairman says the discovery of Biden classif

Republicans don't control that's a big question that people in Kentucky back home this weekend were very excited about the rule change they were most excited about term limits you know.

That this is something that Republicans campaign for every election but we still don't have. I haven't smoked term limits in six years in Congress, so I'm glad we're going to finally do things that we can't paint over and I think 

That as well as we'll move forward that was discussed is the day of the possibility of a motion to vacate the chair which means a person can say you know which Speaker McCarthy we think you should go 

Let's call about it. Does it really work how it works I've said it's a gimmick I'm not sure if Kevin McCarthy ever did that he would ever be a serious threat to the Speakership Kevin McCarthy shall be?

Too bad he's going to be a threat to that by vacating the chair. They can be used by one person 

Which I don't. Not on either side of the aisle but I believe Kevin McCarthy will be the speaker for the next two years because the big boat passed by the Republicans last week might make it easier for him to get on the hard boats.

House Oversight  

And the challenges in the difficult weeks ahead I really do hope this was a learning experience for everyone I hope this was a learning experience for the 20 people you know I believe That they could have declared victory a few days before Saturday morning.

Learn when to announce Vic. I think it was a good lesson for McCarthy and the leadership team to understand and then make sure they have the votes before the big major bill that comes here before the deadline, so I think it's It was a learning experience for the whole.

Conference and hopefully we can learn from it and do better overall moving forward a lot of people just don't follow what you're trying to improve the system Kevin McCarthy now. it's time

That we check and provide some balance The president's policies are long ago bills really peel funding for 87,000 You're all one of our first hearings that we've held on the southern border and there's no direct safety and sovereignty crisis. If it goes to the Senate under the leadership of the Democrats, we will see

How many of his ideas are viable in terms of explaining things to the American people, how many people can tell you what an omnibus bill is that is going to go on like this. ore in this Congress and if you tell the people that

1. Classified documents from Biden's time as VP:

That maybe they will understand why it took so long to happen last week is a very good point and I think that if the American people knew what happened in the days leading up to Christmas this year and $1.7 trillion or so How are tax dollars spent?

Without a member of Congress offering an amendment without fully understanding the bill, without debate, I think they're going to be upset. will This prevents Democrats from resenting him in the future

But the way it's going, the American people will get transparency from their government. As for the new majority, everyone will be held accountable

Be the subject of your first oversight hearing and when will it be as soon as we settle the committee our first committee hearing will be on covid you know we spent trillions of dollars on covid 19 in one hearing. Thorough monitoring of these funds during the covid pandemic so that it is visible

2. Potentially classified files found at Biden center investigated:

That Democrats were concerned about wasteful spending We know that hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted in PPP debt, stimulus funds, and unemployment insurance extensions. Nobody's taking that turkey, and nobody's been held accountable, which we're going to take a hard look at

3. DOJ reviewing potentially classified docs at Biden center:

A former office belonging to the president bought him as a personal attorney to vacate office space at the Penn Biden Center, which is immediate and the administration is cooperating, according to the special counsel to the president Richard Seaberg.

That they were handed over to the National Archives. The next day will likely be a political headache for President Biden as the DOJ has been investigating former President Donald Trump's Florida state for months to review potentially classified documents from the Jetsons.

About 300 classified documents were recovered, but prosecutors said Trump and representatives resisted the request. It has now been revealed to return the full archive of classified documents

That the classified documents were discovered in Center Hall, the site of President Biden's former office, at Penn Fight for the President's attorney, the National Archives was reportedly immediately alerted to the documents, WGN Discovery reported. What did

Looks good for the sitting president then not the same because he says he didn't know we had them and when he turned to talk would anyone on the right believe that Biden didn't It was known

That we have them or they don't buy on purpose. Keep them, there's no way it won't be the bottom line, it's a gift for Trump and a political disaster for Joe Biden.

4. DOJ examining classified documents found at Biden think tank:

It is seeking classified documents from an office once used by President Biden that detail his time as vice president.

that President Biden's lawyer at the Dared Biden Center in D.C. in November found material that should be in the national It's not clear from the archives how sensitive the documents are or their content was revealed three months after the FBI searched former President Trump's Florida home.

Where 300 such documents were eventually recovered, some of which were potentially classified by CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz, from three more sources. According to CBS News, classified documents were discovered in the offices of the Penn Biden Center for Foreign Policy Research Institute, about a mile from the White House in this building.

which were established after President Biden left the vice presidency. are few in number and were found in unclassified material sources in November. It was not indicated how sensitive the documents were in response to requests from CBS News, a White House lawyer said.

Before the midterm elections on November 2 of last year, President Biden's lawyers were cleaning out the office space at the center when they discovered the classified documents in March. In a locked closet, they shut down and contacted White House lawyers, then the National Archives, which is responsible for the records, and the archives contacted the Justice Department.

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