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Middle East Conflict | Blasting News for Israel | America in Action

Middle East Conflict | Blasting News for Israel | America in Action 

Middle East Conflict  Blasting News for Israel  America in Action - The eyes of the whole world were focused on Iran, which launched a retaliatory attack on Israel and apparently leveled the account of the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus in April.

  In the Israeli attack, 12 people, including the leader of the Revolutionary Guards, Reza Zahidi, were killed. For the first time in the history of the region, Iran directly attacked Israel by crossing the borders of many countries from its territory. According to the New York Times, Tehran called for Eid. 185 drones fired 36 Skrull missiles and 110 ballistic missiles while Israel also gave its strong response.

  The Israeli media claims and the world media confirms that several Iranian warheads passing through Iran, Iraq, Syria and Jordan failed to cross the Israeli defense fence, but 99% of Iranian missiles and drones were stopped on the way by the Israeli defense system. While the United States, Great Britain, France and other countries in the region shot down several Iranian missiles and drones as if Iran was fighting on this front.

  And on the other hand, Israel was being defended by the United States, Great Britain, and some Muslim countries including its allies, while Israel's anti-missile system, Mirandom Diving Sling, and then the Treat Air Defense System were also fully operational. Challenged the modern defense system

  Although Tehran's action against television did not cause any ongoing damage to Israel, there are reports that Israel had to bear the costs of one billion 350 million dollars to shoot down Iran's missiles and rolls. It remains to be seen whether Iran has merely acted as a symbolic presence

  Because Iran retaliated two weeks after the attack on its embassy in Syria, while Tehran had informed Washington about the attacks, however, there is an impression that the threat of war has disappeared from both sides, perhaps this is the reason why. The emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the war situation between Iran and Israel was adjourned without any result after formal proceedings

  In terms of defense and in every sense, this was a very big operation. The operation and its counter-operation is certainly a very important and very interesting matter for those who look at hellish issues, military issues, military issues, and war issues.

Should we call this action of Iran a failure in military affairs?

No, we will not call it a failure. See, two things happened, one is that Iran expressed its capability and how it expressed it over thousands of miles. Go up and combine your drones with your missiles and your cruise missiles with your rockets.

  At one time, what is called synergy of the effort and because of this energy, he was able to establish his weight of attack. They almost intercepted, so guess if it was doubled, i.e. drones would also be doubled, missiles would also be doubled, cruise missiles would also be doubled.

  And if these ballistic missiles were increased too, it means that a large weight-weight-of-attack could have gone much higher on its targets, so they did the Naptullah thing because there was no such destruction. They wanted to escalate the war and give Israel an opportunity to drag Iran into the middle and at the same time force the United States.

  That he also becomes a part of this war in one form or the other, in order to avoid it, which Iran thought was much better to work at the level where the message reaches, deterrence is established and it is told that Well, with conventional weapons, we have done it with conventional weapons, but Iran is a country that is said to be close to nuclear.

  If this type has a nuke capability, some will be war hit, some will have a little more capability, but they will be included in it, God willing, and can provide reach and access to the targets there. He said that Imran established the capabilities of his defense, he showed that we have the capability, but the first element of the defensive capability and the capability of the defense is that it reaches its target and hits the target and shows its effect.

  That he did it, but where this ability was attempted, Israel and his teachings proved that they could defeat any such action very conclusively. The capability that is there is the capability. This negativity was not exposed in Iran. I think there is a message in that. The message is that if you double the drones, that's a word that's used. means\

  A large swarm is deployed, meaning that your defenses will saturate the space you are going to attack, even if it is heavily defended electronically. Jai means that the enemy does not understand which of them to kill and how many will leave. Another term we use is a determin defensive which is

  That is, with all your might, when you act aggressively in any way, friends, what happens is always a gate-through. There is no defense in the world that can defend 100%, but with Let me also say that the defense system that Israel has created is very effective

  According to any country, there is a very effective defense system which has three layers. The first is fixed which is immediate rockets etc. which sometimes come from food and sometimes from Lebanon and they are very short distance. And it has to react very quickly, which created the ability called Iron Dome

  Inside the iron dome at least 70 km from the charge km it can defend it then above it is the layer record which is medium range medium range which means about 150 125 30 miles up to its own. Will defend

  Up to medium altitude are those missiles that can be hit from a long range, including ballistic missiles, bow missiles, etc. Even hitting up to 300 km Arrow to Arrow was mentioned in this way

  But even further than that, far enough from the way that Iran just released all of its weapons when it launched, it was a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of four to five hours. Roz walked at a very slow speed and the distance was much longer as the track would be longer

  That is, they will travel, so there will be more opportunities for people in the middle to intercept it, including planes, including missiles, including nations that want to help the conciliator as well. When you mentioned Britain, America, Jordan and France, their assets were already fixed at different places on their way to fly in the air.

