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Lebanon gave 50 delicious views of destruction on Israel.

Lebanon gave 50 delicious views of destruction on Israel.

Before the attack of Iran, Hezbollah fired 50 rockets from Lebanon at Israel, these scenes are playing on your screen, after these rockets, sirens started sounding everywhere in Israel and you will be surprised that Israel had issued a warning. That you people will be alert.
As soon as the emergency situation messages are sent to you, sirens start ringing on TV and social media everywhere, people immediately leave their homes because they were not told to go to shelters this time. But remember that as soon as the siren went off, the messages came and people were sleeping.

  They were in fear, they thought that Iran had attacked them, when they thought that because the United States had said that they were killing about 100 drones and that they would be one-wood drones, that is, they are one-of-a-kind drones. They would not have returned, their only job would have been to attack and kill, as they themselves are Kutch bombers.

In this way, they also have drones, so they said that they are drones and ballistic missiles will be in the cruise. There are and ripper sonic from one side to the other side, so all these people thought that maybe the crew is done and the situation is that slipprovision has been done.

  Lack of sleep, fear, so many diseases have become psychological to the Israelis in the last six months, which you can't even imagine. A mixed trend can be seen at this time, but in this whole situation, some have gone and fallen, there is an atmosphere of fear in their areas, now no one knows it.

Is it before Iran's operation, their missiles and all these things, in a way, they call it a psychological psychological operation, and they also activated Hezbollah, now from Iraq, because of the US. Fathers, just look at the ugly face of this saint who is the head of the nation and the way he is meeting them and the way he is being briefed and he is being told that you are careless. America has to support us. Why is America in our soil?

  And this will be all, we will attack Iran, then later the army chief sat him down and the meeting was going on and he was told that you have not issued any orders. You think that he came and he said without worry, he took his destroyer along with the aircraft carrier is also there and seven America has called more troops inside the Middle East and said.

  The main reason for sending troops from the United States on emergency bases and from bases in other countries around the world, they are coming in middlings because they know that carrots are going to be radishes with their troops. America has jumped into this war, Iran had told them that if you jump into it, we will not leave it, now all these activities are going on.

  But suddenly a strange thing has happened. Let's look carefully at the scenes on your screen. A very strange series has happened that suddenly in Iran and suddenly in Iraq and similarly in Russia, you are seeing these flying objects and it is strange. It is a poor situation, no one understands what a mysterious thing is suddenly above the atmosphere.

  Look, when the atmosphere of war is created, any situation comes to the fore, so you think that some missile is being launched, that is being attacked, some is happening, some is happening, this kind of situation is in front of you. It seems that now the matter that has come to the fore, suddenly people are worried about what has happened in Iraq.

  What's going on in Iran, are there any American ships coming in, or is there an attack, or something? That Iran will attack and track Iran's missiles so that they can provide early information.

  No one knows anything about Israel and Iraq, but the situation you have brought up, some are saying that they have actually tested a missile inside Russia, but on the right occasion, the news is probably here and this is when It will not be known until the official narrative is released, but they are saying that near the border of Iraq and Iran, Iran has actually.

Lebanon gave 50 delicious views of destruction on Israel.

If America's consulate or embassy in China had fired a missile at it, by that time the third world war would have broken out and they would have attacked all of China. .

  And if Russia had done this, what would they have done with Russia? Think about it. Israel violated the Vienna Convention of one country, violating the 1961 order, which said that if in the world If there will be a nuclear war, those two countries will not destroy each other's matches.

  However, you can imagine that they blew up their consulates, blew up their embassies, and there is no one to ask, that is, when China was about to intervene, explain to Iran, they said, "Why don't you stop Israel?" And Russia said that it is absolutely right.

  Iran should retaliate so that it tells the whole world what happens when it wants to attack a country, the jets that Israel has, the F-35 and others, are actually bombing Lebanon. It seems that the rockets that have just been fired are part of the plan.

  It is Iran's that we will engage them from one side and we will engage them from the other side as well because Iran is also monitoring the entire situation of the United States, that's why they immediately conducted a test of their missile. And the situation is changing very fast.

  But one thing is certain that Israel has decided that they have to take this war to its logical end, that it is a logical end to war in the whole world and if you try as hard as you want, all these countries from Qatar to Saudi Arabia. From Arab to Middle East, Germany, British, you are thinking, everyone's farm minister has talked, they have said that don't attack now, the war will end, don't attack.

  There will be destruction all over the world, but none of them said to stop Israel. Despite all this, even if Iran stops here, no one can stop Young from advancing because Israel's plan is to He has to wreak havoc around the world.

