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Who's next? Six Democratic senators who may retire ahead of


Who's next? Six Democratic senators who may retire ahead of

Who's next? Six Democratic senators who may retire ahead of President Biden leaning toward the next He made a bipartisan appearance with Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell last week and of course, yesterday's visit to the border in El Paso Texas by Dean Allied tells a bad hill. At this point, it seems like it's all about timing.

As if he's all in if he still takes part in a recent Fox poll, a majority of voters don't want him running for re-election in 2024. Lotter will know the former special assistant.

It's great to see President Trump Scott Bolden Chairman of the Democratic Party your boat is everyone we've talked to so it's not just a bunch of people or people saying no that's not or there's a reason. That it shouldn't work that you can see people pointing out.

People who don't want to run because of his age or because of some of his gasses I just think are engaged in ageism he has done more in the last 4 years than many of his predecessors. But I think it depends.

Who's next

Whether he wants to run or not, we'll be behind him. Trump vs. Republicans in a party of chaos. I am going. Prevent you from recording in Who's next

These policies could be Mark Lauder I mean 4 million people are legally out of the country now fanning out everywhere and finally, the president went to the border I mean Governor Abbott just told me That they could fix this thing didn't even require legislation

But they just haven't done that at all and the reason why people don't want to drive it is because of its record sky-high inflation record gas prices record illegal immigration you can keep going. Problems that affect people at home

When we're sitting around the kitchen table Joe Biden has a bad record that's why they don't want him running and running to the center just won't work because you're just upsetting the left. t And well you know what I want to do if we can because I do things because you've grown wheat

Five Senate Democrats who could retire ahead of 2024

What we can talk about is that we are not doctors and no one here is elderly. I'll give you the blessing of being in the indoor '80s and '90s but we're not there yet and so we can't talk to anyone other than seeing Mark I'll give you an answer.

Yeah I don't think it has anything to do with Joe Biden's age I think it has something to do with the outcome and I say that's a great thing for the Democrats to kneel 2.2 but I think people like the president I think the reason for not approving them

Ratings are still stuck in the 40s due to a result that has nothing to do with the age of the person we talked to that we didn't even know he talked to about my work. That's about what they're thinking about

1. senate Dems reelection:

And what is it blaming Republicans for? We see there is a border. Let's see. So I talked to the secretary after I talked to the president. rcas by innocent lessons that you will not have the authority to stop this illegal immigration and prevent people from crossing the border between ports of entry,

They claim that Republicans need to work with them, I've made it very clear what they need to do, but the starting point for starting to secure the border as one is Secretary Me Arcas or someone from the President. There is also the suggestion that Republicans are not working with him

2. politics:

Absolutely false so Kellyanne Conway has said what others have said we can all see for ourselves. Here's an opportunity for President Biden Scott to do something that doesn't require changing the laws. Congress doesn't need to do anything. Will the president do that?

3.UnitedStates Senate elections:

But if they do, I think the president has a lot of power and opportunity. He sent more resources to make it better. Do you think the president will do that? They really do what's on the books right now to meet with someone in Congress. Who's next? Six Democratic senators who may retire ahead of

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