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Dems praise Biden, for addressing immigration crisis and


Dems praise Biden, for addressing immigration crisis and

Dems praise Biden for addressing the immigration crisis and asylum seekers ahead of the US-Mexico border visit Baik has been in politics for 46 years, you guys, and he's only been to the border once. According to the Washington Post, he referenced the past while campaigning in 2008. Will or will visit. We can get into that in a minute

But the White House just admitted that the real reason why Biden is going to the border is to actually go to Mexico City, so it makes sense to the officials who are affected. Is. This is a very interesting reason but considering it I think

That I say it's a lot of different things that he needed but we'll start with you okay and what does that mean about what's going on in the White House yeah there you know. That is happening there. So they will stop Dems praising Biden

But does that indicate that he's actually seriously thinking about running again? 24 That it's something that he's recognized has to be addressed and will be dealt with, El Paso said. has been cleared. What is happening on the border will be like a Potemkin village

It's going to be a justice front and then you're going to see them finally get some coverage and not really what do you think on my tank is other networks finally start covering it. are

And asking him about it so I think it's become an issue in the White House because it's not just Fox News now it's MSNBC but there are a few other places that acknowledge that it's something. That the White House needs to pay attention to this

Dems praise Biden:

That they completely ignored my question, oh, Timmy, you know he's going out there and he's going to meet with elected officials and community leaders why he's going to meet with border patrol or border patrol agents. Not getting what they have very few. Morale and I think about it

1. nancy grace crime stories fox:

nancy grace crime stories fox One of the reports we got is that they wanted to capture him saying if I was the only one who was arrested. What do you think to tell us your analysis of the whole affair and where we are today in which it was suggested that there is a companion

How about identifying two things this guy has a master's degree in criminology he's currently working on one. He drove the getaway car all the way to park outside mom's house despite having a Ph.D. in criminal justice are you kidding me yet another thing?

What we do know about Heaven described as fanatically vegan is that she did her parents of their pots and pans. Oh no arguing in the dishwasher wasn't enough to buy a new pair of pants, that tells me.

that he's fanatical he's devout he's about six feet tall he's socially awkward he had all this planned at the time did you see the charges against him he didn't go to steel he raped somebody He did not go, he went to that house with the intention of killing

How long has he been seeing this girl as we speak Jason is tearing up her Pullman apartment to write a note or something that matches her to the murder and I predict that They will find it so the suspect's initial profile is come out very close to the person

What's suspicious at this point is that we said the email is a white male between 25 and 38 to 40 because people usually kill within their own race, which is actually the case. There's no indication of a girlfriend.

And his ex was Beyoncé even the high school girlfriend still hasn't been dug up so is this guy what was his motivation I remind everyone that the state doesn't even have to be motivated. 

2.latest news USA fox:

Can this DNA evidence convict Idaho murder case suspect Broad operates a crime scene and how you process a crime scene but he's gone? He also left a bloody crime analysis and how you got some evidence to convict Sacramento District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert.

And as well as the crime scene analyst sure thank you very much McCollum and for being on the program and I want to go before you. You've been doing this for a long time, he thought, smart

He left DNA at the scene and from what we hear from sources he still has defensive wounds that may contain DNA which is a slam dunk for the prosecution that they can do. Match this DNA well with hers

Whenever you have DNA evidence you are always looking to see what is left behind and you know that in some cases you can try to come up with an innocent explanation eg. But if you have a rape-murder. Maybe

he had consensual sex with someone else that killed the victim but you know you're going to be in a special situation when you combine that with all the other evidence talking on the phone There is a trail of evidence before and after. t is his crime I want to go to you and you can call him so what is it

This suspect says hey my knife was stolen I wasn't there you got the wrong guy there in a court of law sure it's possible but here's the thing tonight someone else's DNA is in your neighborhood Explains his phone PIN 12 times before the murder.

And it would be a pattern he would not be able to explain. Because he's probably never put his phone off or on airplane mode before this particular incident, there are a lot of things.

What he will not be able to explain is that I am expecting this man simply because he was there and the house was known as one. Someone who's been there a lot of parties can probably say he's been there a few parties and some successful cell phones.

Who was going to get away with it, can you expect them to show up in court so there's a lot of back and forth with you expect. Listen, they know they have evidence they haven't released yet, for example, if his DNA is on the bedspread if his DNA or fingerprints are on the sliding glass door. But if there are, he will not be able to do it.

3. tucker on fox nation:

A strong tradition of making vague comments during his visit to the Kentucky Bridge I mean look at this guy I've never been more optimistic about America's prospects for a day

Never have I traveled to more than 140 countries in the world My old neighborhood sign has this phrase. The language translator is jumping into the background, taking other people down with him

Actually, when Biden speaks, it's like a lottery drawing, you know, who can I draw the lottery numbers? We laugh at him but you know he's not laughing

Although you know because it's not a big deal that the rest of the world is just watching it in a reality loop that the engines are running and there's no one behind. "I'm not going to say if you think they're making a mistake," Warnock said.

It's so obvious that you're feeling better now that you can really sell rich. a b like ng in the English dictionary but it always sells on the front end by saying like you. Dems praise Biden, for addressing the immigration crisis and

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