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Kristi Noem demands answers after US Government leaks social


Kristi Noem demands answers after US Government leaks social

Kristi Noem demands answers after US Government leaks the social security numbers of her and her family GOP governor squares up for a fight with the federal government after a private information leak To each other let us now take our oaths and be worthy of the office we are about to enter. God bless us all and God forbid America to be so quick that I have to take the oath first, so below now take the oath of office. are ready for

I want to ask the Honorable Dean of the House how Rogers of Kentucky took the oath of office for one of my first ventures. Would appreciate the rifleman?

Swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and that you will give true faith and loyalty that you will discharge this duty freely, without prejudice or evasive motive. Will pay 

And that you faithfully discharge the duties of the office into which you are about to enter, and be very pleased to swear in the elected members of President Bashar Alexa, according to President Bashar. We will now raise the chair and all the members elected will raise their right hands,

Kristi Noem demands 

You see me swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign and that you will exercise true faith and loyalty.

That you will discharge this duty freely without any mental reservation or evasive motive and that you will discharge the duties of the office you are about to Kristi Noem demands to enter with due diligence and honesty, therefore, your Madad Allah Mubarak Ho 182 song

1. Idaho murder suspect can't 'explain' this evidence:

But we know the suspects how a criminal pride crime scene work and how you process a crime scene but he's gone. He also left a bloody crime scene analysis

And how do you get evidence to convict someone Sacramento's district attorney and surety is here as well as crime scene analyst Sharon McCallum Thank you so much for joining the program and I'd like to go. I am

With you before you've been doing this for a long time he thought he was smart DNA was left at the scene and from what we hear from sources they still have the fruit of the tree. Those that may contain DNA are a slam dunk  

Prosecutors if they can match that DNA to theirs well any time you have DNA evidence you always want to see what's left behind and you know something. In some cases, you can try to come up with an innocent explanation

For example, if you have a rape-murder case you know that he probably had consensual sex with someone else and killed the victim in that particular situation when you add up all the other evidence. With the car and the phone being a trail of evidence before and after the crime go to universal call it so what?

2. Idaho murder suspect cant explain this evidence of:

See if we have breaking news for you and it's not probable cause that the affidavit in the Idaho murder case has been officially released and we're learning new details about it.

That led police to arrest suspect Brian Koberger for a minute about what he expected. After being extradited back to Idaho, he appeared in court today on four counts of first-degree murder. He also faces a charge of burglary.

We know the suspect boarded the Latta County Jail yesterday evening hours after flying from Pennsylvania where he was later booked and many people around the country are interested in this case. So please submit them on Twitter Facebook youtube but right now we have to break out the probable cause affidavit like I said.

That we are learning. Things we didn't know before As you can see I'm actually dressed we had to jump to the ground floor to bring this to you I'm bringing in two of our special guests to talk more about Wanted and Joey n Now by Law Enforcement Instructor Sunny Slaughter I'm also involved with Forensic Investigator Google.

3. Idaho murder suspect cant explain this evidence explain:

The man in custody, Brian Koehberger, is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and four counts of aggravated burglary for breaking into King's home in the early morning hours of Nov. 13 and killing Hailey Gonzalez, Maddie Morgan, Jana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin Koehberger. are

Pullman is a twenty-eight-year-old Ph.D. student at Washington State University in Washington, D.C., and it's only a short drive from Moscow, Idaho, when the murders occurred. Was doing Ph.D.

Criminal Justice and Criminology Cove Burger was arrested Friday morning at his home in Pennsylvania and booked into the Monroe County Jail. He is being held without bail and joining me to discuss this development in Houston. are retired homicide detective extraordinaire Phil Waters and retired FBI agent Bobby Chikane.

Welcome to Phil and Bobby's sidebar. Thank you both for being so thorough. The first thing I want to tell you is o the Moscow Police Department, those detectives, the chief of state police, the FBI people, and All the people who tell the process that the evidence that has brought us to this day is the day we've all been waiting for.

4. Idaho murder suspect cant explain this evidence act:

And Bobby Joseph and I'll answer all your questions Joseph I'm starting with you on this I wonder what you think the police have and I know

There has been some reporting that there is DNA evidence that this is speculation. What do you think led authorities to identify Brian Cobreger as a suspect in the case that possibly led to the DNA profile being reported in the case?

My guess is that it will be a combination of things. They will definitely find a lot of blood at the crime scene, the question is what is mixed with the blood of the criminal or alleged crime or any other bodily fluids that may have been left around you.

Do you have to keep in mind that there is blood? Another piece of evidence would be anything found on the body, and you know we return the paint back to me, which is common practice in my field for any type of evidence. Trace evidence should be retained.

Was there anything under his fingernails we have to keep in mind that the blood of a criminal under the fingernails isn't just skinned in Alsip because it was there right away and I think the car is very big after all because if he Allegedly it would have been there? Home and those crimes were committed and I think

5. Idaho murder suspect cant explain this evidence to support:

One particular car was videotaped and there weren't many cars in the area that night so I think they really knew.

That was an important piece and I think they probably had the Elantra that he drove back. Unfortunately for Pennsylvania, I think it's a long drive from Idaho to Pennsylvania

And it's thousands of miles of road there's probably a lot of water reservoirs I ran the FBI over the years number 94 you know a lot of people like bridges and ditch things over water. Anywhere until he gives them some sort of clue as to where he has stashed the murder weapon

Or unless he made a sensible mistake in putting it in a place where they thought it would be difficult but it's not important I don't think they particularly need it.

The murder weapon in the case was a post on Reddit to convict Phil that some people found a place where Brian Koberger was soliciting people on Reddit criminals when he was getting his masters. Things to talk about their thoughts and feelings, such as what it looks like

That this is a legitimate post and his Reddit account is now suspended your thoughts on someone with a criminology and criminal justice Ph.D. and being charged with this horrible poll on Reddit Is. Crime profile

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