After the attack on Iran, the global stock markets fell sharply

The American stock market also started to fall due to fear. Even two things I would like to add here. Is Iran's attack not yet? are saying.

  Yes, Iran will launch a major attack in 48 hours from G24. What will you say about it? What message would you like to send to Iran? Joe Biden only gave this answer, now in this video you will see him asking the journalist.

  What message will he send to Iran? He did not answer whether American soldiers will be sent to Israel or whether the US will attack Iran if Iran attacks Israel. He simply sent a message to Iran. It was sent that don't attack Israel and then further said that the US will stand for the defense of Israel.

  Many Americans were not happy with Biden's response. Many Americans tweeted that he has given too much of a weak response and if you ask me, the US can't do much more than that. They have deployed their warships to the Arabian Sea, and these people are trying to put pressure on Iran.

  The U.S. is doing whatever it can for the defense of Iran, but in the end design is Iran's and Iran's proxies, what I call proxies, means Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran's allied countries, such as Russia. The decision is now whether they will make a big attack on Israel or not.

  And the stock market around the world panics after seeing this news. Here you can see Dow Jones, which is the index of the USA. Look, the initial decline was even more when the news came out that there was an attack on Israel.

  Later, when it became clear that the attack was done by Hezbollah, then the market stabilized a little, even though it was stabilized, the markets were closed with a lot of decline. Imagine that this attack was done by Hezbollah. In place of if it is reported that an instance of Iran has been done during.

  So a global market crash could have occurred in this case because then a China event would have started, Israel would have responded, the US would have responded, Russia would have been involved, and the rest of the countries would have been involved. Suddenly, we are looking at a regional work. No, if you look at the map of Israel, it is clear that the proxies of Iran and Russia are putting pressure on Northern Israel. You know this is the map of Israel.

  This is the Golan Heights. I told you in the preview video that the Russian military is concentrated in this area of the Golan Heights. Do not divide it into large numbers. If the Russian Army wants to call a lot of soldiers here tomorrow, it will be a rally. You can do this very quickly. In addition, you will know that Hezbollah is active in Lebanon.

  The one that attacks Israel every second to third week in a row, on the nightly news, is that Hezbollah has attacked with many drones with many problems.

  On Northern Israel and in many places, even the Iron Dome could not intercept all the drones and all the examples. Some examples have also fallen in these empty areas. and they are being destroyed in the air.

  Hizbollah's drones, their problems, here is a very important question from you, what are Hezbollah and other groups doing, Amin, Iran is constantly threatening to attack us. We will attack, then Hezbollah attacks with drones, etc. What is the difference?

  To them, let me tell you a simple thing. The world is very progressive. You people will be surprised to know that in October 2023, this whole issue of Hamas, Gaza, Israel started in October 2023, when Hamas held a big protest. Many people were brutally killed in the attack on Israeli civilians.

  And only after that Israel has started this military operation. After the Navy stake, the USMS study was done and they revealed in December 2023 in their study that Hamas had invested money in the stock market and Israel. As they attacked, they knew that the stocks would fall, there would be short selling and there would be panic, so they did short selling.

If Panic will not go, then they have done short selling and Hamas businessmen who are probably sitting in Qatar are sitting in other places in the world.

  These people made a lot of money in the stock market after this attack and I will not be surprised that many businessmen who are also sitting in Hizbullah who launched this attack and made money by short selling in the global stock market. It must have been taken because they knew that Israel's hair would not be spared from this attack.

  It was just a square tactic, the scare was enough, the attack suddenly panicked, so let's see what's coming. It's going to be very uncertain. The next few days will be very uncertain. Dad will give support to Israel or Hizbollah, how else will there be a couple of atta.

  And after that, Iran will just go ahead by saying that just don't do it for now, that's why the whole world is on edge right now, everyone is waiting to see when this whole issue will either end or else. Iran will do whatever it wants to do, and one of your questions here is to know how Iran will finally attack Azrael.

  So look at the reports that are coming from the USA, they have said that Iran is sitting and preparing 100 cruise problems in 100 days without science, I don't know if these 100 cruise problems will give teeth to Israel But they will score 10 and keep the rest if another enemy comes forward.

  No one but Iran is ready for the US. You don't immediately bring 100 million problems to the diplomat. It costs a lot. Look, Iran is going to do something big. If Iran sends drones, of course, Israel can save the Iron Dome, but in the case of the cruise example, Israel will have to use the American air defense systems.

  So, the next few hours are going to be very important. Its impact will be on the world. It will affect everyone. The price of oil will have an effect on the price of gold. The global stock market will see a big impact of this event on the stock markets around the world

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