Counterattack and its effects:

It was a declaration, it could be symbolic, yes, one in which Iran was forced to respond, but before that there was a very active diplomatic activity in which its scale was slightly reduced. There should not be an attack that would give Israel an opportunity or give it another reason to go even further and launch a major attack back at Iran, which would greatly increase the scope of the war.

  Which no one in the world wants at this time, economically, things can go very wrong, it can cause oil prices to go up, so considering all things, and also giving an opportunity for space saving. That Iran should pay its revenge, but it has paid to the extent that it is easy for Israel to digest, was also an element of its own, but I want to say the same thing again.

  Remember that when Iran did this, Iran proved or showed that now, should I release 180 or 170 drones, should I release 500 drones, should I release 100 drones instead of 30 cruises? When the United States launched cruise missiles against Osama bin Laden towards Jalalabad, when he came from the Gulf area and attacked in the number of

  They only left 30. Well, in some cases, every attack has a cost. You have to determine your own economic capacity and personal capacity. Wet of one aspect in another because when there's this kind of action and there's action at that level that the whole world is attracted to.

  So where your defense mastery and defense power account for your own military capabilities, in any case, your relationship in the world and how many allies you have are also a big factor in this matter. On the one hand, whatever we can say about Iran's action, the West says that it is a stunning defeat, but we have seen it at the diplomatic level as well.

  On the one hand, Iran appeared to be almost alone in this entire operation at the international level, while the United States stood by Israel, the United Kingdom stood, France stood practically and did not stand empty, but it regularly stood with them. Mill took retaliatory action against him, but few Muslim countries also remained like this. The Urdu declaration stood with Israel in its entirety.

  And in this way, the status of Israel at the diplomatic level remained quite stable while Iran looked almost alone. Israel's diplomatic level was declared successful, but these countries continued to warn Israel very strongly about food. America has to change its role America has said for the first time ever that we have to change our policy about it.

  If you will not change your policy or your behavior within the diet, this also happened to the same people who showed this. Which countries have been in contact with Iran, that is, above all, see that there was a conference in Doha, Qatar, in which Hamas and the ceasefire were being discussed in the diet, and all the people were present there. When this happened

  So in order to scale it down, the contact of all these countries definitely existed with Iran in one form or another, due to which it was the scale, then Iran also has its own decisions, and Iran itself has to think that To what level do I have to go? See, there was a small problem between Iran and Pakistan. They were also working against the law of Pakistan

When there was an attack in Pakistan and they said that it was aliens, they were foreigners who were attacked, it means that in today's world, when we see the context in terms of traditional wars, the destruction is so big. could be a prelude or scenario that requires a lore-level tampering with its mission approach and weapon usage to save it from risking a major war.


Is Israel planning to retaliate against Iran?Alon Pinkas, a previous Israeli negotiator, said it is impossible that Israel will fight back by straightforwardly striking Iran. Be that as it may, assuming it does, he said, the aftermath will rely upon the objectives. Targets could incorporate military resources or the Islamic Republic's atomic program, he said.

What did Iran target in Israel?Two US authorities told the BBC's US accomplice CBS news that five long range rockets sidestepped air guards and influenced on Israeli region. Four arrived in the base - where the country's F-35 warrior jets are based - which the authorities said was Iran's essential objective.

Where was Israel hit by Iran?Four rockets hit Israel's Nevatim Air Base, where Israeli F-35s are based, the U.S. authorities said, adding this base was possible Iran's essential objective, as it was accepted to have been an Israeli F-35 that did a destructive strike on an Iranian department in Syria's capital on April

Who is more powerful between Israel and Iran?Iran has a populace multiple times bigger than Israel's, from which it draws its military. As per Worldwide Capability's 2024 list, Iran's populace remained at 8,75,90,873. Contrast this with Israel, who has a populace of 90,43,387. This implies that Iran has a bigger pool of individuals to pick from.

What is the root cause of Iran Israel conflict?Foundation. Ruhollah Khomeini was condemning of Israel before he turned into Iran's Preeminent Forerunner in 1979. He censured the Pahlavi tradition's binds with Israel, seeing Israel as an ally of the Pahlavi system. Following the 1979 Iranian Unrest, Khomeini's new government embraced a strategy of antagonism towards Israel.

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