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Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America  what do you know it looks like south Dakota was passing over the skies this week as it was in Montana we don't know where it is now how do you feel about it what did you do about it have learned

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America

And the residents of your state hinted at it or looked at it I was advised yesterday that it was possible to see in this classified discussion but I can tell you that they apparently knew about it. Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America

The real question is the first question is why would they let him into our airspace. He should never have been allowed into our airspace in the first place. We have the technical capabilities so we can take him out before he gets in. I don't know why I am second to all of them

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America

What happened here with the chain of command was that there was no one in the line who had the authority to decide that you didn't have to go all the way to the president of the United States. States to protect the airways have admitted to us that it was just an observation. Malone will then question the man.

And how soon will they find out that it was just an observation balloon and who made it with it? The political decision to allow him into the triple because they think he's harmless and what he's a friend of is a political decision to America in terms of how the rest of the world sees us.

Can you just walk? ove us or for that matter just invade our airspace and proceed the film begins with the question I was never allowed to enter our airspace in the first place we have capabilities that have ever Shouldn't have been

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon


I don't want to give. Senator's friends showered him with apples and oranges as preliminary readings were being done on classified documents within the administration and how he was explaining if he was aware of the matter as he appears to be toward the gift. Pointing. Why suddenly on Sunday today he decided to cancel his visit to China in the blink of an eye

I can't tell you for sure. We're going to ask that question but I think as well and it's close to the same question as to whether we would ever have been advised that there would have been a code in the first place if they had been motivated and it would have been.

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And then it would have gone back again as they've suggested that it's happened in the past they have something that doesn't even talk about a lot of the subject I want to undermine the cause. As I said, there is a floor to fill under relationship problems

Which is important for Americans and Chinese. That's why this morning trying to tell Senior Foreign Policy Payment 221-g that I'm postponing travel and let me see that I'm not planning to travel when circumstances permit.

Another Chinese spy balloon flying over Latin America, says


Over time on this because we're focused right now on making sure that this ongoing issue is the first step I said he's taking surveillance acid out of our place is it going to be preachy about the topic Why did he refuse the meeting? o Go to China to meet your counterpart there

And he said again this is rather what you and I were discussing and I apologize for interrupting you so rudely that it didn't make any sense because if you're offending me, you Checking. Saying this

That you knew he would be wearing it today and probably resented it as well. As today you were going to cancel the meeting with the Chinese counterpart and talk about the Secretary of State, why didn't you do that if you did a few days ago?

Live updates: Suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over the US


that it is being canceled and that he wants Got to ask him a question but I suspect it's been canceled since we found out about it I think it might have been infiltrated and they might have wandered into Get Out of Our Place again. And I suspect there may be a meeting.

Very well continues and comes back to it and they knew it was the one that let it happen we meet with the decision not to take it out and I just heard it and I don't recommend it. I have been

That they want it out of us. He didn't indicate if we'd take him out if we just let him float in his merry way I'd certainly expect we'd never let them.

Chinese spy balloon latest: The second airship spotted over Latin

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America  Stepping back one way or another if you feel like we can get our hands on it to retrieve it and actually find out what technologies were involved and if it was actually designed to collect data. was or if it was designed to test our response abilities

Walking around to the grocery outlet center is amazing. So many unanswered questions. So many things that don't add up. The way the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement earlier today when the first question that came up is what is this thing? And they said that this is not all

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It's from China. It's a civilian use for research. It can be relatively small to say that the Chinese side regrets the aircraft's inadvertent entry into US airspace. The US will continue to communicate with the US side and Missouri Will handle force majeure contingencies appropriately

Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon spotted over


And another word for events that are out of your control, I'm not everybody, what I'll tell you right away is what we're talking about here, it's not just like a weather balloon. A weather balloon is very different

For example, I'm not that big. It's five to ten times the size of the kind of balloon that's usually labeled the best. The best of them go up about 20 to 22 thousand feet. This is the highest commercial airliner at 60,000 FT, which was about 35,000 ft.

Empowering us and running it and getting a command about if there's one in it is a good idea except if it's as long as the width of the 3 boxes I don't mean Had to put it this way

This is about 10 * the minimum size for example normal weather balloons now expand into the air once the inflammation is treated. Air balloon set up to take me on a hot air balloon today because they are only a fraction of it and it can only go a fraction of that height.

Another Chinese Spy Balloon Reportedly Traveling


Which isn't included in the bottom line and maybe that's why you're not getting all the details we're going into. Mark Zinnia needs to dry my weekend show, we got rid of Philadelphia 10 seconds and Donald Trump emphasized the need to broadcast an immediate role in President Obama, saying that within the Homeland Security Committee. A chair is just something. Pentagon says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America

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