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Iranian missiles hit Israel: 50 percent of Iranian drones

 Iranian missiles hit Israel: 50 percent of Iranian drones and close-range missiles that entered Israeli territory hit the target.

Iran destroyed Israel 50% of the Iranian drones and close missiles that entered the Israeli territory began to hit the target, Iranian missiles rained down, the occupied Israeli citizens began to flee from Talib, a fire broke out in Israel to target the oppressed in Gaza. Because the largest of the Israeli root planes was destroyed by Diran, clouds of smoke are rising from the famous Israeli Arab Ramu.

Ramo Arbeez was the red bone of the Israeli air force. For the Ramon military base, the United States installed patyar video and sailing and three courses. Iranian weapons that traveled to Israel used Iraqi borders.

The photos of the missile passing through the Iraqi city of Karbala went viral on social media. Israeli citizens started crying. The picture of the Israeli Prime Minister hiding in an underground bunker with his military leadership went viral on social media.

  Israel began to hide its failure, despite the heavy loss, in the cabinet meeting, it agreed to minimize the damage. The double trick of the state The Israeli cabinet approved a counter attack on Iran.

  The authority to retaliate against Iran was handed over to the Israeli army. After the Iranian attack, Israel also called for a meeting of the United Nations National Security Council to condemn it. The United Nations Security Council convened an emergency meeting. After the legal and legitimate attack under Charter 51, the statement of the Iranian Foreign Minister said that the attack was carried out in accordance with the principles of the United Nations and in a defensive position.

  Israel is evil and it was necessary to teach a lesson to the illegitimate occupier Riazat. In the future, Iran will never refrain from such actions in comparison to illegal actions. It was said that any mischief of Zaril will be given a befitting reply.

  People are always ready for defense after the Iranian attack on Israel, the head of the Lebanese organization Hizballah wrote a tweet in public. In the name of God, let it flow and pass. Informed sources claim that in response to the Rani attack on the part of Israel, the regional organization Hasht Jabi has issued an alert about the possibility of any mischief in Iraq.

  By ordering the Iraqi volunteer forces to be ready, the public volunteer forces were alerted to counter the possible response of the government.

  UN General Secretary Anthony Guterres, who also closed the university and the camp, condemned the Iranian attack and appealed to both Iran and Israel for patience and tolerance as the war zone cannot afford.

  Two emergency meetings were held in the White House under the leadership of American President Joe Biden, the first meeting after the Iranian missile was fired and the second meeting two hours later, with the participation of American security leaders.

Iran launches drone attacks on Israel:

Iran has responded to the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Iran's attacks on Israel with drones and cruise missiles claimed to have hit 50 percent of Ahed Up. Sirens survived in different areas of Israel. The court of the Israeli army has said.

  That Iran claimed to destroy, Jordanian jets also shot down dozens of Iranian Joneses on their way to Israel from Basti Alton, Britain also sent several warplanes to the region. According to the British government, the planes were sent to stop airstrikes. It is completely restricted.

  Airspace has been closed here for any passenger flight or other flights. Let me tell you that the four countries between Israel and Iran have completely closed their airspace, but Jordan has Some time after his announcement, his Minister of Information said that his air operations are continuing at this time.

  You can also see in this picture that if missiles are launched from Iran, they will use Jordan's airspace while passing through Iraq and reach Israel. 200 missiles and those that were launched by drones were on their way to Iraq.

  When they started entering Jordan, they were countered there and let me tell you that it has been confirmed by Jordan that several drones have been shot down, which are in Jordanian airspace. Before they were entering, they had announced that if any Iranian aircraft or drone entered their airspace.

  So they will shoot them down. In addition, in the southern region of Syria, the American warplanes and fighter jets have shot it down, and in addition, it has been seen that despite this, many rolls are also in the Israeli newspapers. It has been seen in the sky of Beit Al-Maqdis, where these Joneses have been targeted.

  The alleged grounds are the Israeli media claims that there were some flying objects that have been targeted and you can see the remains of those targeted in the sky of the occupied Jerusalem have been seen falling to the ground. It has been claimed that not only the attacks that have been carried out by Iran.

  Rather, road attacks have also been carried out from Ammar, which is a nearby city, from Ghazal, and from there these  Iranian attacks have been carried out. It has been claimed that we have targeted more than 85 U.S. drones and approach missiles on Israel.

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