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Conquest of Palestine: Iran's Big Step Middle East Conflict

 Conquest of Palestine: Iran's Big Step Middle East Conflict

Conquest of Palestine: Iran's Big Step Middle East Conflict,There was a change, a development, and it was not so sudden. There must have been some idea that the Iranian embassy in Damascus had been attacked by Israel, and since then it was being said that the news was that Iran had will surely take revenge.

  And yesterday, Iran attacked Israel and about 200 drones and Khyber cruise missiles were launched and according to the British media, their number is around 300.

  On behalf of Israel, Israel, Great Britain, America, Jordan and the allies together destroyed most of the missiles and drones in the air, but Iran's claim is that 50% of its targets reached their targets and made them Muslims, inshallah. From the pictures that have been presented to us, it is clear that there was a stampede in Israel.

  There was an atmosphere of chaos, the flight operations were stopped, the people there were told not to gather, the soldiers were told that they had evacuated their bases and the precautions that They have adopted and in response to this, it is being imagined that Israel can attack at any time.

  Even though Israel has accepted the advice of restraint and is considering all options, Iran has given a blunt answer to the United States. In this region, Iran will target them, whichever union is the United Nations or any international organization.

  All of them should talk about advising patience at this time. Pakistan has also expressed concern about where this situation is going. is going.

Is it to be imagined that this war will escalate or what was supposed to happen has happened:

Conquest of Palestine: Iran's Big Step Middle East Conflict
Conquest of Palestine: Iran's Big Step Middle East Conflict

In my opinion, the first thing is that we should congratulate Iran that there is a country in the Muslim world that has the courage, the ability, the Europe, the cover, and the capacity to respond to the Israeli aggression.

  And to stand in front of him and in response to what Azrael had done, they brought drones into Israel, and I think this is a matter of courage and courage for the Muslim world as well as for the Palestinian card. Also, last night and today is the first day for the residents that Azrael did not bomb.

  On top of them because they were defending themselves. One thing is that I don't think that the war will escalate because there are two or three reasons. Biden has made it clear in a 25-minute telephone conversation that the United States will not participate in a new war against Iran on Azrael's faith, because the pressures of the United States are great.

 This is what America is at risk of  That if this war escalates, it will not be controlled again. Next is the war in Ukraine, which Russia is winning, the West is losing, then Israel is in the war of interest, which is morally, legally, politically, diplomatically. It has been done because the strength of Hamad is established, the support of the air is established and the morale of the Palestinians.

  They did not fulfill their obligations and the third thing is that Ijaram has sent a message to America via Switzerland that if you support Azrael against Iran, then we will retaliate against it at the American base. If there is an election for BA Biden in which he is also behind Trump, then he cannot complain.

  That there should be a new war and it is an unwinnable war. If Azrael could not defeat Hamad, then there is no question against Iran. Iran has played very well in terms of recommendations, that is, the United States.

  We will not stand by Israel if it attacks. Secondly, Israel, which seemed to be in a quick reaction mode, said that we will show restraint and explained the justification. That because we were attacked, we had the right to take revenge, what is good play?

  Diplomatically, I also give teeth to Iran to let the leadership see that there was an attack on the 1st of April in Iran's capital, Damascus, and they took their time and thought calmly and patiently. After understanding, Iran is not only a country, it is not a state. Bilawal is also a civilization.

  And after the Islamic revolution of 1989, they have stood on their own feet, they have not taken any help from the IMF or America or the West. They have stood on their own. They have fought many wars. They have endured night attacks and wars, America's sanctions, Israel's fashions, and everything, so what they decided, I think they gave a very legitimate answer and did it in a very appropriate way.

Is the pride of Israel found in the soil?

And built in such a way that now everyone is saying that the war should end and the war should not be waged. America is very important. This is a very important thing. It was an illusion for generations. Israel is proud of them, they are very powerful. They have and what they can do, after this attack, that pride has disappeared, so America has also stood apart, so America also has to do this.

Israel will be able to digest this. This is the biggest pain because Azraei has been insulted. Look at his pride twice. When Hamas launched Storm Al-Aqsa in October, even then, 20 Fazain were killed by Hamad. What else do you remember?

They also took the hospitals, they also captured the checkpoints, and what they used to say was Iran's, the Iranian dead used to say that it is the Iron Dome, and yes, even a fly of theirs sees it. Now, what Iran has done has failed. They say there are three and a half hundred drones, they say they belong to Allah and Praise be to Him, but the roll will not be able to stop them.

  And the previous one, whatever I was looking at on social media, the American Council is also saying that Kerry and their special settings are the base in the Negev Desert where the F-35s are stationed.

  So this has been a great success of Iran and of Israel, I think that what was hot was the idea that no one can stand against Israel, he is not a Muslim and someone is invincible.


What is the conquest of Palestine?

The unequivocal fight that conveyed Palestine to the Muslims occurred on August 20, 636. Just Jerusalem and Caesarea waited, the previous until 638, when it gave up to the Muslims, and the last option until October 640. Palestine, and without a doubt Syria, was all then in Muslim hands.

What is the conflict between Iran and Israel?

For quite a long time, Israel and Iran have battled a shadow battle across the Center East, exchanging assaults via land, ocean, air and in the internet. The torrent of robots and rockets Iran sent off at Israel on Saturday — however virtually completely were killed or captured — addressed a watershed in the contention.

What does Iran have to do with Palestine?

Following the upheaval, Iran finished its partnership with Israel and began supporting the Palestinians, represented by turning over the Israeli government office in Tehran to the Palestine Freedom Association.

Has Iran ever attacked Israel in the past?

Israel has not said it completed the department strike, yet is broadly accepted to have been behind it. It is whenever that Iran first has gone after Israel straightforwardly

When did the conflict between Iran and Israel start?

Starting around 1985, Iran and Israel have been taken part in a continuous intermediary struggle that has enormously impacted the international relations of the Center East, and has included direct military showdowns among Iranian and Israeli associations, for example, in the 2006 Lebanon War.

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