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New Hampshire exit poll: Majority of GOP primary voters aren’t MAGA, but most would be satisfied with Trump nomination

New Hampshire exit poll: Majority of GOP primary voters aren’t MAGA, but most would be satisfied with Trump nomination

New Hampshire exit poll: Majority of GOP primary voters aren’t MAGA, but most would be satisfied with Trump nomination According to preliminary results from a CNN Holiday Poll, citizens who expressed interest in New Hampshire's GOP incumbent on Tuesday were less moderate and less intent on the conservative faction than voters in last week's Iowa caucuses. were attached. Be that as it may, even in a state that isn't usually inclined to serve as a stronghold for former President Donald Trump, the GOP essentials have generally been more of his additional rival, South Carolina. is supported. Former governor Nikki Haley was more willing to embrace him than her.

About 66% of New Hampshire GOP essential citizens presented themselves as moderate, as shown by preliminary results of the Leave poll, with nearly a quarter describing themselves as exceptionally moderate. Most said they don't see themselves as a piece of MAGA's growth, pointing to the "Make America Extraordinary Once Mover" trademark promoted by Trump in 2016. Moderates, and about half the partisans.

Still, nearly 6 in 10 GOP voters in New Hampshire said they would be satisfied with Trump as the conservative candidate, and most said they see him as fit to return to the administration. , regardless of the sentence. for a wrongdoing.

Love polls are an important tool to help understand the electorate's segment profile and political outlook. However, like all studies, leave polls are gauges, not accurate voter estimates. This is especially true for underlying arrangements of holiday survey numbers, which still need to be weighted according to final results. Still, the results provide a glimpse of the kind of citizens who are finally participating.

According to the Holiday Poll, citizens who registered as conservative fell hard for Trump, with nearly 3/4 leaning toward him. Citizens registered as undeclared — the state's term for independent voters — have a wider, if less powerful, edge toward Haley, with about 66 percent supporting her.

Additionally, echoing the divisions seen regularly in the conservative faction, there was a sharp pedagogical divide among the state's GOP-mandated citizens. About 66 percent of citizens without higher education supported Trump, while 6 in 10 school graduates supported Haley.

About 7 in 10 New Hampshire voters who supported Trump said they registered as conservatives. Additionally, nearly 8 in 10 Trump voters disapprove of President Joe Biden's political decision to win in 2020, a feature of disapproval of a political race that reaches far and wide among his allies. In Hua Hai 2020, there is no evidence of misrepresentation of unlimited political judgment. Haley supporters are similarly represented: 7 in 10 said they were undeclared registered before Tuesday, and largely accept the outcome of the 2020 political race so far.

Most Trump voters in New Hampshire made up their minds quickly and cast their ballots with little delay: About 3/4 say they agreed with Trump a month ago. A comparable offer said they gave their decision in favor of the contestant they "strongly preferred," a couple said they liked Trump with reservations, or that they voted for the majority. gave The reason for this was the hatred of his opponents. Haley's voters, on the other hand, chose the latter — at least recently — and often with some reluctance: About 4 in 10 New Hampshire citizens credited Haley with helping him reject his rivals. . . 3 in 10 said they enjoyed the protections, and nearly a third said they strongly preferred Haley.

When asked which of these four personality traits made the most difference to them in the future, nearly 3 in 10 citizens said they needed to see a competitor who could fight for them. and a comparable offer. They need someone who shares their qualities. , a right applicant could overcome Biden with less personality searches.

Trump voters said they valued his willingness to fight for them the most. Surprisingly, Hailey's citizens were obliged to present mood as the key rather than say something like any other trademark.

In general, compulsory voters were quite upset - 8 in 10 expressed dismay at the state of the country. Still, Trump voters were several times more likely than Haley voters to describe themselves as angry about the status quo in America. What's more, although a small portion of voters felt their family was falling behind significantly, the poll broke hard for Trump.

New Hampshire's conservative Essential Citizens typically cite the economy or the movement as their top issue in a political race, with abortion or international strategy less frequently cited as their top concern. However, Trump and Haley's electors shared a wide range of views on all issues. About 8 in 10 Trump voters said most undocumented workers in the U.S. should be deported, while nearly 66 percent of Haley voters said undocumented immigrants should have the chance to apply for legal status. . should be given. As for Trump's share, voters said the U.S. should be less active in global issues than it currently is, with only 3 in 10 Haley citizens saying the same.

While allies of the two rivals in the state have generally said they would oppose a state regulation that prohibits the removal of most or all embryos — another contrast to Iowa, where a large portion of caucus-goers maintained such a boycott - the thinking of Haley's sponsor. in New Hampshire that there was too much room for error to go against him.

Edison Exploration commissioned a leave survey of conservative New Hampshire officials to poll public political decisions. It included 2,029 meetings with conservative essential citizens at 40 different survey locations. There is scope to focus on full example results or take a 4.0 rating. This is large for subgroups.

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