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house news House Oversight Committee investigating classifie


house news House Oversight Committee investigating classifie

house news House Oversight Committee investigating classified documents found at Biden's office President Bible Courses Globally speaking with leaders of Mexico and Canada Just before we arrived here with the President on a visit to Mexico Just moments ago here at home speaking for headlines 10 Secret Documents But unmarked secrets were found.

The White House says the documents were voluntarily turned over to him when they were discovered, and the president told him moments ago to take them seriously. have been

They were briefed about this and are cooperating fully. And he was surprised, in his words, to learn that any classified documents were taken into that office. Mary Bruce was traveling with President Biden. Sources told ABC News that Biden's lawyers discovered about 10 documents.

In the days before the midterm elections, the classified documents, which are marked as top secret, are all dated between 2013 and 2016. The White House says lawyers immediately turned the documents over to the National Archives in house news

house news

That has since reached Justice Department Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has reached out to Trump-appointed attorney John Lambert to review it tonight, we're told the investigation is well underway. It comes as a special counsel at the Department of Justice is investigating

Why Donald Trump took hundreds of classified documents with him to his Mar-a-Lago residence, Biden has criticized the Republican-led House Oversight Committee, which is launching its own investigation into Biden as an unnamed is safe.

location and appears to have done what I personally did not ask the White House to transfer about ten classified documents while Trump knowingly took hundreds of classified documents, some of which were classified as top secret. was with when he insisted on the White House.

1. BidenBiden classified documents investigation:

biden classified documents investigation Biden's legal team immediately notified the archives as soon as they discovered the documents. - Forced to search the applicant's house,

Let Mary Bruce begin traveling tonight with President Biden in Mexico City, of course, he is meeting. With the leaders of Canada and Mexico facing these questions about the classified documents moments ago, Mary, we know the Justice Department is now looking into it.

So where does it go from here? I want to ask you a question last night about your response to what the president said. Know what?

There are documents such as my lawyers have not suggested that I have asked what documents I have handed over the boxes to the archives and we are fully cooperating with the reading of what is there as a card. appears on Podium marks the first time that questions have been publicly answered on the classified document and where it goes from here.

2. house oversight committee investigating classified:

David was pressed by the president that he didn't know the documents were there and then he didn't actually know what information was there. Within these documents, he is now fully cooperating with the investigation.

3. Use oversight committee Biden docs:

Here in Washington, we've got some new reporting tonight on these Biden documents. If I don't want to use the Department of Justice has launched a review and your CVS. Adriana Diaz is in Mexico City today with new reporting about her handling of classified material, a day after CBS News first reported that about 10 documents containing classified information from the time is marked

He is the vice president who discovered inside the building on Nov. 2 that documents found inside a box and a locked closet at the White Blocks home were multiple levels of classification and contained highly classified material. Today, the Republican-led House Oversight Committee announced the launch of an investigation

And we have this case with all the documents in the White House. The perfect time to recover from Mar-a-Lago last year is when people look at the form of treatment with discovery. F classified documents that were retained after his departure was taken seriously

But people are being treated under the law, but there are still questions about whether any classified documents may be in other locations. Office Democrats Pushed Before Election What President Revealed Archives Republican Party Media With All New Reporting Thank you very much.

4. Biden surprised government records found at the old office:

People know that I take confidential documents and confidential information. When my lawyer was vacating my office at Capital One at the University of Pennsylvania after 24 years as vice president and 10 years off.

So they found some documents in a locked cabinet or at least a box in the closet and realized on Tuesday that there were? There are many classified documents in this box and they did what they were supposed to do,

They immediately called The Archives and the Archives referred them to the Archives I was told about the discovery and I was surprised to find that there was an official record. That office but I do not know what is in the documents my lawyers have not advised

I asked what those documents were I turned the boxes over to the archives and we are fully cooperating with the review and which I hope will be finished soon and will be more detailed at that time but so It appears to be a hostile act, as the White House says it is cooperating.

5. GOP-led House Oversight Committee to investigate Biden docs:

Three years after Vice President Biden left office, it seems he took classified documents with him and was very critical of President Trump as the only person with the constitutional ability to declassify any document in the current United States. The United States is America, not the Vice President.

If Vice President Biden took classified documents with him and withheld them for years, while the president continued to criticize former President Trump for having the classified documents and releasing them only after they came to light. Returned so I wonder why this process is asking anymore.

As the vice president, he has the same questions that he was asking President Trump while taking classified documents. It is Republican hypocrisy at its best. When the former president found 320 documents from his personal residence, he said, This reference would not be the priority that President Biden made. Reveal it to the archives and let law enforcement know

That's exactly the way you should handle this so that we're going to support the fact that the president is following the protocol that he did the right thing and see what else and see if we Where do we go from here but we Republicans are not even interested in meaningful oversight they are only interested in opposing. This president house news House Oversight Committee investigating classified

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