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Chinese spy balloons: if immediate action is not taken, we will face public pressure.Biden

Chinese spy balloons: if immediate action is not taken, we will face public pressure.Biden

Chinese spy balloons: if immediate action is not taken, we will face public pressure. Biden,  We have a lot of news to catch up on today we start with a 16,000-foot high sky balloon flying somewhere over the continental where it's doing well not sure if it's a giant Chinese spy balloon Apart from this, there is are three school buses which have been plying in our country for many days

Chinese spy balloons: if immediate action is not taken, we will face public pressure.Biden

And why hasn't our government told me that the public is the second self-proclaimed transparent administration in history about this I'm going to try and say it's a weather balloon, I'm not sure I'll ever tell them out loud. I will not leave Chinese spy balloons: if immediate action is not taken, we will face public pressure. Biden

But they are saying that coincidentally, several states are springing up in a row on the main military structure of the United States. will not help in gathering facts

And hopefully, all parties will deal with this issue with a cool head that we don't need lectures from the Communist Chinese and yes they are no doubt gathering facts about our military bases. There are nuclear facilities and god knows what else

Pentagon says it is monitoring Chinese spy balloon spotted


How China kicks their asses out of our airspace and we don't want to fly them out of our airspace they don't have enough people to take back to their country. They treat 1.4 billion Chinese citizens like prisoners.

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And they're trying to eliminate and by the way, it should be cool when it's 5 alone hovering over us and our nuclear sites. Whenever an American official wants to visit, China is completely reluctant and the so-called ally Taiwan where they say

That they want to reunite with the last time he visited our Pacific because they threatened to target the CCP. military actions against us and even tried to claim that global stability was destroyed as Mike Pompeo, who will join us in a moment, congratulates the president of Taiwan on his second term in office.

Chinese spy balloon flies over the United States


We were supposed to be the only ones hovering on a Chinese spy balloon. country and our airspace so I have another question why didn't we get that balloon out of the sky o Joe Biden is the president who has so far refused to take any action

They probably won't even talk about it these days. You just want to answer questions about the little balloon he doesn't have time for in the situation room where he's supposed to be with our top military leaders all day but doesn't buy this weekend.

Delaware is back for rest and relaxation. Is that a joke with him because it doesn't seem to me that this is a serious security threat to this country and one that you can't handle if you don't want to be president if you don't want to do the job. Overtime if it's too much trouble.

k for you you can go you can stay in Delaware a kid and don't bother coming back and please don't leave us with a laughing vice president but I don't think she knows what to do anyway And worthy leaders I thought you were all bad I'm beginning to think

Pentagon Says It Detected a Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering


That he is worse I really any competent leader Democrat Republican would be in the situation room handling this crisis in Washington China has reached our airspace and I was spying on us with the administration. Shooting the balloon down is too risky

He says he fears the race could hit a populated area. Keep in mind that the drone flew over a large swath of Alaska, the White House's sleepy fly-over without action, and the prairies and mountain ranges of Montana. And anyway our ICBMs flew into launch sites and the White House took no action

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And didn't tell us that it was probably near some of the farmland that is trying to be godly all over the country. All are buying farmland. All over the country, they are buying up land near military installations now you'd think the Chinese would never let the Americans in their shape.

Chinese Spy Balloon: US to Postpone Blink en's China Visit


When near their grand plans or their military installations I would say and want to sell B's troubles. What else do the Chinese have with our strategic petroleum reserve when they completed it in 40 to 50 years then stop wasting our money they are just not fit to be president and we have to ask a question.

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